Married At First Sight Chapter 2914

Married At First Sight Chapter 2914-If they resented him for losing their child, he would simply replace them and give the woman he disliked to someone else, which would also bring him some benefits.

Knowing his ruthlessness, the mistresses around him were more sensible. As long as he gave money, they didn’t dare expect to replace his original wife’s position, and they no longer expected to have a child to divide the family property, for fear that they would fight for all the family property. There was no flower of life.

It’s not that he didn’t have illegitimate children.

In addition to having three sons and a daughter with his original wife, Mr. Labbe also had a son and a daughter outside the home, born to two mistresses whom he particularly liked and was very obedient to because he liked them very much. They were not only obedient, but also helpful to him. They had to do a lot of things, and they helped with the big event a few years ago.

Therefore, he allowed them to have his children, giving them a child so that they would have someone to rely on in the future.

The real Mrs. Labbe was not that she was so powerful that women whose husbands were outside could have children. It was Mr. Labbe who wanted to give his mistress a child so that their children could be born safely. He didn’t want to give it to her. If they became pregnant, Mrs. Labbe would order people to come and beat them severely until they miscarried.

Sometimes, they lose the chance to become mothers.

Carrie nodded repeatedly and said obediently, “Mr. Labbe, I will, and I will definitely not let you down.”

The two bodyguards were very dissatisfied with her words and deeds. They said that, besides being arrogant, she had no self-restraint. They said that her parents didn’t know how to teach her. They also said that her temperament was far inferior to that of Camryn.

Carrie grew up being pampered. She had the best food and clothing. Camryn was not even as good as a servant, but the bodyguard said she was not as good as Camryn. This made Carrie very sad and angry.

She didn’t admit defeat.

Now that Mr. Labbe also said this about her, Carrie realized that she might be really far away from the requirements of a rich wife.

The Newman family was considered a wealthy family, but it couldn’t compare with those wealthy families with deep foundations. The Newman family had the appearance of the nouveau riche.

As Carrie was raised by her parents, many people regard her as the daughter of the nouveau riche.

She felt like she was not the real daughter of a famous family.

On the contrary, she thought Camryn had a good temperament.

Thinking of Camryn now, who indeed looked dignified, exuding a noble aura in every gesture, Carrie felt itchy with hatred, thinking that Camryn had such a temperament only because she married Callum.

If she married into the York family and became a young lady, she would definitely have a very good temperament.

“Baby, I know you’re obedient.” Seeing that Carrie was almost frightened, Mr. Labbe showed a look of appreciation and said dotingly, “It’s very late; go to bed early.”

As Mr. Labbe said that, he took the mobile phone from the bedside table, transferred some money to Carrie, and said to Carrie, “Buy whatever you like. The pocket money I gave you is not enough. Tell me, and I’ll give it to you again.”

He also took out a credit card from his wallet and handed it to Carrie. “You can use this card as you like. But one thing: don’t use my money to support a pretty boy. If I know that you spend my money to support a pretty boy, I will make your life worse than death!”

Mr. Labbe had said that after she helped him abduct him to Titus, he would help her replace Camryn and marry Callum. Not to mention that it was a pie he painted for her. Even if he did, she would be just a joke to him. She was allowed to get married.

Carrie accepted the money he gave her with peace of mind.

Mr. Labbe had a sneer in his eyes.

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