Married At First Sight Chapter 2910

Married At First Sight Chapter 2910-Callum knew that Camryn was not as gentle and weak as she appeared, but he was just worried.

“Okay, don’t look aggrieved. People who don’t know about it might think I did something to you.”

Camryn put her arms around his neck and offered her sweet lips.

When Camryn took the initiative to kiss him, Callum was, of course, not polite. He hugged her soft body tightly and lingered with her for a while before letting go of her.

Seeing the jewelry she was wearing, Callum said sourly, “You rarely wear the jewelry I gave you. My mother gave it to you, but you didn’t take it off after you put it on. My mother’s jewelry is very good. Yeah, mine can’t compare to what my mother gave me.”

Camryn pinched both sides of his face in a funny way. “That’s your mother, your real mother; you gave me a set of jewelry, and you were jealous. Just now I wanted to refuse, but you asked me to accept it, and now you’re sour again. What do you want me to do?”

Callum curled his lips and stopped talking.

He was sour.

He felt that, in the eyes of his wife, anyone could squeeze him out.

“How about I take it off now and return it to mom?” Camryn teased him deliberately.

Callum immediately hugged her tightly and said, “I’m not jealous. Mom gave this to you. Just take it. Besides, this set of jewelry is really suitable for you. Put it on. It’s even more beautiful; I’m so fascinated that I can’t take my eyes away.

If you put on a set of Hanfu, you will look like a beautiful woman in ancient costume, and you will be like a fairy descending from heaven. I am afraid that someone else will take away my beautiful wife.”

Camryn: “Then you can give me some sets of Hanfu. I will wear them for you to see at home on the weekends.”

Callum nodded repeatedly and said, “Okay, you’ll only wear it at home. You can’t go out wearing Hanfu. I’m really afraid that you will attract countless love rivals for me.”

Camryn was very beautiful.

In the past, she was merely invisible and despised by a large number of people, but they also missed her. Fortunately, Trenton and Dalton were helping to protect her in secret, preventing anyone from taking advantage of her. Even though it was inexpensive, her cruel mother did not sell it.

Once, she almost had an accident, and he went to save her.

Callum said, “I’m not afraid that you will bring me countless love rivals. What are you afraid of? My body and mind belong to you. Do you think my love is cheap and anyone can get it? I will only fall in love with you once in my life.”

Camryn said, “Okay, don’t waste time. It’s very late. Go to bed quickly. We have to get up early to go back to work tomorrow.”

Camryn pushed him away.

She turned around and walked to the bedroom, entered the bedroom, and sat down in front of the dressing table. After Callum fell in love with her, a dressing table was placed here so that she could look in the mirror and dress up.

She looked in the mirror, took off the set of jewelry her mother-in-law gave her, and put them back in the brocade box one by one.

Callum followed in, sat down on the bed, and looked at her.

“Why are you still sitting there? Go take a shower.” Camryn said something to him.

Callum said, “I’ll wait for you; let’s wash together.”

Camryn’s face turned red quickly, and she said angrily, “We have to get up early to go to work tomorrow and drive back to the city for more than an hour, so we won’t bother tonight.”

Callum chuckled. “I just said I would wash with you, and I didn’t say anything. Wife, where did you think you were?”

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