Married At First Sight Chapter 2831 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2831-Marco said, “Wife, I took her in because of the brother-sister relationship we have had for more than 20 years. I saw that she had no place to live and was penniless, so I took her in. If you don’t like it, I’ll just let her go.”

Marco was afraid that Erika would sue Matriarch Farrell.

Ever since Erika found out about his cheating, Shiloh still helped him, and she hated Shiloh deeply.

Shiloh was in such a state of desperation that it would be strange if Erika didn’t add insult to injury.

But Marco couldn’t blame Erika. He gave the half-bottle of wine to Holden.

Erika said coldly, “Let her go away now and don’t have any contact with her in the future. She is not your sister. Your sister is Kathryn. This b!tch’s biological father still caused you and Kathryn to be separated. A bad person for more than 20 years, you should hate her family.”

“Think about the unfair treatment Kathryn suffered in their family and how they treated Kathryn? Marco, you also have children. If our daughter was exchanged and the family still abused our daughter, what would you do?”

Marco was speechless.

Soon, he ordered the servant and his wife: “Go, pack up all her things and throw them out to her, and ask her to leave immediately. She will not be allowed to appear here in the future.”

Anya and Amora both looked at their men.

The two young masters quickly stood beside their wives, smiled playfully, apologized in a low voice, promised in a low voice that they would not take Shiloh in, and so on.

Shiloh looked at her brothers and sisters-in-law desperately.

All she could think of was, “It’s over; it’s really over.”

Even her brothers won’t take her in, and she’s penniless. What should she do?

Was she really going back to her biological mother? It was in the countryside, and her family was not poor, but no matter how rich the country was, it couldn’t compare with the city.

She had been pampered since she was a child and returned to live in the countryside. Shiloh felt disgusted in her heart.

But she also knew that returning to her original family was her best choice. If she didn’t leave, in order to survive, she could only go to the nightclub to sit on the stage.

Thinking about how she was too arrogant when she was the daughter of the Matriarch Farrell and offended many people, if she went to a nightclub to sit on the stage, not to mention how those men treated her, the wealthy ladies she had offended would also instruct people to go there and abuse her as hard as they could.

Liberty could guess what would happen to Holden and Matriarch Farrell. Marco had been cheating on Erika for many years. After being caught, she talked about divorce but actually did not want one. This was not only for the sake of her children, but also because she had feelings for Marco. As there was still love, knowing that Marco had taken Shiloh in, it was impossible not to make trouble.

Liberty was no longer distracted by asking about those things. She was busy with the business of opening a company in Jensburg. She had to finish it early. On Friday, Duncan would bring Sonny to visit her. During the two days on the weekend, she had to accompany them.

At this moment, Liberty was looking at the environment of the factory.

She thought about renting a factory building and setting up a company first. After the business was stable, on the right track, and making money, she would then see if there was suitable land in Jensburg and buy the factory building for her own company. If there was no land to buy, she could only buy it and transfer it to others.

At present, she doesn’t know what the future holds, so she can only rent it for now.

Jim walked in from outside, walked straight to Liberty, and whispered, “Sister Liberty, someone from the Farrell family wants to see you.”

Is there someone from the Farrell family?

Liberty’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she asked in a low voice, “Who is it? Kathryn?”

Jim said, “It’s not Miss Kathryn; it’s two strange middle-aged women whom I have never met.”

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