Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3689

Chapter 763 – Mythical Era Creation

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Thank goodness I opened it inside the shop. Otherwise, there’d no longer be a place for me in any Greater God’s Domain if others learned of this design. While looking at the booklet in the Luminous Sky Treasure Chest, Shi Feng couldn’t help but celebrate inwardly.

The design recorded in the booklet was for a creation that couldn’t be found even in the Greater God’s Domain’s Grand Library. It was also an Advanced Epic Construction that he had only seen once in his previous life.

The Tower of the Abyss!

It was an Advanced Epic Construction that had caused a frenzy among all players in God’s Domain. It was also the only Advanced Epic Construction he knew about in his previous life.

In God’s Domain, the constructions players could build were categorized into Basic Constructions, Advanced Constructions, Peak Constructions, and Extraordinary Constructions. However, in his previous life, one of the Holy Cities constructed by the Holy Race housed an Advanced Epic Construction.

Meanwhile, the name of the Advanced Epic Construction was none other than the Tower of the Abyss.

The Tower of the Abyss had only one function: to provide players with a place of constant combat. In addition, similar to the World Tower, the Tower of the Abyss was separated into multiple floors that offered players challenges of varying difficulties. However, unlike the World Tower, which only had six floors, the Tower of the Abyss had seven.

In addition, unlike the World Tower, which provided trials that directly tested a player’s combat standards, the Tower of the Abyss provided players with an opponent to fight against. Moreover, this opponent could be any player who appeared across God’s Domain’s history.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, the Holy Race had relied on the Tower of the Abyss to spar against countless players and continuously produce monstrously strong players batch after batch. In turn, human players had an increasingly difficult time resisting the Holy Race. If not for several peerless individuals emerging among the human race, it would have only been a matter of time before the human race was deprived of living space in the Eternal Realm.

What an incredible creation. It can actually record players of all races across God’s Domain. Had the human race gained such existence back then, we wouldn’t have been restricted to just operating on the Eternal Continent. While reading the Tower of the Abyss’s general introduction, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be amazed.

The highest known combat standard any human player had achieved in his previous life was only the sixth floor. However, that wasn’t to say that the sixth-floor standard was the highest achievable combat standard for human players. Instead, it was simply because players no longer had a path they could reference for further improvement upon reaching the sixth-floor standard. In fact, human players didn’t even have any references when they initially attempted to reach the fifth-floor standard. They had relied entirely on trial and error to achieve it, and they only managed to know they had achieved the fifth-floor standard thanks to the World Tower.

As for the World Tower, it did not provide players with any guidance whatsoever. It merely let players know whether they had reached a certain standard. Hence, human players could learn that they had reached the fifth- and sixth-floor standards after their numerous trials and errors. But even the World Tower’s tests would end when players reached the sixth-floor standard. This was because all that existed on the World Tower’s sixth floor was empty space. Players would not be given any trials to determine whether they had transcended the sixth-floor standard or taken the wrong path in their journey of self-improvement.

However, the Tower of the Abyss was different. Whether it was on the sixth or seventh floors, players could encounter distinct opponents to challenge themselves against. Moreover, players wouldn’t be limited to just one opponent or a small pool of opponents but all of God’s Domain’s players.

Meanwhile, the difference between having and not having an opponent to train with was night and day. The difference would become even more stark when the opponent came in a large variety.

An example of this would be Shi Feng’s home God’s Domain. Before his home God’s Domain connected with the Greater God’s Domain, the average combat standard of the players there was pitiful when compared to the Greater God’s Domain’s players. However, once his home God’s Domain gained access to the Greater God’s Domain, many powerful experts would emerge. Some would even make it to the apex of the Greater God’s Domain.

While Shi Feng was thinking about how he should make use of the Tower of the Abyss, he nearly fainted when he saw the materials needed to construct the Advanced Epic Construction.

“The main materials needed are 50 tons of Divine Void Sand and 100 ingots of Space-Time Gold? Is this a joke?” Shi Feng felt dizzy as he repeatedly inspected the materials listed in the booklet.

