Married At First Sight Chapter 2918

Married At First Sight Chapter 2918-In Jasmine’s words, men sometimes need to be coaxed, and they also need to send gifts or flowers from time to time. When they receive the gifts, they feel happy, work harder, and earn more money to give them flowers.

Camryn felt that Jasmine was very good at controlling her husband, and she and Serenity both wanted to learn from Jasmine.

Serenity said that Jasmine reads romance novels every day. If she reads too much, she will use them in real life.

Camryn used to like reading, but she rarely read novels. She only read classics. Later, she became blind and couldn’t even finish the books, let alone read them.

There was a school for the blind, but her mother would not send her to it. Her stepfather and uncle seemed to be okay with her, but in fact, they didn’t care about her life or death. As a result, she did not go to school.

Now that the vision has returned, Camryn thought about picking up books and studying again, taking the adult college entrance examination, and going to college to fulfill her dream of going to college.

But it won’t be arranged until after the year.

Her eyes had not fully recovered yet, and Dr. Carden had told her that even if she has to deal with official business, she must pay attention to the use of her eyes and not overuse them, which was not conducive to a complete recovery.

She wanted to pick up books and study again, but it was not the right time, and Callum would not agree to it.

“If I’m late, I’m late. If the eldest brother doesn’t call, there won’t be anything urgent. The eldest brother and Josh are both in the company. If the sky falls, they are both tall and can hold on.”

Josh’s two-day vacation was over. He had to go back to work at the company today.

Callum also wanted Zachary to give Josh two days off so that he could spend time with Jasmine.

Thinking of the work in hand, Callum only dreamed of taking a vacation and did not dare to hope that it would become a reality.

Callum said, “Honey, I’ll pick you up in the afternoon, and let’s go home together.”

“I know, let’s go.” Camryn pushed him out.

Callum: “…”

The wife drives him away!

At the urging of his wife, Callum reluctantly drove back to the company to work with the bouquet of flowers his wife gave him.

He was not the only one who was late; so was Josh.

Two people walked into the office building at the same time.

Seeing Callum holding the bouquet, Josh clicked her tongue twice and joked, “You are already married, and there are still bouquets to collect. It’s different to have a wife who is in a flower shop. She has bouquets to collect every day. I’m envious.”

Callum replied to him: “If you are envious, ask your wife to buy all the flowers in my wife’s shop and send them all to you.”

Josh: “You want to help your wife make money from my wife again.

We are an old married couple, so we don’t need to send flowers every day. Besides, I usually send flowers to my wife. She has worked hard to give birth to my child, so I sent her flowers. Yichen, let me tell you, The good news is that my son can move.”

Callum chuckled. “Of course he can move. You’re talking about fetal movement.”

Josh: “It’s just fetal movement. Today, I felt it.”

Josh put his arm around Callum’s shoulders and shared the joy: “I was late just because I was interacting with my son and lost track of myself.”

Callum curled his lips. This guy was showing off that he was going to be a father.

Because of Camryn, Callum would not become a father in the next few years.

Callum: “How do you know it’s a son? What if it’s a daughter? You don’t favor sons over daughters, do you?”

Josh: “Of course not. I like both sons and daughters. A daughter is better. But both my wife and I think it is a boy. We both said that the feelings of a pregnant mother are quite accurate. A boy is a boy, and a boy is naughty. “

As long as the child was healthy, he would not dislike his son.

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