Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3682

Chapter 756 – Luminous Sky in an Uproar
Following White Ghost’s death, the Demon’s Gate members, who were in the midst of retreating, couldn’t help but widen their eyes in disbelief.

“He’s dead!”

“No way! That White Ghost actually got killed?! And so quickly at that?!”

The other players on the street were similarly stunned when they saw White Ghost turning into ashes.

White Ghost’s infamy was widely known throughout the southern region. He was the nightmare of many expert players. This was because he was responsible for eliminating many of the expert players and various powers’ executives who had opposed Demon’s Gate. His reputation even extended to the Holy Race, where his act of slaying several members of a royal power netted him a place on the Holy Race’s Transcendent List.

Yet, now, someone had not only managed to kill the mighty White Ghost but had done so in a near-instantaneous manner. If they hadn’t witnessed this spectacle with their own eyes, most of them would have probably had difficulty believing such a feat was possible.

“Aqua!” While watching Shi Feng collect the loot Demon’s Gate’s members dropped, Seven Melody shook the dazed Aqua Rose beside her and asked, “Is he really the Guild Leader Black Flame we met before?”

The last time they met, Seven Melody merely regarded Shi Feng as a talented member of the younger generation capable of contending against the various pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones. However, the strength Shi Feng had just displayed was nothing but shocking.

“I…don’t know either…” Aqua Rose was similarly at a loss for words after seeing this situation.

It should be known that one of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Taboo-level existences had died in a fight against White Ghost. Yet, Shi Feng had killed White Ghost so effortlessly. Honestly, if she hadn’t seen Shi Feng’s face before at the Golden Spire, she would have doubted if the person currently before her was someone else instead.

What incredible Strength! Frost Raven was equally shocked as she looked at Shi Feng. I’ve seen most of the top experts in the southern region, but none can compete against him in Strength. Is he really just ranked 281st on the Divine Glory List?

As a Tier 6 Swordsman herself, Frost Raven couldn’t help but feel a sense of powerlessness when she looked at Shi Feng’s sword strikes. In fact, she had failed to accurately evaluate his sword strikes right away. She could only react to them based on her instincts.

Honestly, Frost Raven doubted she could do any better than White Ghost if she were to go up against an opponent with such overwhelming Strength and speed. Yet, such a terrifying expert was only ranked 281st on the Divine Glory List. For a moment, she couldn’t help but suspect that the Seven Luminaries Alliance had made a mistake in their analysis.

After all, she was currently ranked 197th on the Divine Glory List!

Meanwhile, due to the shock brought about by White Ghost’s death, only three Demon’s Gate members managed to escape in the end, with the rest being captured by the NPC Guards. As for the Demon’s Gate members who were killed, they were the unluckiest of the bunch. Not only did they die in vain, but they would also be imprisoned for ten days.

“Miss Melody, Demon’s Gate’s members have all left. If you want to leave Luminous Sky City, it’s best to do so now. I’m sure it won’t be long before Demon’s Gate sends reinforcements to avenge White Ghost. At that time, it will become much more difficult to leave the city,” Shi Feng suggested to Seven Melody’s group after he finished looting.

“Thank you very much for your help this time, Guild Leader Black Flame. If not for you, we would have been in real trouble.” Seven Melody didn’t hurry to leave. Instead, she took her time to introduce Shi Feng to Frost Raven, saying, “This person here is the Sky Dragon Knight adventurer team’s Vice Commander Frost Raven. It’s all thanks to her help that Aqua and I could establish ourselves in the southern region. If you are looking to extend Zero Wing’s operations to the southern region, I strongly recommend partnering with the Sky Dragon Knight adventurer team, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

“Greetings, Guild Leader Black Flame. Thank you for your help this time.” Adding to Seven Melody’s introduction, Frost Raven said, “Although the Sky Dragon Knight adventurer team isn’t comparable to apex powers like Demon’s Gate, it is a member of the southern region’s Order of Twelve. When it comes to strength in the southern region, the Order of Twelve is only slightly behind Demon’s Gate. In fact, we are even stronger than Demon’s Gate in maritime transportation. If Zero Wing needs anything to be transported by sea in the future, we can offer you a 30% discount.”

“I will have to trouble you in the future, then,” Shi Feng said, choosing not to turn down Frost Raven’s offer.

In his previous life, the Order of Twelve, an alliance of twelve adventurer teams, indeed possessed naval strength superior to Demon’s Gate in the Eternal Realm. It was also the biggest player in transporting non-bag space items between the Eternal Continent and the Western Continent. It played an especially vital role in the transportation of the Origin Crystal Wood, the best core material for the construction of flying ships and transport ships, produced by the southern region’s islands.

