Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1223 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1223

“Jasmine’s back.”

Someone spotted Jasmine and shouted out loud.

The crowd at the gate of the Soxes‘ residence gave way by parting into two rows.

Jasmine got a good look at the people at the gate. Most of them were the townspeople and nearby tenants. They looked at her, all smiles.

With everybody moving out of the way, Jasmine found out what everybody was looking at from the gate. It was a humongous display of flowers.

Josh, who had not called or texted her all day, stood next to the flowers with a bouquet of roses in his hands. He was smiling widely at her.

Jasmine stopped her bike.

“Go on, Jas.”

Drake drew close and dragged his sister to walk ahead.

Jasmine was pulled to the floral display. Those were roses. Josh used thousands of roses to spell out something.

[Marry me, Jasmine!]

Josh was proposing.

After giving it a lot of thought, Josh decided to go the cheesy way and form words with flowers. It would be beautiful and romantic. He could then propose to Jasmine before everybody.

Jasmine was either at the bookshop or at home.

Josh was concerned about the disruption to students since the bookshop was in front of the school. That was why he chose to display the flowers at the gate of her house and propose to her here instead. The Soxes could bear witness to his feelings for Jasmine.

He wanted Jasmine to be his wife.

The Buchams and the Soxes had been pining for the pair to get married.

Mrs. Bucham would visit the Soxes every now and then, and the elders of both families had a lot to talk about. They had been waiting for Josh to propose, so they could begin preparations for the wedding.

“Isn’t it nice, Jas? Josh formed the words with flowers himself, and it took him a long time. to do it too. Josh bought all the roses from every florist in Wiltspoon. A lot of florists had to restock.”

Jasmine looked at the letters arranged in flowers. The sea of red bounced a rosy shimmer off her face and melted her heart.

Josh had always been a romantic. Although his proposal was corny, she was able to see the beauty in it.

Bearing a bouquet, Josh approached her.

Drake got out of the way and left the center stage to Josh.

Everybody was watching.

Some even took videos to bear witness to the lovers‘ happy and exciting moment.

Josh got down on one knee before Jasmine and presented the bouquet to her. He tenderly asked Jasmine, “I love you, Jasmine. Will you marry me? I will love, cherish, and honor you for the rest of my days.”

Jasmine looked into his eyes.

She could see the affection reflecting in his eyes as he looked at her. Anticipation with a little bit of nervousness and fear were written all over his face.

He must be scared that she might turn down his proposal.

“Say yes, Jasmine. Mr. Bucham is so good to you. I’m an old lady, and even I’m moved by him,” One of Jasmine’s aunts remarked with a smile.

“Yeah, Jasmine. You and Mr. Bucham made a cute couple. You’re made for each other.”



Many of the onlookers were the townspeople and Jasmine’s relatives. From the bottom of their hearts, they hoped Jasmine would accept Josh’s proposal.

Turning her head, Jasmine glanced at her parents standing at the door. Shawn and Aunt Rachel were there with her parents too.

Aunt Rachel must be here to visit the Sox family and happened to come across Josh’s proposal.


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