Married At First Sight Chapter 2912

Married At First Sight Chapter 2912-Carrie’s mom also didn’t let Carrie smoke. She let her do whatever she wanted, but she didn’t allow her to smoke because her mom hates the smell of tobacco. If her dad smoked, her mom would drive him to the study to sleep.

Her mom also said that she would marry into the York family and become a young lady. If she smoked, the York family elders might not like her, which would lower her score and prevent her from marrying into the wealthiest family.

But these days, she didn’t smoke and had no way to marry into the richest family.

She became the mistress of a middle-aged uncle.

It was all the fault of Camryn and Serenity!

Every time Carrie thought about her current situation, she hated Serenity and Camryn with their itching teeth.

“If you don’t know how to smoke, you can learn to smoke. Sometimes, if you are in a bad mood, smoking two cigarettes can relieve your depression.” Mr. Labbe stuffed a cigarette into Carrie and personally helped her light it.

Carrie took two puffs and then coughed violently.

Mr. Labbe laughed and said, “Just get used to it. It’s easy to learn to smoke, but it’s very difficult to quit smoking.”

After finally stopping her coughing, Carrie said, “I used to go out and buy like crazy when I was in a bad mood. No matter if it was useful or not, I would buy what I liked. After I bought something, I felt better.”

Mr. Labbe pinched her face and said, “Your method of relaxing your mood is not something that ordinary people can afford.”

Carrie said, “My parents loved me the most. They gave me whatever I wanted. I was never short of money and lived a comfortable life. That blind woman, Camryn, was not even as good as a servant. She was not even independent at home. There were no other rooms, so she lived in a room with a servant. If it weren’t for Serenity, I offended Mr. York, and our family would not be in this situation. Blind woman Camryn has cured her eyes, regained her sight, and married Callum. Why are she and Serenity so lucky?”

It was obvious that both of them were of a different origin than hers.

There was deep hatred and strong jealousy in Carrie’s words.

She was just jealous of them.

Mr. Labbe bit her on the face, put out the cigarette butt, turned over, and pressed her down again. He said, “You have satisfied me. I will give you whatever you want and whoever you want to deal with. I’ve helped you deal with it.”

Carrie immediately put out the cigarette butt.

After the clouds and rain, Carrie felt sleepy. She pulled the quilt to cover her and said while yawning, “Mr. Labbe, don’t lie to me. I have nothing now but you.”

And the pie that Mr. Labbe painted for her.

Mr. Labbe said, “You went to see the eldest young lady of the York family today.”

She was very sleepy, and Mr. Labbe was still in good spirits.

Carrie said, “Well, I went to the bookstore and found an excuse to buy a set of materials for junior high school students. It cost a few hundred dollars. Mr. Labbe, let me tell you, the face you gave me is really useful. Serenity didn’t recognize me.”

Carrie, who was terribly sleepy, regained her energy, opened her eyes, and said to Mr. Labbe, “I stood in front of her on purpose, but she didn’t even recognize me.”

Mr. Labbe said, “That’s right, not everyone can get this kind of face that can look fake. Since she didn’t recognize you, you should be more confident and don’t feel guilty or afraid. They said you shrank when you saw Mr. York’s car! It’s easy for them to suspect you like this. They will suspect and target you if you don’t offer any assistance. You will take all the benefits you get from me with interest. Come back; I won’t do loss-making business.”

When Mr. Labbe said this, his strong hand fell on Carrie’s neck, tightening it quickly but then letting it go. Even so, Carrie’s face turned pale, and she broke out in a cold sweat.

Mr. Labbe was so enthusiastic just now that Carrie couldn’t help but fall in love with him, and now he would k!ll her. Just now, she felt murderous intent, which made her understand that if she couldn’t satisfy him, he would really strangle her to death!

He said he had a lot of blood and human lives on his hands!

He was a devil!

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