Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3679

Chapter 753 – Turmoil in the Southern Region
Following the sudden loud shout, silence enveloped the entire main street. At the same time, the many players on the street, whether they were human or Holy Race players, quickly scattered. Even the players thinking of purchasing Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls at the encircled stall took the initiative to back away.

“What’s Demon’s Gate trying to do now?”

“These Demon’s Gate bastards! After constantly locking down maps, are they now looking to steal things as well?!”

“I doubt that. Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls aren’t any sort of valuable treasure. Many sea monsters have a chance of dropping them. Tier 6 sea monsters are even guaranteed to drop them. Not to mention, it doesn’t look like they are interested in those scrolls whatsoever.”

“Are they interested in those three beauties, then?”

“If that’s the case, those three are in trouble. Demon’s Gate is filled with a bunch of PvP maniacs.”

When the bystanders on the street saw Demon’s Gate’s 20-man team surrounding the stall operated by Frost Raven, Seven Melody, and Aqua Rose, they couldn’t help but express their anger toward Demon’s Gate. They also couldn’t help but sympathize with the trio.

However, despite their feelings over the situation, the bystanders only dared to voice their opinions in hushed discussions. Even though Demon’s Gate’s team consisted of only twenty players, far fewer than the several hundred bystanders present, nobody actually dared to speak loudly or normally.

In fact, not even the Tier 6 bystanders, who similarly outnumbered Demon’s Gate’s team, dared to voice their opinions.

This was because they were aware of one thing—should they dare to provoke Demon’s Gate, they could abandon all thoughts of surviving in the Eternal Realm’s southern region in the future.

In fact, they would be fortunate if they managed to escape with just being cornered out of the southern region or killed back to Level 0. What was more likely to happen was having Soul Annihilation bestowed upon them. After all, this fate had already befallen many of the teams that had dared to provoke Demon’s Gate previously…

Currently, although many Guilds of various sizes were operating in the sea south of the Eternal Continent, virtually all of them had already submitted themselves to either Demon’s Gate or the royal power operating in this region. As for those who refused to submit, they had already been dealt with by both parties.

Hence, Demon’s Gate was essentially the ruler of the southern region, and only the Holy Race’s royal power could afford to cross it.

Meanwhile, after the Demon’s Gate members surrounded the stall, a young man who was clad in a black-and-white leather jacket and carrying a scythe on his back approached the stall. With his stark white hair and slitted pupils, he exuded an aura of menace that sent chills down the spines of all bystanders.

“White Ghost!”

“Why is the Death Scythe here?”

Many of the experts present shuddered violently when they saw the menacing young man.

Of Demon’s Gate’s younger generation, there existed the Three Great Chosen Ones and Six Great Paragons, and Demon’s Gate deemed every one of them capable of becoming powerhouses in the future. Among them, White Ghost the Death Scythe was one of the Six Great Paragons.

Originally, Demon’s Gate had sent White Ghost to the southern region to have him refine himself by clashing against the experts of the royal power. However, due to his vicious nature, White Ghost did far more than just hone himself using the Holy Race’s experts. In addition to eliminating every Holy Race expert he encountered, he also killed any human player who dared to voice an opinion regarding Demon’s Gate’s conduct.

No less than a thousand fifth-floor experts in the southern region have perished at White Ghost’s hands to date. He had also slain several of the royal power’s Transcendent List reserve candidates, earning him a place on the Holy Race’s Transcendent List. Just recently, he had even eliminated a Taboo-level existence from the Scarlet Merchant Alliance. At this juncture, it would be an understatement to label him a monster cloaked in human skin.

Meanwhile, under everyone’s gaze, White Ghost slowly made his way up to Frost Raven, Seven Melody, and Aqua Rose.

“You have two choices, Aqua,” White Ghost said to Aqua Rose, a faint smile playing on his lips. “Either you relinquish that item to us now, or none of you three will ever leave Luminous Sky City alive.”

After a slight pause, White Ghost turned to look at Frost Raven and continued, “The Vice Guild Leader has already given the word. Should you surrender the item, not only will you get to join Demon’s Gate, but Miss Raven here will also get to become a core member of ours.”

