Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3695

Chapter 769 – Shadowring Town Opens
Shadowring Town, Town Hall:

As the 1,000 NPC Guards drank their assigned Divine Water of Life, the density of the mana inside the lobby started to increase rapidly. Pillars of mana even began to rise from each NPC Guard, which, in turn, caused the space within the lobby to shatter.

“What powerful mana!” Hidden Soul couldn’t help but be shocked as she looked at the dark void that had formed before her. “How much did these NPC Guards improve?”

Normally, a Tier 6 NPC’s mana would already be considered powerful if it could shake the surrounding space. As for individuals who could shatter the space around them with their mana alone, they would typically have reached the standard of Tier 6 Gods already. Even then, these NPCs wouldn’t normally try to shatter their surrounding space using only their mana.

This was because it was a huge waste of mana. Only individuals who couldn’t properly control their mana or used powerful Skills and Spells would unleash their mana all at once. After all, whether it was NPCs or players, neither possessed limitless mana. Once they exhausted their mana, the effectiveness of their Skills and Spells would plummet.

However, it should be known the 1,000 NPC Guards in the lobby were only letting their mana radiate naturally. Yet, it was already enough to shatter the surrounding space. The mana was so dense that it made her feel like she had stepped into a muddy swamp…

“Their mana is indeed astonishing. It seems they have improved quite significantly,” Shi Feng commented. He was similarly shocked by the NPC Guards’ transformation.

Unlike Hidden Soul, who had spent most of her life in their home God’s Domain, Shi Feng had witnessed many major events in the Greater God’s Domain in his previous life. He had even participated in more than one battle involving hundreds of millions of players between the human race and the Holy Race.

Normally, on the Greater God’s Domain’s battlefronts, where Tier 6 NPCs could be seen in the millions, a force of 1,000 NPC Guards would be utterly insignificant. However, it was a different story for the phenomenon of 1,000 NPC Guards shattering space with only the mana they naturally radiated. Even across the Greater God’s Domain, such occurrences were few and far between.

At the very least, as far as Shi Feng could recall, he had only ever seen NPC Guards with such frightening mana stationed in the Holy Cities that apex powers and a small minority of pseudo-apex powers used as their main headquarters. However, unlike Shadowring Town, these Holy Cities were the product of many years of effort.

Subsequently, Shi Feng began inspecting the 1,000 NPC Guards.


Shi Feng couldn’t help but gasp when he saw the NPC Guards’ updated information.

Each NPC Guard received 13 bottles of Divine Water of Life, so they had four attempts to improve their Growth Potential. Logically, he should have only distributed three bottles to each NPC Guard, giving them three improvement attempts. After all, starting from the fourth attempt, the cost of each attempt would increase substantially, with the fourth attempt alone costing ten bottles of Divine Water of Life. Even so, Shi Feng decided to provide these NPC Guards with an additional attempt, hoping that some of them could exceed the limits of their current rank.

Fortunately, it would seem he had made the right call, as the effects of the Divine Water of Life far exceeded his expectations.

Shadowring Town started with 100 Tier 6 Dark-Gold Guards and 599 Tier 5 Dark Gold Guards. While such a force could be considered first-rate outside the Eternal Realm, there was a lot left to be desired in the Eternal Realm. But now, out of these 699 Dark-Gold Guards, 634 had advanced into Epic Guards, 58 had advanced into Advanced Epic Guards, and 7 had advanced into Legendary Guards!

Four of these seven NPC Guards with Legendary Growth Potential were originally at Tier 5. However, following the increase in their Growth Potential, all four of them had advanced to Tier 6, making it so that Shadowring Town now had seven Level 210-plus, Tier 6 Legendary Guards.

The 300 Tier 6 Fine-Gold Guards did not disappoint Shi Feng, either. All of them had advanced into Epic Guards, and several were only missing anywhere from two to six points of Growth Potential before they could become Advanced Epic Guards.

It’s a pity I’ve already spent all my money. Otherwise, I could have equipped them with personalized Legendary Weapons and Equipment rather than standardized ones, increasing their overall strength even further, Shi Feng thought, faintly sighing as he looked at the 1,000 NPC Guards who had all achieved Epic Growth Potential and above.

Although he had equipped the NPC Guards with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, they were all standardized items. While that might be the best weapons and equipment players would normally equip their NPC Guards and Personal Guards with, once NPC Guards and Personal Guards reached the Epic rank, so long as players were willing to pay the price, they could gear their guards with personalized Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

In the Eternal Realm, a set of personalized Legendary Weapons and Equipment for NPCs cost 6,000 Eternal Gold. While still a hefty sum, it was many times cheaper than the Legendary Weapons and Equipment used by players.

Meanwhile, compared to standardized Legendary Weapons and Equipment, personalized versions not only provided an additional 15% or more in Basic Attributes but also increased Skill and Spell Completion Rates by 10% or more. Such improvements were enough to propel an NPC Guard’s combat power to the next level.

If any Epic Guard were to equip a set of personalized Legendary Weapons and Equipment, they could instantly rival six-winged Valkyries of the same level in strength. As for Advanced Epic Guards and Legendary Guards, with a set of personalized Legendary Weapons and Equipment equipped, the former could closely rival Gods of the same level, while the latter could stand on equal footing with Gods of the same level.

Under normal circumstances, a force of 934 six-winged Valkyries, 58 pseudo-Gods, and 7 Gods would be enough to threaten even the foundations of an entire Realm, let alone the current Eternal Realm.

While Shi Feng was about to assign patrol routes for the 1,000 NPC Guards, he suddenly received a call from Gentle Snow.

“Guild Leader, our scouts say that the members of the three apex powers and two royal powers have already arrived at the Shadowring Basin. Their Tier 6 members total at more than 60,000. Judging by their actions, they seem ready to forcibly capture the town,” Gentle Snow urgently reported with an anxious expression.

During this period, Zero Wing had produced six more Level 210-plus, Tier 6 experts thanks to the Medium World Fragment. This put the total number of Level 210-plus, Tier 6 experts in the Guild to 20. With such a force, the Guild was already strong enough to withstand a frontal assault from the Sun Dynasty.

However, it was a completely different story if Zero Wing had to go up against three apex powers and two royal powers simultaneously. There was only so much 20 Level 210-plus, Tier 6 experts could do with their limited Stamina and Concentration. Not to mention, their opponents this time consisted of over 60,000 Tier 6 experts nurtured by apex and royal powers. In front of such a force, even bona fide Level 210, Tier 6 Gods would fall.

“I got it.” Shi Feng nodded. “Proceed according to plan. Aside from Phoenix Rain’s team of ten having to ensure the resurrection camp’s safety, all other Tier 6 members can move into Shadowring Town.”

“Will everything really be alright, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow asked worriedly.

Shadowring Town was of utmost importance to Zero Wing’s future development. Yet, even though three apex powers and two royal powers were currently aiming to capture the town, Shi Feng had chosen to leave half of Zero Wing’s combat power at the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp. No matter how Gentle Snow thought about it, this decision was incredibly reckless.

“Don’t worry. There isn’t a single power in the current Eternal Realm that can threaten Shadowring Town,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Half an hour after his call with Gentle Snow, Shi Feng pulled up Shadowring Town’s system interface and chose to open the town to players without hesitation.

“What’s going on?”

“Players can enter now?”

Suddenly, the NPC Guards, who originally prohibited players from entering Shadowring Town, began permitting entry to players. When the millions of players observing the town from afar saw this, a commotion instantly erupted.

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