Currently, the reason Zero Wing could not mass-produce Silverwings was largely due to the lack of core materials. Most of these core materials were non-bag space items. Although Inferior Legendary and Legendary Spatial Bags could carry a relatively large amount of these items at a time, the amount still paled when compared to what was needed to construct a Silverwing. Multiple trips had to be made just for the construction of one Silverwing. Not to mention, it also took a considerable amount of time to collect these core materials.

Hence, Zero Wing needed to find a better way to source these materials. Meanwhile, after becoming a 2-star Count of Holy Ring City, Shi Feng had the idea of importing Origin Crystal Wood from the southern region to the Eternal Continent, and there were two ways he could go about doing so. He could either transport Origin Crystal Wood from the southern region to the Eternal Continent entirely by sea, or transport them to Luminous Sky City before placing them into a Legendary Spatial Bag and teleporting them back to the Eternal Continent.

Normally, each log of Origin Crystal Wood would only cost one Eternal Gold if bought at the source. However, it cost three Eternal Gold to transport each log to Luminous Sky City and at least five Eternal Gold to transport to the Eternal Continent. Generally speaking, it would take upwards of 10,000 logs of Origin Crystal Wood just to construct a flying ship that shuttled between the various Guild Cities’ airports. If Zero Wing could get a 30% discount from the Order of Twelve for maritime transportation, the Guild could save a lot of money.

“Guild Leader Black Flame! We were just about to go with Big Sis Raven to meet up with the rest of the Order of Twelve’s adventurer teams to occupy a town on a deserted island! Why don’t you come with us? Given your strength, I’m sure the Order of Twelve would be willing to give you 5% of the town’s shares for your help,” Seven Melody said.

Occupying a town on a deserted island? Shi Feng was a little tempted by Seven Melody’s suggestion.

There were countless deserted islands in the southern region, of which a small number housed towns occupied by monsters. If players could subjugate the monsters in one of these towns, they would become the new owners of this town. They could then operate the town like the World Ark’s resurrection camps and generate incredible wealth.

When Frost Raven heard Seven Melody’s proposal, she quickly added, “I can talk to my commander about this. I trust that my commander will agree to this arrangement.”

“I’m afraid I will have to decline. I still have other matters to take care of,” Shi Feng said, deciding against accepting the offer after thinking it over.

This trip to Luminous Sky City made Shi Feng realize he had underestimated the development speed of the Eternal Realm’s various powers. If even the southern region’s Order of Twelve had already begun preparing to establish their own town, it was likely that the other parts of the Eternal Realm were in a similar situation. In that case, the best course of action for Zero Wing to take would be to get Shadowring City up and running as soon as possible.

After Shi Feng chatted with Seven Melody’s group for a little bit longer, the trio sold all 126 of their remaining Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls to Shi Feng before quickly departing to meet up with the rest of the Order of Twelve. Meanwhile, due to Shi Feng’s clash with Demon’s Gate, the players in Luminous Sky City were stirred into excitement. Some players had even uploaded videos of the fight to Luminous Sky City’s official forums.

One Man, One Sword, One-Shotting Demon’s Gate’s Paragon!

Demon’s Gate’s Death Scythe One-Shotted!

Shortly after these videos appeared, they immediately became the hottest topic in Luminous Sky City.

Demon’s Gate’s usual domineering behavior caused many players in Luminous Sky City to have a lot of opinions. However, because of Demon’s Gate’s overbearing strength, no one who had opposed the apex power had ever met with a good outcome. As a result, everyone could only endure Demon’s Gate’s tyranny.

Now that Shi Feng had killed White Ghost, one of Demon’s Gate’s Six Great Paragons, and dealt a massive loss to Demon’s Gate, everyone naturally reacted with excitement and joy.

For a time, everyone started to curiously speculate about Shi Feng’s identity. Many players also started to worship Shi Feng. Meanwhile, after some experts did some digging, Shi Feng’s identity quickly surfaced, and an uproar occurred across Luminous Sky City.

This was because no one expected that Black Flame, the 281st expert on the Divine Glory List and the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, the Guild which had repelled the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard just recently, would actually come to Luminous Sky City to develop. They also didn’t expect him to offend Demon’s Gate as soon as he arrived.

Shortly after this news surfaced, it quickly reached the ears of the southern region’s various powers. Naturally, Demon’s Gate, the southern region’s overlord, had also learned of this news.

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