Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3680

Chapter 754 – Demon’s Gate

Aqua Rose and Seven Melody were momentarily stunned when they saw the cloaked Swordsman approaching their stall. They never thought the person who dared to speak out against Demon’s Gate would actually be Shi Feng, the person they had encountered at the Golden Spire.

Meanwhile, White Ghost furrowed his brow as he cast a chilling glare at Shi Feng. Although White Ghost did not speak up, almost everyone present could also sense his surging anger as the atmosphere that had briefly relaxed became incredibly tense once more.

Meanwhile, upon sensing White Ghost’s anger, the surrounding players quickly distanced themselves from him, afraid they would get dragged into the ensuing crossfire.

“That guy must be crazy to stand out in this situation!”

“Is he really going to challenge Demon’s Gate’s prestige?”

The surrounding bystanders felt their hearts rising up their throats as they looked at Shi Feng. They also had no doubts that Shi Feng would become a corpse in just a moment.

“Kid! It seems you have a lot of courage, huh, daring to interfere in Demon’s Gate’s matters,” White Ghost said coldly as he looked at Shi Feng. “Is this your first day in Luminous Sky City?”

It was common knowledge in the southern region that Demon’s Gate was the region’s ruler. Not even the Holy Race’s various powers would dare to oppose it here.

Yet, someone was now openly challenging this established fact. This was a brazen act of provocation against Demon’s Gate’s reputation. It had already been a long while since he had encountered such a situation after his arrival in the Eternal Realm.

However, he did not mind letting everyone in the southern region learn of Demon’s Gate’s horrors once more!

As soon as White Ghost finished speaking, several of the Tier 6 experts around him promptly encircled Shi Feng, cutting off all his paths of retreat.

Meanwhile, when Aqua Rose and Seven Melody saw this development, they couldn’t help but grow concerned. They felt that Shi Feng was playing with fire by provoking Demon’s Gate right now.

Although Luminous Sky City had NPC Guards patrolling all its streets, players weren’t guaranteed absolute safety. If Demon’s Gate was determined to take action, even Frost Raven, the strongest of their trio, might not escape unscathed.

Demon’s Gate was an apex power. Because of this, all of its experts capable of advancing to Tier 6 at this stage of the Eternal Realm would be fully equipped with Legendary Equipment and have learned Mana Purification Techniques. In terms of overall strength, they could rival Tier 6 Gods of the same level, and even the chosen ones of pseudo-apex powers would have to fight them seriously to ensure their victory.

While Aqua Rose and Seven Melody were mired in concern, Frost Raven suddenly spoke through the party chat, “I’ll try to stop them later. Use this opportunity to run to the NPC Guards. So long as the NPC Guards are around, not even White Ghost will dare to try his luck.”

“Be very careful, Big Sis Raven! White Ghost is no ordinary opponent!” Seven Melody cautioned when she heard Frost Raven voicing her intention to help Shi Feng. Although she was confident in Frost Raven’s strength, White Ghost’s notoriety was not unfounded.

Meanwhile, relying on their sixth sense, Demon’s Gate’s members noticed the gazes of Aqua Rose and Seven Melody veering toward the patrolling NPC Guards nearby and promptly realized their intentions. However, just as they were about to intercept the two, a light-blue longsword suddenly appeared in their way.


Shi Feng’s deep voice rang across the area again, stunning everyone in silence. No one had expected anyone to dare to stand against Demon’s Gate, least of all a young Swordsman whose name was unknown in the southern region.

“Are you tired of living, punk?!”

The four Demon’s Gate members encircling Shi Feng bellowed. They never thought Shi Feng would dare to ignore them to such an extent. Immediately, they took a threatening step forward, trying to intimidate Shi Feng into backing away.

As for taking actual action, none of them had thought of doing so thus far. After all, they hadn’t received a verbal command from White Ghost to take action. If they recklessly attacked Shi Feng, they would instantly attract the NPC Guards’ attention and be regarded as enemies.

At the same time, one of the four Demon’s Gate members, a Level 187, Tier 6 Assassin, suddenly used Soul Guidance, a Tier 6 Skill, on Shi Feng, casting a blue ray directly onto his soul. Should Soul Guidance be allowed to take effect, Shi Feng’s location would become known to the Assassin throughout the Skill’s duration; there’d be no hiding from Demon’s Gate for him. Moreover, as Soul Guidance had no offensive properties, its use would not attract the NPC Guards’ attention.

However, before the blue ray could come into contact with Shi Feng, a sword light suddenly grazed the Tier 6 Assassin’s neck. Then, the Assassin collapsed to the ground like a puppet whose strings had been cut. An item even appeared next to the Assassin’s lifeless body…

This scene immediately stunned everyone.

“He’s dead?”

“What happened?”

“How did that Assassin from Demon’s Gate die? Why didn’t he dodge that attack?”

Despite the clear indication of the Tier 6 Assassin’s depleted HP bar, many of the bystanders remained baffled as to what had just happened. The Tier 6 Assassin was evidently in the midst of activating Soul Guidance on Shi Feng, yet he had inexplicably died mid-action. To add to their confusion, Shi Feng had remained motionless throughout the entire encounter.

What did Guild Leader Black Flame do just now? Seven Melody gaped in shock, her eyes filled with disbelief as she looked at the corpse of the Demon’s Gate Assassin.

