Married At First Sight Chapter 2920

Married At First Sight Chapter 2920-Mr. Charles could make money, but at home, Mrs. Charles was the head of the family, and she was in charge of his money bag. Mr. Charles was also happy to be controlled by his wife.

Jasmine smiled and said, “Mrs. Charles rarely scolds you anymore, right? I haven’t heard Mrs. Charles scold you recently.”

Mr. Charles immediately made a silencing gesture toward Jasmine and whispered, “Jasmine, don’t speak so loudly. Mrs. Charles’s ears are very sharp. If she hears it, she can scold me right away.”

Jasmine and Serenity both covered their mouths and laughed.

“I’m back to work.” Mr. Charles left happily.

Serenity watched Mr. Charles go away and said to Jasmine, “I quite envy Mr. Charles. He is always cheerful, no matter what.”

With an optimistic attitude, life will get better and better.

Jasmine said, “Mr. Charles and his wife have a good relationship and a harmonious family. Although they run a small business, they are living a good life.”

Jasmine put down her bag and sat down in front of the cashier. She saw a bag of pancakes on the counter. The pancake was quite large and had a lot of sesame seeds on it.

“You bought sesame pancakes.” Jasmine reached out and picked up a piece of sesame cake, took a bite, and said after eating, “This cake is quite delicious.”

Serenity agreed, and she also picked up a piece of cake and said while eating, “Let me try it. I didn’t buy it. Mr. Charles was the one who sent it. He said it was a specialty of his hometown. A fellow villager happened to come over and give it to him. He brought some specialties from his hometown and gave us some to try.”

It’s quite delicious.” After Serenity tasted it, she agreed with Jasmine’s statement.

This kind of cake was different from the sesame cake they bought before. It was very delicious and was indeed a specialty.

“I thought you went to the company.” Jasmine said while chewing the cake, “Elisa must be in the company.”

“Well, she is basically in charge of the company’s affairs now, and she also has a relationship with Remy. She is also quite busy.” Serenity was laughing as she spoke.

“Elisa is now a completely different person than when we first met her. She used to be a wealthy lady, but now she is a strong woman, full of energy at all times. Sometimes I envy her; I feel like I don’t have much energy left.” Jasmine touched her belly and said to Serenity, “Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant now, which makes me lazy, but I didn’t have any hard work before; I just wanted to earn money by guarding this store. Just some pocket money, no big ambitions.”

She wasn’t short of money anyway.

Her family had money, a house, and a car. She and her friends opened this bookstore together to pass the time and earn some pocket money.

After marrying Josh, the Bucham family’s wealth was stronger than that of her Sox family, so she had no shortage of money to spend.

Maybe it’s because Jasmine grew up with good living conditions, but she really didn’t have much ambition.

Serenity and Elisa jointly opened a vegetable company, investing in and contracting a large number of fields to grow vegetables. She knew how to invest in it. It was just because she had so much money that she didn’t know how to spend it. In addition, her two friends were so motivated.

Serenity said, “I’m pregnant too. After having a baby, I’m even more motivated. I want to build a bigger empire for my children. In the future, I can just let my children hold on to the empire that my husband and I have built. Of course, it would be even better if we could expand our territory.”

Jasmine: “I can’t compare with you and Elisa. You are both very motivated people. Thankfully, my friends are you two. You two guide me and influence me, so I won’t be too lazy. Otherwise, I will be bored every day and find it uninteresting. Seren, I can feel the fetal movement.”

Jasmine shared it with friends.

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