Married at First Sight Chapter 2188 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2188 by desirenovelGrandma May said: “You are the same as Serenity, you two sisters have the same personality, okay, with your words, when grandma visits Duncan at Lewis’s house later, he will be happy.”

Liberty: “…”

It felt like Grandma May was addicted to it that month.

Those grandchildren of marriageable age in the family, after solving it, aimed at her again.

“knock knock knock.”

There was a knock on the door.

Liberty let go of Grandma May’s arm and said, “Grandma, I’m going to open the door, but I don’t know who it is.”

Zachary took Serenity to the hospital, but he didn’t come back so soon.

And not many people knew that the young couple had returned.

Unless it was someone who could see Serenity’s circle of friends.

Grandma May: “I think it should be your aunt.”

Liberty went to open the door, and the pet dog Snowball also followed Liberty, shaking his head and tail.

The door opened, but the person standing at the door was Jasmine.

“Miss Liberty.”

Jasmine smiled and called Liberty, Liberty staggered her body to let her into the room, saw the two bodyguards behind Jasmine carrying large bags in their hands, Liberty said to her: “Jasmine, you came here with so many things.”

Jasmine said: “Serenity is so embarrassing. I only now know that she came back from FC Manor and asked someone to look after the bookstore for me, so I hurried over here. When she found out that I was pregnant, Serenity kept stuffing supplements into my house. Now that she is pregnant, I have the opportunity to stuff her with supplements.
Grandma, when did you come back?”

After entering the room, seeing Grandma May sitting on the sofa, Jasmine asked in surprise. She quickly stepped forward, put her bag on the sofa, and affectedly took Grandma May’s arm.

Jasmine: “Grandma, we miss you.”

Grandma May smiled and said, “No wonder I’m sneezing every day, so you guys are talking about me.”

“Where’s Seren?” Jasmine asked about her friend.

“Zack took her to the hospital for an examination. Dr. Carden took her pulse at FC Manor. Both the young couple wanted to go to the hospital for an examination. Serenity already had a pregnancy reaction. With Dr. Carden’s medical skills, she took the pulse. There is no wrong pulse.”

The bodyguards of the Bucham family placed the supplements on the coffee table, and Liberty invited them to sit down and drink a glass of water.

Jasmine understood and said: “Serenity has been looking forward to this child for a long time. She absolutely believes in Dr. Carden. She went to the hospital for an examination, which means taking a B-ultrasound to check the embryonic development. I did the same at that time.
Does Serenity vomit?”

If it wasn’t for her getting rounder and rounder, it would be because the little ones in her stomach were growing up. Even Jasmine felt that she didn’t change much before and after pregnancy. She didn’t vomit very much and could eat and sleep.


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