Married At First Sight Chapter 2837 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2837-“Thank you, two aunts, for reminding me; I will do it.” Liberty had long known that Kathryn was a person who pretended to be a pig and ate the tiger.

With so many people in the Farrell family, she had the most contact with Kathryn, and she probably knew the most about Kathryn. Kathryn did not hide anything in front of her, and she showed her true temperament.

“Miss Hunt, let’s go back first and contact you if anything happens later. Miss Hunt, if there is anything you need our help with, just let us know.”

Liberty stood up to see them off.

After seeing them out of the suite and to the elevator, Liberty turned around and walked back after watching them put on their sunglasses and masks again and enter the elevator.

She returned to the suite, cleared the coffee table, and then came out.

After locking the door, she asked Jim, “Is no one coming up?”

Jim: “No.”

She hummed and said to the bodyguards, “Let’s go too.”

Several bodyguards silently followed her away.

Yonsburg, Cloud City.

A twenty-eight-story office building belonged to a new company in a prosperous area of Yonsburg. This new company had only recently been formed. Even though it was only a few days old, the company already had a large number of employees because it was a branch of the Bucham family in Wiltspoon, Yonsburg.

Julian transferred the majority of them from various locations.

He clearly told the Caron family that he was here on a business trip. In fact, Bucham’s business in Yonsburg was not even superficial. However, in order to facilitate the pursuit of Kiera and develop a relationship with her, Julian immediately set up a branch company with various companies. The department transferred elites and gave them orders to quickly establish the branch in Yonsburg and become one of the largest companies in Yonsburg.

Julian spent a lot of money to buy a 28-story office building and several factories. His move undoubtedly dropped a big stone in Yonsburg’s business circle and disturbed the seemingly calm lake.

Everyone secretly inquired about the details of Bucham’s Co., Ltd., and after knowing that it was from the Bucham family in Wiltspoon, there was an endless stream of Yonsburg business leaders who came to discuss cooperation with Bucham’s Co., Ltd.

Some people were more powerful. They found out that when Julian was in Yonsburg, he lived in the home of the director of the Caron family Martial Arts Gym for a long time and had a very close relationship with the Caron family. Then, anyone with school-age children at home was sent to the Caron family Martial Arts Gym to learn martial arts. It could help their children keep fit, and they could also hang out at the Caron family martial arts gym under the guise of picking up their children.

When they wandered around a lot, they would always run into Julian, the young master Bucham, who came to the martial arts gym.

The Caron family didn’t have many contacts with business leaders, and they didn’t care how much money other people made by starting a company, so they didn’t realize that their Caron family martial arts gym had caught the attention of everyone in Yonsburg’s business circle.

The Caron family only knew that Julian was very busy. He left early and came back late every day. He had been on a business trip for such a long time and had not yet settled things well. He seemed to be living with their parents.

However, Julian’s behavior and personality made the Caron family very satisfied, and they liked him very much. They wished he could stay here forever. The best thing was to become a son-in-law.

But Julian was a bit older—ten years older than their Kiera, or eleven years older in a false sense.

At this moment, in the general manager’s office, Julian was sitting on the half-moon-shaped desk, answering the phone.

The call was from his father, and he didn’t dare not answer it.

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