Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3692

Chapter 766 – Colossal Existence?
TL Notes:
Changed “Divine Pattern Scroll” to “Divine Engraving Scroll” to stay consistent with Chapters 596 and 603.
Now, all that’s left to do is to wait and see how well these Divine Engraving Scrolls will sell.

After seeing the Abyss Chamber of Commerce starting official operations, Shi Feng grabbed a Guild Transfer Scroll from his bag and teleported back to Shadowring Town. He dared not spend even a moment longer in Luminous Sky City for fear of being recognized by others.

Divine Engraving Scrolls were considered a lost technology by both the human race and the Holy Race. Any player who could learn divine engraving to an amateur degree would be treated as a VIP by the various powers. This would be especially so after the implementation of the major system update.

After the major system update, the demand for Divine Engravers would skyrocket, utterly eclipsing all other subclasses in God’s Domain. At that time, even players who could produce only unfinished Basic Divine Engraving Scrolls would enjoy status rivaling the Craftsmen of other subclasses.

In his previous life, a large part of why he had invested a lot of effort into researching divine engravings was in the hopes that he could mass-produce Basic Divine Engraving Scrolls. That way, Zero Wing could have the financial capability to resist Demon’s Gate.

Now, having obtained a complete Divine Engraver Legacy and secretly nurtured a large batch of Divine Engravers, if he let the rest of the world learn of his secrets, it would spell doom for both himself and Zero Wing.

Although he didn’t intend to sell all 3,000 Divine Engraving Scrolls at once and only intended to display a dozen at a time, it was still enough to cause an uproar in Luminous Sky City. Not to mention, once it became known that the Abyss Chamber of Commerce would be selling Divine Engraving Scrolls long-term, even a fool would understand that there existed Divine Engravers behind the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, they should exist in considerable numbers.

Although neither human nor Holy Race powers could threaten the Abyss Chamber of Commerce’s safety in the current Luminous Sky City, it was a different story for Zero Wing. Destroying the current Zero Wing wouldn’t be a challenging task for apex and royal powers. It was merely a question of intent and whether the endeavor would be worth the effort.

Hence, for the sake of concealing Zero Wing’s connection with the Abyss Chamber of Commerce, not only could Shi Feng not advertise it, but he also had to keep his distance from it. Otherwise, the consequences would be fatal.

Meanwhile, shortly after Shi Feng left, many players walking in the nearby street quickly took notice of the newly opened Abyss Chamber of Commerce.

“Hey! There’s a Player Shop there!”

“Crap! Who’s the prodigal who opened up a shop here?! Do they not know that the only players who walk by this area are those transporting goods?”

“Maybe they selected the wrong shop when finalizing their purchase?”

The players on the street could clearly tell that the Abyss Chamber of Commerce was a shop that had recently entered private ownership, so they couldn’t help but have their curiosity piqued. After all, very few players and powers currently had the ability to purchase a shop in Luminous Sky City. Not to mention, the Abyss Chamber of Commerce was located in a section of the city’s outer area that did not house any special constructions.

“Regardless, since it is a Player Shop, there should be some good stuff for sale, right? Let’s go and take a look.”

“I wonder if this shop accepts consignments? If it does, I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra.”

Due to the current situation in Luminous Sky City, most players operating there were naturally curious about Player Shops. This was because only players and powers of extraordinary caliber could qualify to purchase a shop in the city, which, in turn, led to the natural assumption that their shops would offer items of extraordinary quality.

While the players on the street were having their discussion, about a dozen players approached the Abyss Chamber of Commerce.

Of these players, some were from the human race, while some were from the Holy Race. When these players stepped into the Abyss Chamber of Commerce, all of them were immediately dumbfounded by the scene before them.

There were over a hundred display shelves on the first floor, and all of them displayed weapons and equipment that radiated a glow unique to Fragmented Legendary items. It should be known that while the various powers had many Fragmented Legendary items in their possession, not even pseudo-apex and apex powers would be willing to sell so many Fragmented Legendary items to outsiders.

In God’s Domain, Fragmented Legendary items were considered a strategic resource to any power. Because of this, it would already be fortunate if the various powers would be willing to barter their Fragmented Legendary items, let alone sell them directly for money. Although it was still possible to see Fragmented Legendary items being sold for money from time to time, these were normally sold by adventurer teams or solo experts who couldn’t find a use for these items. It was practically impossible to find any shop selling over a hundred Fragmented Legendary items at a time.

However, the surprise of these dozen or so players did not end there. A moment later, they noticed something that blew their minds.

“Divine Engraving Scrolls!”

“Am I hallucinating?”

“Crap! It’s not just Basic Divine Engraving Scrolls! There are actually Intermediate versions as well!”

“They’re insanely cheap as well! Each Basic Divine Engraving Scroll only costs 300 Eternal Gold, while Intermediate ones only cost 3,000 Eternal Gold each!”

When everyone took a closer look at the twelve glowing scrolls displayed in front of the display shelves and saw the flowing divine runes on them, their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Divine Engraving Scrolls were considered products of the Mythical Era in both the human race’s and the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domains. Even in the past, Basic Divine Engraving Scrolls, which could strengthen only Epic Weapons and Equipment, were already valued nearly as much as a Fragmented Legendary item. In the current God’s Domain, where players needed powerful mental strength to use Fragmented Legendary items and above, the value of Divine Engraving Scrolls had increased even further, multiplying by several dozen times.

“Nobody move! All of these Divine Engraving Scrolls belong to the Ocean Whale Adventurer Team!”

“Scram! How dare a second-rate adventurer team spout nonsense in front of the Hundred Lions Nation?!”

Following a brief silence, every player in the shop began to go crazy. Whether it was the human players or the Holy Race players, they immediately sought to snatch all twelve Divine Engraving Scrolls sold by the Abyss Chamber of Commerce and resell them to make a fortune. After all, the value of these Divine Engraving Scrolls wasn’t limited to just strengthening weapons and equipment. They also had great research value.

However, despite the fuss the players caused, none of them actually had the necessary funds to purchase the Divine Engraving Scrolls. After all, a sum of several thousand Eternal Gold was not something the average player or power possessed in the current Eternal Realm. Hence, the players in the shop promptly contacted their acquaintances to borrow money. At the same time, they also started to purchase Battle Array Scrolls at the Silver rank and above in bulk, thinking of reselling these scrolls to the Abyss Chamber of Commerce to accumulate funds.

Meanwhile, news of the Abyss Chamber of Commerce selling Divine Engraving Scrolls quickly spread. Moreover, as the Abyss Chamber of Commerce was a Player Shop, the various powers operating in Luminous Sky City promptly began investigating it, trying to find out which power was behind the generous action of selling Divine Engraving Scrolls for money.

Eventually, even Demon’s Gate and the royal power operating in the southern region joined in the fray, trying to uncover the power behind the Abyss Chamber of Commerce. The two powers had also declared that if the Abyss Chamber of Commerce refused to partner with them, they would make it so it could not do business in Luminous Sky City.

However, instead of receiving a favorable response, the two powers’ members immediately entered the Abyss Chamber of Commerce’s blacklist and were permanently forbidden from setting foot into the shop’s premises.

When news of this matter leaked, it caused an uproar across the southern region, causing many players and powers to wonder what kind of colossal existence stood behind the Abyss Chamber of Commerce for it to dare to offend an apex power and a royal power.

While the southern region was in an uproar, Shi Feng, who had just returned to Zero Wing’s Residence in Shadowring Town, received a system notification.

System: Shadowring Town’s construction is completed. Do you wish to remove the seal on the town?

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