Married at First Sight Chapter 2194 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2194 by desirenovelJosh didn’t like to hear his beloved wife say that she didn’t know how to be blessed when she was blessed.

she was not!

Josh should not restrain Jasmine from flying high with her friends; whatever she wanted to do, Josh should do his best to support her.

Jasmine looked up in his arms.

Josh lowered his head and poked her lips. His eyes were full of affection, and then he couldn’t help whispering a few words in her ear, and then she was pinched and pushed, she sat upright, her face flushed.

Josh smiled softly.

Since the bodyguard was driving, Josh couldn’t do anything with the fat around his mouth.

“I will stop at XX pharmacy in a while and buy some nutritional supplements for my father-in-law and mother-in-law.” Josh ordered the bodyguards.

Both husband and wife returned to their natal home on a temporary basis.

There was no gift prepared.

Jasmine said: “You do not need to purchase as many items when returning to my mother’s home. Each time you return, you pack large and small bags. So courteous that my mother will have to mention you again in the future.”

Josh said with a smile: “We just returned from my mother’s house; did we not also pack large bags? My mother even stuffed a large bag of vegetables into the trunk of our car.”

Jasmine: “My mother’s own vegetables are better than those bought.”

Josh: “That’s what my mother-in-law gave. They are all the best.”

It’s shameless for Josh to praise his mother-in-law.

Mrs. Sox followed his example and treated him better than her son-in-law.

Jasmine believed that if her mother already had a son similar to her son-in-law, she would not want a daughter.

If it weren’t for her daughter, how could her mother have such a good son-in-law as Josh?

The bodyguard stopped the car in front of the pharmacy Josh mentioned.

“Honey, wait for me in the car. I’ll get out of the car to do some shopping. It’s hot outside.”

Josh refused to let Jasmine get off the car, so he went into the pharmacy to buy some supplements for his parents-in-law.

Jasmine watched her husband come out with big and small bags, and felt warm in her heart.

Josh cared about her, so he would value her natal family.

Every time Josh went back to his natal home, he never went empty-handed. Of course, he never refused anything her parents asked them to bring home.

He said that he bought things for his parents-in-law, that was filial piety.

What his parents-in-law gave him was the love of the elders for the younger generation, and it was also the expression of a family.

“It feels very hot this year.”

As soon as Josh got into the car, Jasmine took out a tissue to help him wipe his sweat.

Actually Josh didn’t sweat but he really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of his wife.

“It’s not a feeling. It’s the truth. It’s really hot. Every day, the sun hangs high in the sky and thousands of sunlight rays fall. You can fry eggs outside at noon.” Josh’s words were a bit exaggerated. “The main reason is that it hasn’t rained for a long time.”

Jasmine said, “My family’s fields are now muddled. There have been enormous changes in the village over the last 20 or 30 years. When farming was still practiced in the past, crops would perish in times of drought or lack of rain.”

“I’ve never farmed before.” Josh said with a smile. He had been a Young master since birth.


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