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Married At First Sight Chapter 2833-Liberty asked, “Are you the wife of third uncle Rodrigo and fourth uncle Kaison?”

The two women paid attention to Liberty’s reaction. After revealing the identities of their husbands and seeing Liberty’s silence, they knew that Liberty had an impression of their husbands.

The woman in the passenger seat quickly replied in a low voice, “I’m the fourth aunt, named Amelia, while she is the third aunt, named Carly.”

Liberty nodded towards the two of them and asked warmly, “When you came out, no one followed you, right?”

Amelia said, “No, there are people behind us to help with the aftermath. Miss Hunt, don’t worry.”

Liberty smiled and said, “I’m not worried or afraid. I’m afraid that you will be discovered and spread to the ears of Matriarch Farrell, which will be detrimental to you.”

She came here just for the Farrell family. It was normal for her to come into contact with people from the Farrell family. It would be abnormal for her not to find people from the Farrell family.

But as long as people from the Farrell family come to see her, they must consider the consequences. If Matriarch Farrell finds out and is punished, she cannot be blamed.

There was a little fear in the eyes of the two ladies, but soon Carly said, “Miss Hunt, is it convenient for us to chat privately?”

Liberty said, “It’s convenient. I’m available at any time. Where can I chat privately? You tell me your address, and I’ll go there right away. It’s best not to go together. I think I’ll be more conspicuous.”

Liberty cared about them and considered their safety issues, which made the two ladies feel at ease.

Their husbands were thinking about things at home and were worried for several days. They thought that Matriarch Farrell was very indifferent to clan members like them and did not give them many opportunities to develop. It was always difficult to advance because Matriarch Farrell would suppress those with particularly exceptional abilities.

The two families sat down and discussed secretly for two days. Finally, they unanimously decided to surrender to Liberty and follow her. Let’s bet that Liberty can win. If Liberty wins, they will be the first to follow her. They don’t think they will develop in the future. How bad would it be?

When Matriarch Farrell in their family was still alive, they privately recalled the magnanimity of the previous Matriarch Farrell in front of them more than once. Although the previous matriarch Farrell also had a ruthless side, she was tolerant. As long as the people in the clan were capable, she would give them company to develop.

Moreover, it was able to do without doubting people and employing people without doubting. In the hearts of the people in the clan, previous Matriarch Farrell was the one who really wanted to make the Farrell family better and stronger.

A family must rely on the people in the clan to work together to grow stronger. How could it be achieved by relying solely on the direct lineage?

Besides, there have been incidents involving real and fake daughters in the current direct line. Even if the real daughter is found, it will only be two years since Kathryn can fly, and she won’t be able to fly that fast.

But then Kathryn seemed to be doing well. She was still the biological daughter of the Matriarch Farrell. Where was the genetic inheritance? Who knew what would happen in the future? If she is still like the Matriarch Farrell, the younger generation in the clan would not be able to succeed.

Rodrigo and Kaison were without hope. All they wanted was to hope their grandchildren would grow and be useful. That was all.

“Let’s go to the Fortress Hotel.” Amelia said it thoughtfully.

The two most famous hotels in Jensburg were the Fortress Hotel and the Greenrest Hotel. These two hotels were the best in Jensburg. In the past, the two hotels were competitors, and they often became hot and rancid due to competition.

After that, the owners of the two hotels were in a relationship; the competitive relationship still existed, but it’s a little gentler, not as desperate as before.

Amelia thought that the boss behind the Fortress Hotel was the third young master of the York family in Wiltspoon. The name of the York family was still very popular in Jensburg. It was mainly because Kevin pursued Hayden that the York family became famous in Jensburg; even if the reputation is not very good, at least people in Jensburg know about him, the richest man in Wiltspoon.

Kevin:…I just chased a wife, and it also brought my family’s reputation.

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