Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3691

Chapter 765 – Abyss Chamber of Commerce

“He died? How is this possible?!”

When the Berserker youth finished watching the battle video Verdant Rainbow had shared with him, he couldn’t help but think it was fake.

It should be known that White Ghost was one of Demon’s Gate’s Six Great Paragons. He was also an expert ranked on the Holy Race’s Transcendent List. Yet, the video showed White Ghost dying to some unknown Swordsman in just three moves…

Of course, that wasn’t to say that the Berserker youth thought that White Ghost was invincible and nobody could defeat him. Instead, he simply found it unbelievable that anyone could kill the Death Scythe using only three moves.

“Nothing’s impossible,” Verdant Rainbow calmly said as she looked at the astonished Berserker youth. “Although Demon’s Gate’s higher-ups have tried to suppress the news of this matter from spreading, it is already known by all within the Guild, and many of Demon’s Gate’s experts are currently talking about it.”

“But if that’s the case, doesn’t that mean this Swordsman is as strong as the current generation’s Ten Great Sword Gods? Who is he, then? Did one of the Ten Great Sword Gods accidentally wander into the Eternal Realm?” the Berserker youth asked Verdant Rainbow excitedly.

The current generation’s Ten Great Sword Gods were vastly superior to paragons of apex powers like himself. Aside from having superior combat standards, they also had a considerable advantage in weapons, equipment, and levels.

If one of the current generation’s Ten Great Sword Gods did come to the Eternal Realm, it would be wonderful news for the human players operating in the Eternal Realm.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Verdant Rainbow said as she rolled her eyes at the Berserker youth.

Of the Ten Great Sword Gods, aside from Nineteenth Sword, who had forcibly lowered his level to enter the Eternal Realm, the other nine were pillars of their respective Guilds. They were usually busy safeguarding locations of great importance, and they would never go on adventures that would put their lives in jeopardy. Not to mention, with their strength, even if they were to go on an adventure, their destination would be the Twelve Sanctuaries. The chances of any of them accidentally entering the Eternal Realm were close to zero.

“Who is this person, then?” The Berserker youth grew confused. Out of everyone he knew in the Eternal Realm, he couldn’t think of any Swordsman who could kill White Ghost in three moves.

Verdant Rainbow did not answer the Berserker youth’s question directly. Instead, she smiled and asked, “Why do you think Demon’s Gate would suddenly offer others membership for killing Zero Wing’s members?”

“Are you saying this Swordsman is Black Flame?” The Berserker youth was in disbelief.

Admittedly, Black Flame was very strong. Not only did he manage to kill Chalk Splendor, a Holy Child of the Sun Dynasty, but he even made it onto the Holy Race’s Transcendent List. In the current Eternal Realm, his strength could already rank at the apex. However, to say that Black Flame was strong enough to kill White Ghost in three moves was not something the Berserker youth could readily believe.

“Apart from him, I can’t think of anyone else,” Verdant Rainbow said as she looked at the cloaked Swordsman in the video. Then, she returned her gaze to the Berserker youth and continued, “Weren’t you questioning his qualifications just now? Do you think he is qualified now?”

The Berserker youth fell silent.

If the person who had killed White Ghost was indeed Black Flame, having Black Flame join their party would undeniably increase their chances of getting through the preliminaries.

“If this is true, he is indeed qualified,” the Berserker youth admitted. However, he quickly added in a serious tone, “But since he has killed White Ghost, Demon’s Gate absolutely will not spare him. If we invite Black Flame and his guildmates to the Crucible, we will be creating an opportunity for Demon’s Gate to snipe three of Zero Wing’s top combatants. Demon’s Gate will undoubtedly ambush them when they return from the Crucible. When that happens, it will look like we are helping Demon’s Gate to lure Black Flame into a trap.”

“I have thought of this possibility,” Verdant Rainbow said nonchalantly. “I have already sent someone to hire the Order of Twelve. Although the current Order’s overall strength is vastly inferior to Demon’s Gate, they should have no trouble protecting Black Flame’s group.”

