Married At First Sight Chapter 3285

Married At First Sight Chapter 3285-Memphis had often bullied Tinsley, so Tinsley frequently fought with him.

After growing up, even though she never took action again, she would avoid Memphis if she could.

She really hates Memphis’s smiling peach blossom eyes.

Memphis always looked at her with a smile. People who didn’t know her well assumed that he liked her.

“Alright.” Tinsley reluctantly agreed.

“Go back to your office and rest. We have a meeting in the afternoon.”

Elora picked up a box of snacks, stuffed it into Tinsley’s hand, and said warmly, “Memphis dares to bully you. When I return, I will help you vent your anger.”

Tinsley said, “He won’t fight with me now. Even if he fights with me, I’m not afraid of him. I’ve never lost a fight with him.”

Elora deliberately looked sad when she thought of Tinsley’s crazy energy in the past. “You are so tough; why can’t you get married? You are so worried.”

Tinsley’s face was darkened. “In the presence of others, I am a generous and decent second to Miss Ormond. Sister, you should take some time to rest. I’ll go back and take a nap.”

Elora: “Go ahead.”

Tinsley went out with a box of snacks. 

Seeing Tatum and Joly waiting outside, Tinsley said to them, “Uncle Joly, Tatum, you go in and clean up. My sister is going to take a lunch break soon.”


The two men responded respectfully.

Tinsley looked at Tatum one more time before leaving.

Tatum was the boss himself, and he was young. Even if he is not arrogant, it is difficult for him to adapt to the change of status from boss to private chef. But Tatum adapted quickly, and he treated them all respectfully.

Just like Joly.

Tatum wasn’t arrogant at all, and he didn’t think it was embarrassing for him as a boss to make Elora a chef.

This accomplishment instilled in Tinsley a sense of complexity, leading her to suspect that Elora had not thoroughly investigated Tatum.

When she was free, she quietly went to check it out.

Elora could only learn the bare minimum about Tatum. He was the sixth young master of the York family in Wiltspoon. Elora didn’t find out. Zachary helped his younger brother cover up. Zachary didn’t want Elora to know. Elora didn’t find out.

Was it so easy to find Zachary’s biological brother in Wiltspoon?

Even if Tinsley really goes to investigate Tatum again, the result will be the same.

After Tinsley left, Joly and Tatum entered the president’s office.

Elora was still sitting on the sofa.

“Miss.” When the two saw Elora, they called out respectfully.

Elora hummed.

Tatum stepped forward to clear the tableware.

“Tatum.” Elora suddenly spoke.

Tatum stopped what he was doing and looked at Elora with gentle eyes and respect on his handsome face. “Miss, please give me your instructions.”

He added, “Miss, do you have any comments about today’s meal?”

Officially back to work, he had already cooked several meals for Elora, including breakfast, but Elora didn’t even comment.

Elora said, “I am very satisfied with the food you have cooked so far. There is nothing that needs improvement. You and Uncle Joly don’t have to come over tomorrow.”

Tatum raised his eyebrows. Elora said there was nothing he needed to improve, so why did she tell him not to come over?

He didn’t rush to ask, waiting for Elora to continue.

“I’m going on a business trip for a few days. You don’t need to send me food until next Tuesday. “I’ll notify you so that you and Uncle Joly don’t have to make the trip in vain.”

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