Married At First Sight Chapter 2835 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2835-A few minutes later,

“Sister Liberty.” Kevin was still waiting for Liberty in the suite. As soon as Liberty arrived, he came out and opened the door.

“Kevin, thank you.”

“I told you, sister Liberty, don’t be so polite to me.” Kevin came out of the room and let Liberty in. He said to Jim and other bodyguards, “You guys stay here and don’t let anyone get close.”

Although not everyone could get up to the top floor, it’s better to be on guard.

Jim and others responded respectfully.

After Kevin finished explaining, he left.

When Liberty entered, the two ladies from the Farrell family were already sitting on the sofa. Each had a cup of warm water in front of them, and there were snacks, fruits, etc. on the coffee table for them.

“Miss Hunt.”

Seeing Liberty come in, the two of them stood up from the sofa and immediately took off their sunglasses and masks. Since they had agreed to surrender to Liberty, they must always see people with their true colors.

The two of them were not young anymore, but they knew how to take care of them and were willing to spend money on it, making them look much younger than their actual age.

“Aunts, please sit down.” Liberty politely asked them to sit down again. She went to make herself a pot of tea, put the teapot on the coffee table, poured herself another cup of tea, and said, “I like drinking tea.”

The two smiled, and Carly said, “We are getting older and don’t drink tea much. If we drink tea, we will not be able to sleep at night.”

After Liberty drank half a cup of tea, she invited them to eat, but both of them declined politely.

Liberty said, “What words did Third Uncle Kaison and Fourth Uncle Rodrigo have that my two aunts brought to me?”

Liberty didn’t beat around the bush with them, mainly because she wasn’t familiar with them and had no topic to chat about, so she simply went straight to the point.

Carly said, “Miss Hunt, the one in our family said that if you need our words, just ask, and our two families will do our best to help you.”

Amelia nodded in agreement. She wanted to complain about Matriarch Farrell’s behavior in front of Liberty, but remembering her husband’s numerous warnings to her when she went out, she held back.

Her husband, Rodrigo, said that when her sister-in-law came over, she only needed to express the feelings of the two families, and there was no need to say much else.

A chosen representative from Wiltspoon sent Liberty here, and she must already be familiar with the key members of the Farrell family.

They didn’t need to say much.

Talking too much would leave a bad impression on Liberty. After all, people with long tongues cannot keep secrets.

Liberty smiled and said, “Thanks to my third and fourth uncles for thinking highly of me; please help me bring a few words back to my two uncles. I must find out how my grandparents died back then.”

Liberty said, “It’s something that belongs to us, and we will definitely get it back. If it doesn’t belong to us, we won’t want it. The Farrell family is about to fall out of the ranks of wealthy families in Jensburg. It’s getting worse and worse. This is not a good thing. In Jensburg, the Farrell family has been a famous family for hundreds of years.”

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