Married At First Sight Chapter 2830 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2830-Erika remembered what Kathryn reminded her, so she leaned into Shiloh’s ear and whispered, “Are you still dreaming about marrying into the Queen family and becoming the eldest young lady? It is true that both Hayden and you are female. It is amusing to mention that Hugh is the only young master in the Queen family.

Shiloh stared at Erika with disbelief on her face.

Erika would not talk too much about this matter. After she told Shiloh, seeing Shiloh’s disbelief, she said to her two sisters-in-law in a good mood, “Come on, let’s go in. It’s freezing outside.”

When she turned around and walked back, she said to the aunt who followed her, “In the future, this b!tch is not allowed to live in my wedding room without my consent. If my husband dares to take her in again, ask him if he can afford his mother’s rage.”

Shiloh sat paralyzed on the ground, lost in thought.

Soon after, the three brothers arrived.

They noticed Shiloh sitting on the ground, alternately laughing and crying; her red, swollen face was covered in finger prints; the corners of her mouth bore blood stains; her hair was disheveled; her clothes were baggy; her lips had turned purple from the cold; and her entire body appeared… insane.

Marco felt so distressed.


The three brothers walked over quickly.

The onlookers left after Erika and her two sisters-in-law left.

Of course, rumors about Shiloh quickly spread throughout Jensburg. .

Marco took off his suit jacket and put it on Shiloh. His two brothers helped Shiloh up, one on the left and the other on the right.

“elder brother.”

Shiloh came to her senses, threw herself into Marco’s arms, and burst into tears. While crying, she said, “It’s the eldest sister-in-law. The eldest, second, and third sisters-in-law beat me like this. They are just taking revenge on me. They are taking revenge on me for helping you before.

The person who knows I’m here must be Kathryn. Kathryn and her sisters-in-law teamed up to deal with me. Elder brother, dad, and I drank the half bottle of wine you gave dad to… Elder brother, you can’t plot against me. With dad, there is only one possibility that it is the medicine given by my sister-in-law.”

Marco said quickly, “Shiloh, don’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing. If there is no evidence, don’t talk nonsense. Mom is still angry.”

He also knew in his heart that his wife had plotted against Shiloh.

Shiloh had been abandoned by matriarch Farrell; Marco naturally preferred Erika. The husband and wife were one. If Matriarch Farrell punished Erika, Marco would not get any benefits.

“Second brother and third brother, you take Shiloh away first. I’ll go in and have a look.” Marco said as he pushed Shiloh away, handed her over to his two younger brothers, and headed into the villa. But his wife came out at this time, followed by his two sisters-in-law.

Erika said, “Marco, you have never died, right? What did your mother say that night, but you didn’t hear it? How dare you secretly take her in and let her live in our wedding room? Did you get my consent? Marco, if you want to die, go die on your own; don’t drag me and the children to die with you.

“Mom is about to come back from the hospital. Let her know that you did these things behind her back. It will be better for you. Don’t think that, since you are her biological son, she won’t touch you. You are not Kathryn, and you have no inheritance. She can give up on you at any time and expel you from the house. And so do you two. You want to be kicked out of your home so as not to harm your wife and children.”

Marco’s two younger brothers immediately pushed Shiloh away, and Shiloh became unstable and fell to the ground.

She groaned in pain. But no one went to help her.

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