Despite White Ghost’s seemingly friendly invitation, everyone present could sense the unquestionable authority in his words. Even the onlooking Tier 6 experts couldn’t help but shudder at the oppressive atmosphere he created.

However, despite the threatening invitation, many onlooking players couldn’t help but grow envious of Aqua Rose and Frost Raven.

It should be known that Demon’s Gate was a bona fide apex power. Apart from those nurtured internally, anyone else who wished to join Demon’s Gate would first have to meet its incredibly high entry requirements. As for the privilege of becoming a core member of Demon’s Gate, it was normally something that members could only earn after slaughtering countless lives. Very rarely would Demon’s Gate invite a player to become a core member.

However, as long as one successfully became a core member of Demon’s Gate, one would enjoy an exalted position. Even the members of the royal power operating in the southern region would hesitate to kill a core member of Demon’s Gate.

The reason for this was that Demon’s Gate was made up of a bunch of lunatics. Anyone who dared to kill a core member of Demon’s Gate would face unrelenting retaliation from the apex power.

Of course, this did not imply that the royal power operating in the southern region was weaker than Demon’s Gate. On the contrary, the royal power in question could easily wipe the floor with Demon’s Gate in a direct confrontation. The problem was that Demon’s Gate’s members operated like assassins, employing all sorts of covert tactics to catch their opponents off guard. They would never offer their opponents a fair fight.

While everyone thought Aqua Rose would accept White Ghost’s offer, Frost Raven, looking like the trio’s leader, suddenly spoke up in a tone that was neither humble nor arrogant, saying, “Allow us to refuse Demon’s Gate’s offer. If that is all you are here for, please take your leave and don’t disturb our business.”

Aqua Rose nodded in agreement.

However, as Frost Raven’s voice faded, a frigid atmosphere descended upon the street. An oppressive killing intent also swept across a radius of a thousand yards, paralyzing many of the Tier 5 experts present.

“Are you rejecting Demon’s Gate’s goodwill?” White Ghost asked. Although he kept his faint smile, a cold glint flashed in his eyes. “Do you know the consequences of rejecting Demon’s Gate’s goodwill?”

As soon as White Ghost spoke, the Demon’s Gate members behind him took a step forward, baring their menacing looks and killing intent at Frost Raven’s group. So long as Frost Raven’s group dared to utter another word of refusal, or if White Ghost gave the word, they would immediately move to eliminate the three women.

“Are those three stupid? How dare they refuse Demon’s Gate? Have they grown tired of living in God’s Domain?”

“Now that the Death Scythe has already approached them in person, do they really think Demon’s Gate wouldn’t dare to attack them inside the city?”

Many bystanders couldn’t help but look at Frost Raven, Aqua Rose, and Seven Melody in disbelief. They never thought there would exist someone in the southern region who would dare to refuse Demon’s Gate’s conditions. It should be known that Demon’s Gate would not hesitate to kill even the chosen ones of the Holy Race’s royal powers. Moreover, even after being slighted in such a manner, the royal powers could do nothing about it.

If Demon’s Gate decided to target a group of independent players, the difficulty of the task would be easier than child’s play.

At this time, Frost Raven, Aqua Rose, and Seven Melody also started to feel a little pressure.

They did not doubt whether White Ghost’s team would dare to attack them in Luminous Sky City if they rejected Demon’s Gate’s offer again. Moreover, with the prowess of Demon’s Gate’s members, if these lunatics threw caution to the wind, there was a high chance the three of them might not survive until the surrounding NPC Guards came to their rescue. The situation would be even worse if White Ghost joined the fight.

While Frost Raven, Seven Melody, and Aqua Rose were thinking about how they could get out of this predicament, a deep voice suddenly rang out from nearby.

“Has Demon’s Gate never heard of first come, first served? Can you let me finish my shopping before you start fighting?”

As the words spoken by this voice echoed across the street, the originally heavy atmosphere lightened up significantly. Then, everyone present couldn’t help but turn their attention toward the source of the voice, all wanting to see who was the fool who dared to stir trouble during this serious moment.

At this time, a cloaked man carrying two longswords around his waist could be seen walking up to the trio’s stall. The man approached the stall with a casual expression, behaving as if Demon’s Gate’s members did not exist.

“Guild Leader Black Flame?”

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