Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3685

Chapter 759 – The Beginning of Change
Luminous Sky City, Luminous Sky Auction House:

There really are a lot of items sold here. No wonder the various powers back then would have personnel stationed here at all times. While browsing the items consigned by NPCs at the Auction House, Shi Feng couldn’t help but inwardly sigh in exclamation.

In the current Greater God’s Domain, Great Grandmaster Potions were regarded as treasures by the various powers. Normally, only a few pseudo-apex and apex powers would sell these potions at their own Auction Houses. Even then, they would only sell in small quantities. Yet, such potions were currently available in large quantities in the Luminous Sky Auction House.

Even Craftsman Magic Array Scrolls, which had nearly gone extinct in the Greater God’s Domain, were being sold at the Luminous Sky Auction House. Moreover, they numbered several dozen. Although they weren’t enough to form a complete set, so long as players were willing to invest some time and had sufficient Eternal Coins, it was entirely possible for them to acquire one or even multiple complete sets.

At this time, though, Shi Feng could only look at the items sold at the Luminous Sky Auction House.

For the sake of purchasing the upscale shop, not only did he spend most of the Eternal Coins on him, but he had also taken out a huge loan from the city. With the Auction House’s noteworthy items being priced in the hundreds or thousands of Eternal Gold Coins, there was nothing he wanted that his remaining funds could afford.

“Lord Count, it will cost you 6,000 Eternal Gold Coins to consign these 3,000 Fragmented Legendary items at our Auction House for two days. Are you sure you wish to consign them?” the beautiful elven NPC behind the counter asked Shi Feng for further confirmation after she finished taking stock of Shi Feng’s items.

“I’m sure,” Shi Feng said as he handed his remaining Eternal Coins to the beautiful elf before him.

Aside from purchasing large amounts of real estate, his goal in visiting Luminous Sky City this time was to sell the Holy Race-exclusive weapons and equipment Zero Wing had acquired from the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard.

For human players, Holy Race-exclusive weapons and equipment were no different than scrap metal. However, as human players couldn’t trade with Holy Race players through the usual means, they normally had to rely on Neutral Cities to dispose of the Holy Race-exclusive items they acquired.

Meanwhile, in the current situation where players had yet to establish shops in Neutral Cities, the only way to dispose of a large amount of Holy Race-exclusive weapons and equipment within a short period was through the Auction House. Although players could also set up a street stall to sell these items, it was a much more time-consuming process. Not to mention, many more Holy Race players and powers could see items sold at the Auction House.

Of course, the Auction House wasn’t without its flaws. Firstly, it charged a hefty processing fee, typically amounting to 25% or more of the product’s selling price. Secondly, it was slow to make payments. Unlike sales made through shops and stalls, players wouldn’t receive the proceeds of their Auction House sales immediately. Instead, the Auction House would usually withhold the funds for one to two days before transferring them to players.

Meanwhile, after consigning the 3,000 Holy Race-exclusive Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Equipment, Shi Feng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Now, all that’s left to do is wait and see if my bid will win. If it doesn’t, I’ll end up taking a huge loss this time. Looking at the bidding certificate in his hand, Shi Feng experienced a headache as he was reminded of his debt of 700,000 Eternal Gold.

If possible, he would have preferred to avoid owing money to NPCs. However, he couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity to secure an upscale shop. Although he could have secured more funding by selling off the Holy Race-exclusive Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Equipment, he wasn’t certain that the Holy Race players in Luminous Sky City could afford to purchase all of his stock before the auction ended.

While Shi Feng was preparing to leave the Auction House and familiarize himself with Luminous Sky City, a system announcement suddenly rang in his ears.

Universal System Announcement: A player has triggered the World Main Storyline Quest “Ocean’s Sigh.” God’s Domain will undergo a major update. All players will be forcibly logged out in ten minutes. The system update will take one natural day. Please prepare to log out.
The system announcement repeated three times, stunning every player inside the Auction House.

“A Universal System Announcement?!”

“What kind of quest is this Ocean’s Sigh? If I remember correctly, it’s already been several centuries since the last universal announcement, right?”

The various powers’ executives stared at the system announcement in disbelief.

Players of God’s Domain were no strangers to system announcements. This was because system announcements occurred almost constantly in the Greater God’s Domain.

However, when it came to God’s Domain’s universal system announcements, most players had definitely never heard of them before. Only executives of various powers were aware of their existence. In fact, not all executives would necessarily be privy to information about universal system announcements.

The system announcements and notifications in God’s Domain were typically generated according to the reported incident’s scope of influence. Meanwhile, even across the Greater God’s Domain’s history, system updates that could affect the entirety of God’s Domain were few and far between, and each occurrence led to a major event.

Dammit! How did it get triggered so soon?! Shi Feng was similarly in disbelief when he received the system announcement.

Ocean’s Sigh!

In his previous life, this was a World Main Storyline Quest that had only been triggered six years after the Eternal Realm’s appearance.

The quest itself wasn’t anything significant. Similar to the countless other World Main Storyline Quests that had been triggered across the Greater God’s Domain, the completion of the Ocean’s Sigh quest would only result in some changes to one of many God’s Domains.

However, it was a different story for the system update that appeared along with the activation of the Ocean’s Sigh quest. In his previous life, this update had struck fear into both human players and Holy Race players. It had even caused a massive upheaval in the power structure of the human race and the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domains.

This was because the major system update would bring about a mutation to the entirety of God’s Domain!

At that time, players of God’s Domain would no longer be mere players in a game. God’s Domain would also cease to be just a virtual reality game!

System: God’s Domain will undergo a major system update. You have nine more minutes until you are forcibly logged out.

System: Do you wish to log out to rest now?
While Shi Feng was in a daze, he received a reminder from the system.

“Log out!”

Upon seeing the notification, Shi Feng chose to go offline without hesitation.

After the major update took place in his previous life, the method of playing God’s Domain had undergone drastic transformations. Meanwhile, one of the new features introduced by the update was Soul Synchronization.

The introduction of Soul Synchronization transformed God’s Domain to resemble simulation warfare in the real world. Because of this, if players did not have sufficiently high mental strength in the real world, they would lose the ability to use powerful weapons and equipment in God’s Domain.

More importantly, as the name “Soul Synchronization” suggested, if players sustained injuries in God’s Domain, they would also incur injuries to their mental state in the real world. Meanwhile, if players wished to quickly recover from these mental injuries, they would need mental recovery potions.

Due to these two points, the value of mental recovery potions in the real world skyrocketed, their prices inflating by several dozen times. At the time, many powers that did not have a sufficient stockpile of mental recovery potions quickly found themselves returning to square one.

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