Divine Void Sand was a very familiar material to the executives of the Greater God’s Domain’s major powers. In fact, acquiring Divine Void Sand was even easier than procuring most Legendary Materials. This was because Divine Void Sand could be readily found at the Void Sea’s boundary.

However, Divine Void Sand was normally measured in units of grams. Moreover, as far as Shi Feng was aware, the total amount of Divine Void Sand that the various powers had extracted from the Void Sea’s boundary didn’t even reach 1,000 grams. Yet, the construction of the Tower of the Abyss required 50 tons!

As for Space-Time Gold, it was a rare Divine Artifact-ranked Material, even in the Mythical Era. In the modern era, he doubted he could come up with 100 ingots of Space-Time Gold, even if he were to loot the entire Greater God’s Domain.

“That’s not right! If these are the materials needed, how did the Holy Race construct the Tower of the Abyss back then?” Shi Feng was utterly perplexed as he looked at the main materials needed to construct the Tower of the Abyss.

Shi Feng was certain that, as formidable as the Holy Race was, even they should not think of acquiring 100 ingots of Space-Time Gold from their Greater God’s Domain. After all, Divine Artifact-ranked Materials were imbued with World Laws. While not necessarily unique, it should be impossible for more than twenty ingots of Space-Time Gold to exist in a Greater God’s Domain, let alone a hundred. As for the 50 tons of Divine Void Sand, while not impossible to acquire, procuring them would be a monumental undertaking that would necessitate many years of constant effort.

However, Shi Feng distinctly recalled that the Holy Race had completed the construction of the Tower of the Abyss within a few years after the Eternal Realm’s appearance. With such limited time at their disposal, not even if they plundered the human race’s Greater God’s Domain could they have procured 50 tons of Divine Void Sand

“Could it be… Did they construct it using alternative materials?” With his experience as a forger, Shi Feng suddenly thought of a possibility.

Divine Void Sand and Space-Time Gold were not without alternatives. Based on the research of many forgers, Divine Void Sand’s primary effect was to gather the power of the void, whereas Space-Time ingot provided the power of space and time. If it was only a matter of gathering the power of the void and supplying the power of space and time, Golden Void Sand and Space-Time Bloodstones could achieve similar results.

Golden Void Sand, though not a common material, was an Inferior Legendary Material produced by the Void Sea. As for the Space-Time Bloodstone, while it was Inferior Divine Artifact-ranked Material, any Tier 6 monster related to space and time had a chance of dropping it. Consequently, many powers even sold it on the open market for the price of one Legendary Equipment.

Although it was always rumored that the Tower of the Abyss had a seventh floor, no human player could actually verify it. This was because the strongest Holy Race player ever seen by human players was only at the sixth-floor standard. Nobody had ever seen a seventh-floor expert among the Holy Race. Meanwhile, although Golden Void Sand and Space-Time Bloodstones were inferior to Divine Void Sand and Space-Time Gold, they should be enough to meet the requirements to construct a lesser version of the Tower of the Abyss.

The more Shi Feng pondered over the many details of his previous life, the more he became convinced that the Holy Race had resorted to alternative materials to construct their Tower of the Abyss. Otherwise, if the Holy Race had indeed used 100 ingots of Space-Time Gold…

The mere thought sent shivers down his spine.

With the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s capabilities, it should be able to quickly gather the Golden Void Sand and Space-Time Bloodstones I need. The Guild also has over a dozen Grandmaster Architects, so I can probably try constructing it in Shadowring Town. When Shi Feng saw that constructing the Tower of the Abyss didn’t require a lot of technical skills, he decided to contact Verdant Rainbow to source the needed materials for its construction.

The Tower of the Abyss was akin to a lighthouse that provided a guiding light. It should be known that the current Zero Wing didn’t even have a clear-cut method for achieving the fifth-floor standard, let alone the sixth-floor standard. If Zero Wing could successfully construct the Tower of the Abyss, the Guild could achieve a leap in standards in no time.

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