Married At First Sight Chapter 2832 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2832-“Did they find this place?” Liberty asked defensively, “Are they following my whereabouts?”

Liberty had only come to see the factory and would not be staying long. Members of the Farrell family came to see her. She appeared to be staring at the Farrells, who appeared to be staring back at her. She also came to Jensburg with one goal in mind: to find her grandparents, the true cause of death, and reclaim the Farrell family’s power.

Audrey had entrusted her with a significant responsibility.

Soon, Liberty felt relieved. It was normal to be stared at. It would be abnormal if she was not stared at.

“I’ll go out and see who they are.”

Liberty suspected they were the wives of some of those who had attended the family banquet that night.

On the night of the family banquet, the people present at the Farrell family were half male and female. Jim followed Liberty to the Farrell family mansion. If they were the people attending the family banquet, Jim would have an impression.

Liberty walked out with the bodyguard group.

There was a car parked at the door of the factory. The people in the car did not get out. A woman in the passenger seat poked her head out when she saw Liberty emerge. She was hiding her true face behind a mask and sunglasses, afraid that others would recognize their identities.

Liberty didn’t know them, but many people in Jensburg recognized them.

Liberty walked over.

“Miss Hunt,” The other party’s eyes were bent, she was smiling, and she greeted Liberty with a smile. “Ms. Hunt, I’m sorry to bother you. Could you please take a moment to talk?”

Liberty looked at them and said, “Could you tell me who you are?”

The two people glanced at the few people who followed Liberty and did not take off their masks immediately. The woman in the passenger seat said, “On the night of the family banquet, Miss Hunt, do you still remember Uncle Kaison and Uncle Rodrigo?”

The current matriarch of the Farrell family is related to the third uncle, Kaison, and the fourth uncle, Rodrigo. They continued to use the Farrell surname despite not being direct descendants of the Farrell family and not having a son-in-law.

Kaison and the others were, strictly speaking, the younger brothers of the matriarch Farrell, who had not yet left the fifth server. Because the Farrell family does not marry but only marries, her juniors refer to the elders in the upper clan as uncles, depending on the Farrell family’s seniority.

Liberty remembered third uncle Kaison and fourth uncle Rodrigo of the Farrell family, primarily because they were identical twin brothers. They sat a little further away from Liberty on the night of the banquet. Because they were twins, they resembled Liberty. They impressed her greatly.

If Liberty recalls correctly, following the incident between Shiloh and Holden upstairs, several members of the Farrell family were very curious and followed them upstairs to see the scandal involving Holden and Shiloh. They were so terrified that they rolled downstairs and dashed out of the Farrell family mansion.

The third uncle, Kaison, was one of the curious people.

Fourth, Uncle Rodrigo assumed something had happened when his brother Kaison rolled down the stairs and was dragged away, even though he didn’t go upstairs to investigate. He asked Kaison after he left, and she confirmed that an issue had arisen.

In the next few days, both brothers were on tenterhooks. They were afraid that Matriarch Farrell would settle a score with them. So, they were also trying to find a way out for their two families. After much thought, the only way out they could think of was to follow Liberty.

Although Liberty had just arrived and had no connections, there were several powerful families behind her. Liberty’s aunt, Audrey, was the eldest daughter of the previous head of the family. If it hadn’t been for an accident decades ago, the current head of the family should be Audrey.

Also, everyone in the Farrell family had heard about Audrey’s great achievements at Wiltspoon. She was the authentic Farrell family’s daughter!

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