Married At First Sight Chapter 2919

Married At First Sight Chapter 2919-Callum said, “If in our York family, giving birth to a daughter would be such a big deal, our ancestors for several generations would laugh to death.”

After Josh was silent, he warned: “The generations of ancestors of your York family who have gone up to the top are already laughing to death.”

Callum: “I’m just making a metaphor.”

Seeing Josh show off, Callum was still envious.

After getting married and reaching a certain age, he looked forward to having a child of his own. Regardless of whether he has a child or a daughter, as long as he has a baby, he can taste what it’s like to be a father.

However, he would have to wait another two or three years before he could become a father.

Camryn’s body hadn’t recovered yet, and no matter how hard he tried, she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.

He couldn’t act like he liked children in front of her, lest she feel pressured.

Let’s live in a world of two for now. It’s fine and happy now.

The two of them took the elevator upstairs.

Their offices were still on the same floor.

They got out of the elevator together again.

Holding the bouquet that Camryn had sent, Callum exited the elevator with a smile.

Josh’s smile was even brighter than his.

Other employees on the same floor saw the two bosses, one smiling brighter than the other, and they all wondered in their hearts: What good thing happened to the two bosses? Smile so brightly!

They could understand because Vice President Callum York walked out of the elevator holding a bouquet of flowers, and they knew it was given to him by his wife without asking. But, Mr. Bucham?

Why did Mr. Bucham smile so cheerfully?

However, the two bosses were in a good mood, and the staff on their floor could also relax.

If their boss was in a bad mood, they had to go to work with their tail between their legs.

Two grown men were competing to see whose smile was brighter; their wives didn’t know.

Josh was going back to work at the company after his vacation, and Jasmine naturally went to the bookstore to check out the store.

Serenity was already in the bookstore, and the busy time had passed.

The neighbors of the bookstore felt that these two young ladies who married into wealthy families had no airs at all and had become young ladies from rich families. They still came back here to guard the bookstore, and getting along with them was still the same as before. Disliked them.

If they encounter difficulties and find them, they will help without saying a word.

Mr. Charles loved to show off the most. He had said before that Serenity was destined to be rich and noble, and the facts had proven it to everyone.

These days, people who knew Mr. Charles came to him for help with fortune-telling.

Mr. Charles was also a person with some information. When people came to see him, he helped them look at their faces and made some extra money. He smiled all day long. As long as he saw Serenity come over, he would come over and chat for a long time.

He felt that it was Serenity who helped him gain popularity.

Because he said that Serenity was destined to be rich and noble, and as for Jasmine, it goes without saying that she was destined to be rich and noble, and the Sox family had plenty of money.

Therefore, Serenity really helped him gain popularity so that he could make extra money, and his family’s conditions were much better.

“Jasmine is here.”

Mr. Charles gave Serenity some specialties from his hometown and chatted with Serenity for a while. When he saw Jasmine coming, he greeted them with a smile and then said to the two of them, “Serenity, Jasmine, I’ll go first. I’m going back to look at the store. My wife will have to scold me again later.”

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