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Married At First Sight Chapter 2827-Kathryn sent another voice message: “Sister-in-law, remember to tell her that Mr. Queen, whom she has loved for many years, is actually a woman.”

Erika: “Kathryn, is that true? Didn’t you say that Mr. Queen dressed up as a woman to fight Mr. York?”

Kathryn smiled and said, “You all don’t understand, Ms. Queen. If she were really a man, she would never dress up as a woman. Just let Shiloh give up.”

She did not reply to Erika again.

Shiloh still danced so hard after she returned to the Farrell family. Now let’s see how she dances. Three sisters-in-law were biting Shiloh. Unless Shiloh went out to find other bosses to support her, she could only go back to her family of origin to live with her biological mother.

With Shiloh’s pampering, it was impossible for her to go back.

Kathryn knew everything her three sisters-in-law were doing, so she turned a blind eye and watched them toss around because she would get benefits anyway.

This family would one day be liquidated.

Let’s sort out her own family first.

Erika said to her two sisters-in-law, “Let’s go with me to settle the score with that b!tch. What right does she have to live in my marital home?”

It was the house that her mother-in-law had prepared for her and her husband’s wedding. Her name was also on the property certificate. Her husband took Shiloh to live there without her consent, knowing full well that her mother-in-law had ordered them not to help Shiloh.

Shiloh was no longer a member of the Farrell family.

Erika’s wedding house was not very far from the Farrell family’s mansion, and it only took about ten minutes to drive there.

Matriarch Farrell prepared wedding rooms for her three sons when they got married. The wedding rooms were not far from the Farrell family’s mansion, so the sons could come back to visit them frequently. However, the three brothers still stayed in the Farrell family after their marriage. They lived in the mansion, and the wedding room was used as a vacation home.

Soon, Erika’s car stopped at the door of the small villa.

She honked her car horn.

She remembered that her husband invited a couple to live here and help take care of the small villa.

After a while, someone came out.

“Who is it?”

“The eldest young lady is here?”

The aunt who came out to open the door saw clearly that the person in the car was Erika, and her expression immediately became enthusiastic. She quickly opened the door of the villa and let her drive in.

After Erika parked the car, she got out of the car and asked the aunt, “Auntie, does Shiloh live here?”

After being stunned for a moment, the aunt nodded honestly: “Second young Miss lives here. The eldest young master said that the second young miss had a bad relationship with the eldest young miss and had a quarrel. Matriarch Farrell favored the eldest young miss. The second young Miss was depressed, so she lived here. Staying away from the eldest young Miss can relieve the depression in her heart.”

People who knew about Shiloh and Holden only dared to talk about it in private; no one dared to talk about it in public, so many people outside didn’t know about it.

Marco made up a lie to let Shiloh live here with peace of mind.

Before Erika could speak, her two sisters-in-law sneered. Anya said, “Kathryn didn’t quarrel with that b!tch. She was obviously the one who did something wrong, and Mom kicked her out of the Farrell family mansion. Mom said that from that night on, she is no longer the second young miss of the Farrell family. Auntie, please don’t call her second young miss again. If mom hears it, it will not be good for you.”

The aunt was startled, and she said nervously, “Second Young Mistress, I don’t know. I don’t know if she made a mistake. The eldest young master brought her back and asked me to take good care of her. No wonder she came back with the eldest young master. It was very embarrassing at the time, and the eldest young master even told me not to tell anyone.”

After Shiloh moved in, she never went out. She only walked in the yard. She was too embarrassed to go out.

Although the incident between her and Holden did not spread throughout Jensburg, she always felt that the way everyone looked at her had changed. When she heard someone whispering about something, she felt that others were talking about her.

It made her angry, hateful, and afraid.

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