Married At First Sight Chapter 2911

Married At First Sight Chapter 2911-Callum added, “However, since my wife has thought of it, I will let my wife get her wish. Don’t worry, wife, I won’t torment you in bed.”

Callum took a Mandarin duck bath with her.

Camryn: “…”

This wolf!

“Honey, I’ll get you some clothes and put in the bath water.” Callum said as he stood up and walked out of the bedroom.

Having said that, Callum didn’t really bother Camryn. The main reason was that it was already dark and he had to get up early to go back to work in the city tomorrow, so he felt sorry for her, who would be tired.

At the same time, in a large villa, Carrie, who had become Mrs. Labbe again, was lying on the luxurious bed and playing with her mobile phone.

She no longer desired to remain in the rented house as a result of the two aunts cutting her off and her subsequent rage at Camryn.

This time, she returned the rental.

It was better to be Mrs. Labbe, who was more comfortable and had the best food, clothing, and accommodation.

This was the life that Carrie used to live before.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

When Carrie heard the noise, she was startled, thinking that there was a burglar. The two bodyguards and four servants usually would not go upstairs.

Even if they came to see her for something, they would always make an internal call.

“It’s so late, and you haven’t slept yet. Are you waiting for me?”

A somewhat familiar yet unfamiliar voice sounded; it was Mr. Labbe.

When Carrie saw Mr. Labbe coming in, she immediately put her phone aside and slid out of bed. She walked barefoot to Mr. Labbe, put her arms around Mr. Labbe’s neck, and said in a delicate voice, “Mr. Labbe, if you didn’t tell me in advance when you arrived, I thought there was a burglar.”

This time, her initiative and enthusiasm surprised Mr. Labbe.

Last time, she could be said to have ignored his wishes, and she was still very resistant. Now that she took the initiative to embrace him, he felt a little surprised.

It was not surprising because Carrie had been pampered since she was a child and had been used to living a wealthy life. The time in prison was what she least wanted to recall, and she also least wanted to live a life of hardship and lack of freedom.

Although Mr. Labbe took care of her and treated her like a pawn and plaything, he did not treat her badly in terms of material life.

The last time he left, he gave Carrie a bank card with millions on it. He didn’t care how much she spent.

Usually, Carrie told the bodyguard what she wanted to buy and asked him to pay for it, and Mr. Labbe satisfied her.

She was used to this kind of life when she had clothes to wear, food to eat, luxury cars to travel around, bodyguards to follow her, and money to spend as she pleased, so she wanted to understand the benefits he could give her, so she accepted him.

Mr. Labbe laughed in his heart. This kind of woman is just having fun after being given money.

“It’s very safe here. How could a thief break in? I’m on the plane all the time, and it’s not convenient for me to call you. I wanted to give you a surprise.”

Mr. Labbe said that he picked up Carrie, went straight back to the bed, put her down, and began to untie her tie.

Mr. Labbe sat against the head of the bed, holding Carrie in one hand and holding a cigarette in the other. Carrie was very discerning and immediately leaned over, took the lighter he had placed there from the bedside table, and helped him light the cigarette.

Mr. Labbe asked, “Would you like one?”

Carrie said, “I’m not very good at smoking.”

She tasted it, and it was too choking, so she didn’t want to smoke anymore.

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