“How generous of you…” When the Berserker youth heard Verdant Rainbow’s intention to hire the Order of Twelve, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

The Order of Twelve might not have much fame on the Eternal Continent, but it was one of the few major powers capable of resisting Demon’s Gate in the southern region. Its top combatants were especially amazing, capable of giving even Demon’s Gate a headache. Meanwhile, as a gathering of adventurer teams, the Order of Twelve delved into many fields of business. Aside from transporting goods, their primary business was to be mercenaries.

However, the Order of Twelve’s services were not cheap, especially when it needed to gather enough combatants to fight Demon’s Gate on short notice. Even if Verdant Rainbow was a chosen one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance, hiring the Order of Twelve would still put a dent in her finances.

Southern Region, Luminous Sky City, Outer Area:

In an alley just a few streets away from Luminous Sky City’s entrance, Shi Feng quietly approached a dilapidated seven-story building. The building occupied an area of no more than two basketball courts, and it was the most inconspicuous out of all buildings in the alley. Even if its location was moved to the main street, it was doubtful any NPCs would be willing to visit it.

Meanwhile, this seven-story building was none other than the 3-star Upscale Shop Shi Feng had spent a fortune to acquire.

This place is deserted…

When Shi Feng stepped into the shop and saw the empty first floor, he suddenly felt as if he were scammed.

Although he had long known that a shop situated in the city’s outer area wouldn’t receive much foot traffic, he didn’t expect the shop to not even have players visiting it. It was performing even worse than an ordinary shop operated by NPCs.

The only thing he could feel fortunate about was that the shop came with seven NPC staff. Moreover, all seven were Level 200-plus, Tier 5 NPCs, so they were just barely strong enough to ensure the shop’s security. This meant he wouldn’t need to recruit NPCs to manage the shop.

When the seven NPC staff saw Shi Feng entering the shop, they quickly formed a row before him and respectfully awaited his instructions.

“Starting today, your primary task is to procure Battle Array Scrolls at the Silver rank or above. Purchase Silver Scrolls for one Eternal Gold each and Advanced Silver Scrolls for three Eternal Gold each,” Shi Feng instructed. “Additionally, organize the Fragmented Legendary items here and sell them at 90% of the Auction House’s current market price.


When the seven NPCs saw Shi Feng retrieving a bunch of Holy Race-exclusive Fragmented Legendary items from his bag, they quickly began appraising their value and setting an appropriate price. When it came to managing store operations, their work efficiency was multitudes greater than that of players.

After only half a day, the seven NPCs finished appraising all of the nearly 10,000 Fragmented Legendary items Shi Feng took out and filled the shop’s display shelves on all seven floors to the brim.

Next, Shi Feng took out stacks of Basic and Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls. These scrolls, totaling 3,000 in number, were the product of Zero Wing’s secretly nurtured Divine Engravers. After working tirelessly day and night, they managed to produce 2,400 Basic Divine Engraving Scrolls and 600 Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended for Zero Wing to accumulate more strength before selling these Divine Engraving Scrolls. However, with the advent of the new era, players were now required to have sufficiently powerful mental strength in the real world if they wished to use weapons and equipment of high quality in God’s Domain. As a result, Epic and Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Equipment became the daily driver of many expert players.

Because of this situation, the value of Divine Engraving Scrolls would skyrocket to unprecedented heights. If he didn’t capitalize on this opportunity now, he doubted he would find a similar opportunity in the future.

System: You have finished setting up your shop. Please rename your shop. Note that the designated name will become the shop’s official name moving forward.

“Since this shop is why I got the Tower of the Abyss, let’s name it the Abyss Chamber of Commerce.”

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng decided on a new name for the upscale shop. He also handed all authority over the shop to the seven NPC staff, letting them manage its daily operations entirely. This, in turn, would reduce the possibility of others forming a link between the shop and Zero Wing.

System: Naming successful. The Abyss Chamber of Commerce will officially begin operations in ten seconds.

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