What incredible reaction speed! Frost Raven was indescribably shocked as she looked at Shi Feng, who looked like he hadn’t moved at all this entire time.

While the more discerning observers present might have noticed Shi Feng killing the Demon’s Gate Assassin with a single sword strike, the reality of the situation was far more intricate.

Being one of the few players in Luminous Sky City equipped with multiple Fragmented Divine Artifacts and the owner of a unique Hidden Class, Frost Raven possessed five senses and Physique far superior to even Tier 6 Gods of the same level. Because of this, she managed to catch a glimpse of what actually happened.

In reality, Shi Feng had executed dozens of subtle alterations to his sword’s trajectory during his seemingly straightforward attack. Meanwhile, overwhelmed by the rapid and unpredictable changes, the Demon’s Gate Assassin ultimately succumbed to the final trajectory taken by Shi Feng’s sword.

Aside from the onlooking crowd, Demon’s Gate’s members were similarly stunned by this situation. It was especially so for the three other Demon’s Gate members encircling Shi Feng. They also couldn’t help but reveal grim expressions as they looked at Shi Feng.

If anyone else out of the four of them got killed, they might not have thought much of it. However, the Tier 6 Assassin who got killed was the most skilled out of them. If even the Tier 6 Assassin couldn’t survive an exchange with Shi Feng, how would they fare?

“What are you all worried about?!” White Ghost suddenly shouted when he saw the anxious looks on his subordinates. “We are inside Luminous Sky City. He initiated the attack! He’ll be the target of the NPC Guards!”

At White Ghost’s reminder, everyone from Demon’s Gate promptly snapped out of their daze and encircled Shi Feng. Since Shi Feng was the aggressor in this situation, all they had to do was buy time until the NPC Guards arrived to deal with him.

“Friend, leave quickly! You’ll be in trouble if the NPC Guards arrive!” Frost Raven hurriedly said to Shi Feng.

It was never a good idea to initiate an attack while inside NPC Towns and Cities. If captured by NPC Guards, especially inside a place like Luminous Sky City, one would suffer a miserable fate.

“It’s too late to escape now!”

The Demon’s Gate members surrounding Shi Feng sneered and promptly took offensive maneuvers against him.

Previously, they were wary of attacking Shi Feng for fear of being targeted by the NPC Guards. But since Shi Feng had initiated an attack on one of their team members, they could now attack him without fear of retaliation from the NPC Guards, as their actions would be considered self-defense.

Immediately, three Tier 6 tanks closed in on Shi Feng with their shields raised, while two Tier 6 Mage Gods erected defensive screens to cover any gaps left by the tanks. They had no intention of giving Shi Feng any opportunities to escape.

“Can you defend against my attacks, though?”

When Shi Feng saw the players closing in on him, he reacted by executing Sword’s Orbit.

With his Strength being on par with Level 200, Tier 6 Gods, even Level 185-plus, Tier 6 tanks with their Lifesaving Skills activated could not survive more than two or three attacks from him. If he could directly hit their bodies, he could finish them even quicker.

Subsequently, with Shi Feng at the center, a resplendent galaxy of stars spread across the street.


Suddenly, White Ghost, who had armed himself with his scythe at some point, was sent flying over a dozen yards through the air. Upon landing, he stumbled several steps before regaining his footing. Over a quarter of his HP bar had also disappeared. As for the nearly ten Demon’s Gate members who surrounded Shi Feng, they all met an even worse fate, all of them dying on the spot…

How is this possible? White Ghost couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in disbelief.

It should be known that his weapon, Death Scythe, was a Fragmented Divine Artifact. With it equipped, he could achieve Strength nearing the standard of Ancient Gods of the same level. Furthermore, when he executed Stormscythe, a Gold Combat Technique that came as a set with the Death Scythe, he could exhibit power enough to knock even Tier 6 Gods of the same level into the air. Yet, when he clashed with Shi Feng’s attack using Stormscythe, he was the one who got knocked into the air instead…

This scene also dumbfounded the surviving members of Demon’s Gate. After all, White Ghost, nicknamed the Death Scythe, was sent flying in a direct confrontation. Moreover, it was after he had used a Gold Combat Technique…

Has he already mastered the accompanying combat technique? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised as he looked at White Ghost.

Some Divine Artifacts in God’s Domain came with corresponding Gold Combat Techniques. These techniques existed to maximize the potential of their corresponding Divine Artifacts, and they were much more powerful than the average Gold Combat Technique. However, they were also much more difficult to master.

“Your Highness! The NPC Guards have arrived! That Swordsman is dead!”

When the surviving Demon’s Gate members saw some NPC Guards entering their sight, they immediately revealed cold smiles as they looked at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng’s strength might have exceeded their expectations, but it was utterly useless against Luminous Sky City’s Level 200-plus NPC Guards.

“This is bad…” Seven Melody couldn’t help but grow worried when they saw the NPC Guards encircling Shi Feng.

However, just as Demon’s Gate’s members were waiting to see how Shi Feng would struggle in the hands of the NPC Guards, the Tier 6 Guard Captain suddenly walked up to Shi Feng and respectfully said, “Greetings, Count Shadowring. How may we be of service to you today?”

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