Married At First Sight Chapter 2917

Married At First Sight Chapter 2917-good.” Callum responded gently.

The young couple walked to the dining hall.

After breakfast, the rain outside became much lighter, but it felt colder and colder.

Callum was worried about leaving his wife cold, so he went upstairs to get a coat for her and forced her to put it on before going out and going back to work in the city together.

Camryn said, “Husband, take me back to the flower shop. I won’t go home for the time being. I’ll go back at noon.”

Callum hummed and said, “It’s so cold and rainy, so the business in the flower shop may not be very good. Otherwise, you should go home and rest.”

When she didn’t go to the flower shop, she worked at home.

She would leave Wiltspoon and go to the head office only when she needed to hold an important meeting or discuss business with the big boss, and she, the head of the family, needed to come forward.

Most of the time, she didn’t need to return to the company. With Dalton in charge, everything was running normally.

She had great trust in Dalton.

However, Dalton was also loyal to her and had never had second thoughts.

Callum was not worried that Dalton had second thoughts. If Dalton dared to betray Camryn, he would make Dalton ruined in the industry and unable to survive anymore.

Camryn said, “The weather is cold, so the flower shop is busy. No one wants to go out, so they call directly to place an order for us to deliver flowers. I need to watch from the shop while they deliver flowers to the customers.”

Callum smiled and said, “Well, I don’t understand your industry.”

He thought that on rainy and cold days, the flower shop’s business would be very deserted.

Camryn wanted to go back to the flower shop first, so Callum sent her directly to Spring Blossoms.

Two shop assistants had already gone to work. Due to the rain, many of the potted flowers usually placed at the door had not been moved out. The store was filled with various potted flowers, making it seem cramped.

Callum asked, “Honey, how about you change the storefront? This store is a bit smaller.”

Camryn said, “The shop owner next to my shop said he doesn’t plan to rent it anymore. When his contract expires and he moves out, I will rent his store and merge the two stores into one. That will be big enough.”

Camryn didn’t want to change places. She relied on this shop to survive many hard times and used this flower shop to confuse her mother and others. The spring blossoms meant something different to her, and her repeat customers were all familiar with them. Here, she didn’t want to change places.

Callum said, “Does the owner want to sell it? Let’s see if we can buy the store.”

Camryn said, “I asked, and the other party said that he didn’t want to sell and just wanted to keep some rent to live on. He said that it would be better if the water flowed slowly. If you sell, you will get a sum of money, and it will be easy to spend it all. By then, the pension money will be gone.”

Callum fell silent.

If people don’t want to sell, they can only rent.

After getting off the car, Callum followed her into Spring Blossoms.

As soon as Camryn entered Spring Blossoms, he hurriedly opened it.

She took some rose branches, paired them with the baby’s breath, and tied them into a bouquet.

Callum kept looking at Camryn.

When Camryn wrapped a bouquet of flowers, hugged them, and turned to look at him, Callum put a smile on his face and reached out to take the bouquet. “Honey, this bouquet of flowers is for me?”

“It’s for you.” Camryn said warmly, “When you receive a bouquet early in the morning, you will feel particularly beautiful. This way, you will be in a good mood throughout the day. If you are in a good mood, your work will go smoothly and your speed will improve.”

Callum smiled narrowly. “That’s natural. Thank you, wife.”

Camryn said, “Go to work quickly; you’re already late.”

If she didn’t coax Callum, she didn’t know how long he would stay here.

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