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Married At First Sight Chapter 2829-“You are not my husband’s biological sister, and you have no blood relationship. My husband brought you here to live without even informing me. What is it if it’s not a golden house? My mother-in-law bought this villa for my husband and me. For the new house, my name is also on the property certificate, so I have the right to know.

If there’s nothing wrong with you two, why didn’t Marco tell me? He’s sneaky, which means there’s something wrong with you two.”

Erika bullied Shiloh into not telling her the main reason for being kicked out of Farrell’s family, and she desperately tried to accuse Shiloh.

Shiloh was so speechless that she couldn’t speak clearly.

She didn’t dare say anything except cry that she was wronged and plotted against.

Her behavior made everyone think that Erika was telling the truth, and their eyes when they looked at Shiloh were filled with disgust and accusation.

Some people said that Shiloh’s biological father was so bad. He changed his daughter and made her live a hard life. He abused his daughter. His roots were bad. Even if Shiloh grew up in the Farrell family, her genes are bad, and it has nothing to do with the environment.

It’s broken from the root.

Shiloh raised her head, glared fiercely at her sisters-in-law, and said fiercely, “You are satisfied; you are all satisfied, right? You just want to destroy me. Are you the ones plotting against me?”

After much thought, she thought that the person who drugged her was Erika.

Holden said that the bottle of wine was brought from Marco. He had already drank it when he brought it, and it was only half a bottle.

Marco couldn’t give medicine, so it’s Erika.

Erika sneered: “Shiloh, you brought this upon yourself. Are you very angry now, crying to the heavens and the earth for no response? What did you do to the three of us some time ago? Haha, now is your retribution!”

She took two steps forward and slapped Shiloh hard on the face. They had already beaten Shiloh until her face was swollen and bruised. She received another slap, and her face was red and swollen.

Shiloh understood that the three sisters-in-law were taking revenge on her.

In retaliation, she knew clearly that her three brothers were cheating on her, but instead of speaking up for her sisters-in-law, she stood by her brother’s side and helped her brothers hide it. After her sisters-in-law found out, she also said that they should find the reason why all three of her brothers cheated on her. What’s up?

Are the three sisters-in-law not doing a good job? They should reflect on themselves and see what they did wrong to protect their men.

But the three sisters-in-law were very angry.

Kathryn came out to be a good person and stood on the side of the three sisters-in-law, accusing her brothers of being unfaithful to their marriage and family, saying that their sisters-in-law had given birth to children for them, and they were sorry for their efforts.

Shiloh also said to Kathryn, What’s wrong with having children? Which woman won’t have children after getting married? Who wants a woman who can’t have children?

Maybe what she said was too irritating, and she was resented by her sisters-in-law.

Kathryn had no brotherhood with her three brothers. Shiloh grew up with her three brothers. They all love her. They had brotherhood. Wasn’t it normal that she would help her brothers speak up? For her, the sisters-in-law were outsiders, and the brothers were relatives. Of course, she helped the relative.

Besides, how many of the men in their family could really stay together for the rest of their lives?

Wives should be more open-minded. As long as the husband still knows how to go back to this house and take money from home, and if the wife turns a blind eye, doesn’t that mean that nothing will happen?

Until now, Shiloh didn’t feel that she was at fault. It was her sisters-in-law and Kathryn who worked together to target her!

There was Mr. Fraser next to Kathryn. Mr. Fraser was so powerful. Was Kathryn really unaware of what her sisters-in-law did to her?

Erika said, “By the way, there’s something I forgot to tell you.”

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