Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3687

Chapter 761 – 3-Star Shop
“I’m serious,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at Xia Qingying’s skepticism. “So long as Miss Weilan is fine with this arrangement, I can deliver the goods to her in three days.”

Under normal circumstances, nobody would be willing to trade a thousand sets of Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls for merely 50% of a production plant for Life and Meditation Potions. After all, the total value of these scrolls far exceeded the value of 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Moreover, these scrolls were usually in a state of lacking supply.

However, in Luminous Sky City, the supply of Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls far exceeded demand, so much so that each scroll was only sold for one Eternal Gold. At this price, it would only cost 20,000 Eternal Gold to acquire 1,000 full sets. Only a fool would refuse to spend 20,000 Eternal Gold to purchase 50% of a production plant for Life and Meditation Potions.

“If that’s the case, you should have no problems securing this deal,” Xia Qingying said, smiling. “I’ll contact Weilan right away. Wait for my good news.”

After saying so, Xia Qingying hung up the call and proceeded to contact Weilan excitedly.

Subsequently, things proceeded as Xia Qingying anticipated. Before the day was even over, Weilan had already decided to take Shi Feng’s offer. She only requested that Shi Feng deliver the 1,000 sets of Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls to the Crystal City of Secrets within three days. Meanwhile, as if worried Shi Feng would regret his decision, she even asked Shi Feng to sign a God’s Domain Contract with her offline to seal the deal.

In response, Shi Feng gladly obliged Weilan’s request and signed a God’s Domain Contract with her.

While Shi Feng and Weilan were finalizing their contract, the various players and powers of God’s Domain engaged in a heated discussion over the major system update on the official forums. Everyone wondered what kind of changes the new update would bring.

According to historical records, every major system update in God’s Domain caused a huge upheaval among God’s Domain’s players and powers. Many new geniuses and powerhouses have also emerged following these major system updates. For this reason, the various powers promptly began recruiting members en masse. It was especially so for the Eternal Realm’s various powers. They all began to offer extravagant benefits to attract new members. This, in turn, caused their member count to skyrocket.

“Guild Leader, we are in a bit of trouble this time,” Gentle Snow said, furrowing her brows as she read the latest report she received from her subordinates. “Not long ago, Demon’s Gate issued a bounty on all Zero Wing members operating in the World Ark, and the reward for it was an opportunity to register at Demon’s Gate’s resurrection camp in the core area. However, following the system update, Demon’s Gate has added that those who successfully kill Zero Wing’s elite members can become normal members of Demon’s Gate directly. As for those who manage to kill Zero Wing’s main force members, they can even become an internal member of Demon’s Gate.”

“How generous of them.” Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he read the detailed report Gentle Snow had shared with him.

Demon’s Gate was an apex power of the human race. For this reason, the conditions for joining it were extremely harsh. It was especially so for those who weren’t selected by Demon’s Gate to nurture internally from a young age. To put things into perspective, even the paragons of upper-ranking hegemonic powers would have difficulty joining Demon’s Gate.

Even in Shi Feng’s previous life, where Demon’s Gate had an unending feud with Zero Wing, Demon’s Gate had never offered such conditions.

“Once these conditions go into effect, only our main force members can survive in the World Ark. Everyone else won’t be able to step outside the resurrection camp,” Hidden Soul, who stood beside Gentle Snow, said with a frown.

The appearance of the major system update presented the various powers with an opportunity to achieve rapid growth. However, Demon’s Gate’s actions would make it infinitely more difficult for Zero Wing to recruit members.

“Since Demon’s Gate wants to play, we’ll play with them,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he looked at the grim expressions on Gentle Snow and Hidden Soul. “If Demon’s Gate wants to use Zero Wing as a litmus test, two can play that game. Once you go online, immediately spread the news that Zero Wing is recruiting. The conditions for recruiting will also be simple. Anyone who manages to kill an elite member of Demon’s Gate can become a normal member of Zero Wing, while those who manage to kill Demon’s Gate’s core members can become an internal member of Zero Wing.”

“This…” Gentle Snow did not know what to say in response to Shi Feng’s words.

Demon’s Gate was an apex power and a titanic existence in the Greater God’s Domain. The Guild was so wealthy that even pseudo-apex powers could only stare in awe and envy. As for the benefits Demon’s Gate offered to its members, they were so tempting that countless paragons wished to join the Guild.

In contrast, Zero Wing had only recently made a name for itself in the World Ark. Even if it would eventually become known that Zero Wing owned a Guild City in the core area, Gentle Snow doubted it would be enough to tempt many people into killing Demon’s Gate’s members. Not to mention, killing an elite member of Demon’s Gate would only allow one to become a normal member of Zero Wing, while killing a core member of Demon’s Gate would only allow one to become an internal member of Zero Wing…

Aside from fools, nobody would take such a deal…

“Don’t worry. When the time comes, the number of players trying to join Zero Wing won’t be any less than those trying to join Demon’s Gate,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “All you need to do is spread the news once you go online.”

Under normal circumstances, Shi Feng wouldn’t have dared to play such a game with Demon’s Gate. Not even in his previous life would he dare to do such a thing. After all, he’d simply be humiliating himself.

However, it was a different story now that the major system update had occurred. If it was before the update, the potential benefits players could reap from Shadowring Town and the ability to travel to Luminous Sky City could only be considered subpar. But after the update, there would be very few players in the Greater God’s Domain who could resist these benefits.

The introduction of Soul Synchronization not only subjected players to real-world mental consequences from injuries sustained in God’s Domain, but it also substantially increased their daily expenses. A prime example of this increased expenditure would be the fees players paid to use the Battle Arena.

Following the major system update, players would need extensive combat practice to acclimate their fighting styles to the Soul Synchronization feature. However, it would be incredibly dangerous if they tried to achieve this through engaging in fights with monsters out in the fields. After all, if they sustained injuries, they would need to either consume mental recovery potions or remain offline for a long period to let their damaged mental states recover fully.

Hence, Battle Arenas, which provided players with a space where they could spar without having to worry about injuries, became the ideal place for players to adapt to Soul Synchronization. In the case of the Eternal Realm, the Battle Arenas in Neutral Cities would become their best option. So long as they spent some money, they could spar with even experts from the Holy Race. And in a situation where everyone was restarting from the same starting line, this would be an opportunity that few players could resist.

Subsequently, time passed rapidly, and God’s Domain finished updating in the blink of an eye. At the same time, countless players eagerly logged into God’s Domain.

Southern Region, Luminous Sky City:

As soon as Shi Feng came back online, a system notification rang in his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully won the bid for the 3-star Shop and become the first player in Luminous Sky City to own an Upscale Shop. Rewarding one Luminous Sky Treasure Chest.

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