Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3688

Chapter 762 – Beyond Tier 6
A Luminous Sky Treasure Chest?

Am I dreaming?

Shi Feng couldn’t help but doubt his eyes as he read the reward stated in the system notification.

There were many kinds of treasure chests in God’s Domain. Of those Shi Feng knew, the rarest and most valuable ones would have to be the treasure chests given out by Neutral Cities situated between the human race’s and the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domains.

Out in the fields, the best treasure chest players could acquire were Legendary Treasure Chests. They had a minuscule chance of containing a Fragmented Divine Artifact, and all players dreamed of obtaining it.

However, when speaking of which was rarer and more precious, the treasure chests given out by the Neutral Cities situated between the two Greater God’s Domains were superior. Of course, that wasn’t to say that these Neutral City treasure chests were of a higher quality. Instead, it was because they contained products of the Mythical Era.

The Mythical Era was the most prosperous era of the Gods. Many, many powerful Legacies existed at the time, far more than in the current declining era. It was especially so for Legacies pertaining to the path beyond Tier 6.

In the current declining era, the highest achievable tier in God’s Domain was Tier 6. Even Gods could not surpass this limit. This was also the consensus of all players in God’s Domain.

However, as long as players explored the Twelve Sanctuaries, they would come to understand one very important fact—Tier 6 was not the end.

A perfect example would be Primordial Gods.

Based on the various apex powers’ collected information and analysis, there was no doubt that Primordial Gods had transcended the limits of Tier 6. This was also why Primordial Gods were vastly stronger than Ancient Gods.

Since the upper limit of NPCs did not stop at Tier 6, it went without saying that Tier 6 was not the limit for players, either. It was just that the way to get promoted beyond Tier 6 had been lost.

Presently, after conducting many years of research and investigation in the Twelve Sanctuaries, the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers have already found some clues pertaining to the path beyond Tier 6. Meanwhile, all of these clues led to one point…

…the Mythical Era!

There existed more than one God and human who had surpassed Primordial Gods during the Mythical Era. Key among them would be the God Slayer, an existence who wasn’t even a God, yet could slay Primordial Gods!

This was also the result the various apex powers had reached after conducting a joint investigation. During the Mythical Era, individuals could go beyond Tier 6. Moreover, there existed more than one way to do so. More specifically, each of the Twelve Sanctuaries had their own way of going beyond Tier 6. This was also why the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers were desperate to explore the Twelve Sanctuaries, with some even willing to wage an existential war against those standing in their way.

Meanwhile, outside the Twelve Sanctuaries, the Eternal Realm was one of the few places in the Greater God’s Domain containing fragments of the Mythical Era. Furthermore, the fragments here were even more complete than those found in the Twelve Sanctuaries. Hence, both human powers and Holy Race powers fought fiercely for control over the Eternal Realm. To acquire more information on the Mythical Era, the Holy Race even tried to take over the Twelve Sanctuaries of the human race’s Greater God’s Domain in Shi Feng’s previous life.

Fortunately, after a desperate struggle, the various human powers managed to stop the invasion by several of the Holy Race’s royal powers and chased them out of the Twelve Sanctuaries. Otherwise, the human race would have had an even lower likelihood of going beyond Tier 6.

Meanwhile, the Luminous Sky Treasure Chest was one of the few treasure chests that had been passed down from the Mythical Era, and it contained creations made during that era.

In Shi Feng’s previous life. The reason the various powers of both races tried to conquer the Eternal Realm’s various cities wasn’t just to monopolize the wealth generated by these cities. Besides that, a more important reason was to acquire Mythical Era treasure chests like the Luminous Sky Treasure Chest.

Upon seeing the Luminous Sky Treasure Chest appearing in his bag, Shi Feng quickly suppressed his impulse to open it right here and now. Instead, he quietly made his way to his recently acquired upscale shop and activated its defensive barriers, which were made up of densely woven divine patterns. Only after ensuring he had isolated himself from the outside world did he carefully take out the treasure chest he had received from the system.

To think I would acquire a Luminous Sky Treasure Chest from simply purchasing an upscale shop… Those 770,000 Eternal Goin Coins were money well spent. Shi Feng fell into a daze as he looked at the crystalline treasure chest before him. Divine runes circled the entire treasure chest, and its presence made him feel as if he were standing before an Ancient God.[1]

Originally, he thought the biggest benefit he had gained from his 770,000 Eternal Gold purchase was the upscale shop’s 3-star status. However, he now realized that wasn’t the case at all. Instead, his biggest gain was the Luminous Sky Treasure Chest before him. Moreover, it was a Luminous Sky Treasure Chest that he hadn’t known existed in his previous life.

In his previous life, he only knew of five Luminous Sky Treasure Chests. Among them, the Holy Race acquired two from Luminous Sky City’s treasury when they captured the city, while the rest were acquired by other players through other means. As for how he knew this, it was because of the Luminous Sky Treasure Chests’ presence.

Unlike ordinary treasure chests, Luminous Sky Treasure Chests would exude a Divine Might rivaling Ancient Gods, even when unopened. In the presence of an Ancient God’s Divine Might, the average Tier 6 expert would find themselves crumbling to the ground. Hence, whenever a Luminous Sky Treasure Chest appeared, everyone within the vicinity would immediately notice it.

Fortunately, because he had received his Luminous Sky Treasure Chest as a system reward, the treasure chest was deposited directly into his bag space. It was also fortunate that it was deposited into his Fragmented Legendary Spatial Bag, which prevented the treasure chest’s Divine Might from leaking.

After calming his excitement, Shi Feng carefully opened the Luminous Sky Treasure Chest.


Immediately, a black pillar of light rose from the treasure chest and smashed against the shop’s barriers. Each of the shop’s divine pattern barriers could normally block dozens of attacks from Tier 6 players. However, the pillar of light shattered two of these barriers and cracked a third one before dissipating. Its destructive power was comparable to an all-out attack from a Tier 6 God.

Meanwhile, once the light dissipated, the treasure chest’s contents appeared in Shi Feng’s vision.

There was only a small book in the treasure chest. At first glance, the booklet looked inconspicuous. However, when Shi Feng saw the several divine runes imprinted on its cover, his heart began to palpitate, and his breathing turned ragged.

No wonder the powers that obtained the five Luminous Sky Treasure Chests back then kept a tight lid over what they obtained. An indescribable sense of joy and enthusiasm filled Shi Feng’s eyes as he looked at the booklet before him.

A Mythical Era Creation!

The booklet before him was the design for a creation from the Mythical Era!

TL Notes:
[1]770,000 Eternal Gold: This is after factoring in the 40% interest rate on the 500,000 Eternal Gold loan.

Actual money spent on purchasing the upscale shop = 570,000 Eternal Gold
40% interest on the loan = 200,000 Eternal Gold
Total Shi Feng spent to acquire the upscale shop = 770,000 Eternal Gold

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