Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3686

Chapter 760 – Soul Synchronization
Star Lake City, Zero Wing’s Headquarters:

As the virtual gaming cabin’s heavy hatch slowly opened, Shi Feng groggily climbed out of the cabin and stood beside it for a few minutes, waiting for his foggy vision to clear.

Sure enough, the synchronization has already begun. I made the right decision to log out sooner. Shi Feng wryly smiled as he looked at his somewhat trembling hands.

The introduction of Soul Synchronization rendered many expert players speechless in Shi Feng’s previous life. It was especially so for players equipped with Legendary items or above. The mental toll these powerful items had on them was so severe that, even when players did not engage in combat in God’s Domain, they would still constantly accumulate mental fatigue. This situation led many players who lacked mental strength standards to consider equipping weapons and equipment of lower quality for their daily combat.

Presently, Shi Feng had already reached the three-star mental strength grandmaster standard with the help of Stardew. If it was only a matter of maintaining three or four Legendary items, he’d have no trouble doing so. However, the Shadow Incinerator was a Godly Relic. Even if its actual capabilities were only at the Legendary standard right now, the burden of equipping it was no less than that of a Divine Artifact.

As a three-star grandmaster, Shi Feng could, at most, maintain one Divine Artifact with his current mental strength. If he equipped any additional Legendary Weapons or Equipment, he’d be placing his mental state under constant heavy stress, and it wouldn’t take long before he suffered from mental overload. In fact, his current fatigued state was a clear sign of mental overload. If he wished to recover from this state, he’d have to either rely on mental recovery potions or rest for a couple of weeks.

This situation also forced him to consider whether he should continue using the Shadow Incinerator. Otherwise, even grinding for levels would become a problem in the future.

After catching his breath, Shi Feng made his way to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Life Potion. When he consumed it, his mind immediately felt refreshed, and his complexion recovered considerably.

After the major system update took effect in his previous life, Life Potions swiftly became the preferred mental recovery potion in the Greater World. Although not as potent as Meditation Potions, which could accelerate mental recovery and aid mental strength development, Life Potions were much more affordable. Hence, whenever the various powers’ experts sustained injuries in God’s Domain, they would rely on Life Potions for mental recovery in the real world. Only in urgent situations would players turn to Meditation Potions for a faster recovery. As a result of this development, the cost of sustaining injuries in God’s Domain skyrocketed.

In fact, due to the major update, it became a trend for players and powers to compete with each other using their stockpile of Life and Meditation Potions.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng tapped on his quantum watch and contacted Xia Qingying.

“Miss Xia, do you have any channels to acquire Life and Meditation Potions in bulk?” Shi Feng asked, noting through the holographic projection that Xia Qingying had just climbed out of her virtual gaming cabin.

“Can you specify the exact volume?” Xia Qingying asked, looking at Shi Feng in confusion. “If it’s only a few thousand or tens of thousands of bottles, you can simply purchase them directly from the Star Lake Legion. I’m sure Star Lake City’s City Lord wouldn’t refuse.”

“I need a lot. Several million bottles, at the very least. Moreover, I need it within 24 hours,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“Several million? Within 24 hours?” Xia Qingying was surprised. “Is Zero Wing looking to replace meals with Life Potions?”

The availability of Life Potions and Meditation Potions was indeed much higher in the Greater World than in their homeworld. Virtually every mobile city would sell them internally. In the case of Life Potions, individuals could often acquire them for just 100,000 Star Coins per bottle. Moreover, it wouldn’t cost any city contribution points. However, even for the various powers operating in mobile cities, they would only maintain a stable stockpile of several thousand bottles of Life and Meditation Potions.

In regards to a sum of several million bottles of Life and Meditation Potions, not even veteran second-tier mobile cities would have that many.

“Can you get them?” Shi Feng asked seriously, not bothering to answer Xia Qingying’s question.

Xia Qingying was a Senior Vice President of the Green God Corporation. She had also been developing her forces in the Greater World for quite some years already. Outside of Star Lake City’s City Lord, she was the only person Shi Feng knew who could potentially acquire such a large volume of Life and Meditation Potions within 24 hours.

Although Feng Yiqing, Star Lake City’s City Lord, was rather supportive of Zero Wing, it remained a fact that he was an outsider. Conversely, Xia Qingying was a staunch partner of Zero Wing. Even if she were to discover Shi Feng’s motives after the major system update’s effects were revealed, it was unlikely she would divulge his preemptive stockpiling to others.

“Not even the Galaxy Conglomerate can get you that many in 24 hours, let alone me,” Xia Qingying said with a wry smile. Then, after pondering for a moment, she added, “But if you were to change your goal to purchasing a production plant for Life and Meditation Potions, I might just be able to help you with that.”

“Do you know a seller?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but look at Xia Qingying in surprise.

Although Life and Meditation Potions were not as valuable as Stardew, they still weren’t products that the average power could manufacture. In fact, simply the recipes to produce Life and Meditation Potions were in high demand among the various powers, let alone the raw materials to produce them. Normally, only conglomerates could produce these potions.

“It’s one of the Blaze Conglomerate’s production plants,” Xia Qingying affirmed, nodding. “The seller happens to be someone you know—Weilan. She’s currently offering 50% of the production plant’s shares, but her asking price is quite steep.”

“How much is she asking for?” Shi Feng asked.

“Four Fragmented Divine Artifacts or one hundred million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal in the Eternal Realm…” Xia Qingying said awkwardly.

Fragmented Divine Artifacts were exceedingly rare. Most upper-ranking hegemonic powers did not even own that many outside the Eternal Realm, let alone inside. As for the alternative price of 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, although any upper-ranking hegemonic power could afford it outside the Eternal Realm, acquiring such a sum within the Eternal Realm was completely out of the question.

In essence, those who could afford the production plant had no need for it, while those who needed the production plant couldn’t afford it.

“It is indeed a little expensive.” Shi Feng furrowed his brows slightly when he heard Xia Qingying’s words.

While it was true a production plant for Life and Meditation Potions was worth a fortune, due to the limited raw materials, the average production plant could, at most, produce several tens of thousands of bottles a day. If he occupied only 50% of the plant’s shares, he’d be fortunate if he could receive 20,000 bottles a day. Based on the current market value of Life and Meditation Potions, 50% of a production plant’s shares were nowhere near worth 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal in the Eternal Realm, let alone four Fragmented Divine Artifacts.

Of course, that would only be true before the Ocean’s Sigh quest was triggered. After the major system update, those shares would be worth far more than a complete Divine Artifact.

“I’ve tried advising her before, but she is adamant about this price,” Xia Qingying said, sighing. “If she wasn’t urgently looking to raise her combat power, she probably wouldn’t be selling any shares in the first place.”

“If she’s only looking to quickly raise her combat power, can you ask if she might be interested in 1,000 sets of Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls? I trust that the benefits she can reap from them should be no less than what she can get from 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal,” Shi Feng suggested after giving the matter some thought.

“A thousand sets of Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls? Are you serious?” Xia Qingying couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in astonishment.

A Small Silver Battle Array could let a team of 20 Tier 5 players transcend tiers. A thousand sets would be enough to arm an army of 20,000. That’d be akin to transforming 20,000 Tier 5 players into 20,000 Tier 6 players. In contrast, 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal could, at best, lead to the birth of 1,000 Tier 6 players. If only looking at the short term, there was no comparison between the two.

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