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Married At First Sight Chapter 2836-Liberty continued: “I think everyone in the clan hopes that the Farrell clan can rise again, not to mention return to its peak period, but at least be in the middle. A big family relies on everyone working together to jointly develop our Farrell clan.

The revitalization of the Farrell family depends on the younger generation. As long as the younger generation in our clan is capable, they should be reused. Do the two aunts think this is the truth?”

Kaison and Kaison were getting old. Even if they had ambitions, they had no energy. They only cared about the future of their children and grandchildren.

Liberty’s words were tantamount to a promise.

If the position of head of the family returns to her lineage, as long as the younger generation in the clan has the ability, she will use it so that everyone can shine in the appropriate positions.

It meant that she was a tolerant Lord.

The two ladies looked at each other and exchanged glances. Amelia said, “Miss Hunt, you’re right. Miss Hunt, you’re worthy of being a descendant of the previous matriarch. This is what the previous matriarch thought. When she was in charge of the Farrell family, we people in Jensburg still dare not look down upon Farrell’s family.”

Unlike now, everyone no longer takes the Farrell family seriously.

When the previous matriarch was in charge, Carly and Amelia had not yet married. They were between six and twelve years old at the time, and they did not understand the affairs of a wealthy family at all.

But their husbands had some memories of the past. At least when they were in school, no one dared to bully them as long as they said they were from the Farrell family.

Later, they often heard the elders in the family mention that they heard the most about the conduct of the previous matriarch. Unfortunately, the previous matriarch married late and had children late. After giving birth to two children, her health deteriorated, and she fell ill every three days, so she gave a chance to the current matriarch.

Liberty said, “You don’t have to worry about safety. As long as you don’t show off or seek death in the clan, I can guarantee your safety in Jensburg.”

If they do too much, not to mention, Liberty won’t protect them, and they won’t dare to use them.

Amelia said, “We have always been very low-key. Our two families don’t try to flatter each other. We can only keep a low profile.”

It is true that they could get close to Matriarch Farrell, and they were not thick-skinned enough to flatter her.

Although they had some status in the Farrell family, it was because their relationship with Matriarch Farrell had not been out of five and they were still cousins, so they would be invited to the family banquet. If not, the family would have hosted the family banquet. There was no place for them.

Liberty took out two business cards, handed them to them respectively, and said, “This is my business card. Take it back and give it to the third uncle, Kaison, and the fourth uncle, Rodrigo. After saving my mobile phone number, the business cards can be destroyed to avoid unnecessary damage. If you have anything to do, please call me. If I can help you, I will.”

In fact, she asked the two families to help her keep an eye on every move in the Farrell family mansion.

Liberty had information on how many people there were in these two families, their character, and their abilities.

She could train them to become her confidants.

“Thank you, Miss Hunt. With your words, we feel relieved. Miss Hunt, however, the most important thing is guarding against Kathryn. That girl, despite her weak appearance, is actually a person who pretends to be a pig and eats the tiger. There is also Mr. Fraser beside her. Mr. Fraser is very powerful. Every head of the family has a loyal assistant beside her. Mr. Fraser is Kathryn’s assistant.”

The two reminded Liberty.

They heard that Liberty and Kathryn seemed to get along well.

Kathryn was not as arrogant as Shiloh and looked down on them, but with Mr. Fraser by her side, Kathryn has secured her position as successor. If Liberty cannot defeat Kathryn, Kathryn will be the next head of the family.

Now that they have chosen to surrender to Liberty, they are standing opposite Matriarch Farrell, the mother and daughter.

Of course, they hoped Liberty could bring down Matriarch Farrell and Kathryn.

Don’t be emotional.

Kathryn’s weak and deceptive appearance made it too easy to deceive others.

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