Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3697

Chapter 771 – Gods Aplenty
Shadowring Basin, Shadowring Town:

“They’ve gone in!”

“I didn’t think these five powers would join forces. With this, there really isn’t anything left for us to do here.”

“I wonder if they’ll open the town to the public after capturing it? I sure hope they do.”

When the human players and Holy Race players observing from the surroundings saw the legions of the three apex powers and two royal powers entering the town together, some were disappointed, some were happy, and some were expectant. If it weren’t for the presence of these five powers, they would have long charged into Shadowring Town to explore it. If possible, they would also do everything they could to contact the town’s ruling power and try to lease shops and land from them.

But with the five powers’ intervention, nobody sought to get in touch with Shadowring Town’s ruling power anymore. After all, the town’s ownership was destined to change. Before the five powers gained control over the town, any action the rest of them took in the town would bring them no benefit. On the contrary, they might even earn themselves the five powers’ ire.

Meanwhile, inside Shadowring Town…

The moment Verdant Rainbow and the other four powers’ leaders stepped into Shadowring Town, they were all shocked by the state of the town’s main street.

People could be seen coming and going on the town’s relatively narrow main street, and many 3-star NPC Merchants could be seen setting up stalls selling rare items. There were even NPCs of Mythical Era races wandering around on the street.

Mythical Era races!

Whether it was human players or Holy Race players, they all sought to convert to a Mythical Era race and gain talent far beyond the imagination of modern races.

Yet, whether it was in their respective Greater God’s Domains or the Eternal Realm, the Seven Luminaries Alliance, Demon’s Gate, the Eternal Chamber of Commerce, the Sun Dynasty, and Sovereign Mark had never encountered any NPC of a Mythical Era race, let alone the method to convert into such a race. They only knew that Mythical Era races existed in Holy Ring City.

But now, not only did they manage to see NPCs of Mythical Era races inside Shadowring Town, but nearly 10% of the town’s NPC population was made up of such NPCs. How could they not be surprised?

Gold! I’ve struck gold! Chalk Splendor’s eyes were shining as he looked at the NPCs walking on the street.

While converting to a Mythical Era race remained out of sight for current players, it was a different story for recruiting NPCs of Mythical Era races as Personal Guards. So long as an NPC was spotted inside a town or city, players could recruit them as a Personal Guard.

If he could recruit NPCs with high Growth Potential and were of Mythical Era races, it would definitely help pave a smooth road for his future. It would be even better if he could form a legion of such NPCs. With such a legion under his command, nobody could stand in his way. After all, the strength ceiling for Mythical Era races was undoubtedly higher than that of modern races. In a situation where everyone couldn’t progress beyond Tier 6, it went without saying those of Mythical Era races would triumph in a fight.

This town must belong to Sovereign Mark! When Venom Tail saw the NPCs of Mythical Era races around him, he promptly issued an order to his subordinate, “Pass down my command! I want everyone to hurry over to the Town Hall immediately! We must snatch the Town Token before everyone else!”

At the same time, Verdant Rainbow, Phoenix Flame, and Fallen Dragon similarly commanded their forces to charge toward Shadowring Town’s Town Hall, no one having any interest in surveying the town any longer.

If they wanted to recruit NPCs of Mythical Era races as Personal Guards, the best way to do so would be to first become the ruler of Shadowring Town. After all, NPCs in God’s Domain were intelligent, with some being even more intelligent than players. Hence, recruiting NPCs was a difficult process, and players would typically need some sort of prestigious status to increase their chances of success.

Meanwhile, the only way to become a Guild Town’s ruler would be to secure the Town Token, which would typically be stored in the Town Hall. The town’s owner could also be carrying the Town Token, but the possibility was low. This was because the Town Token could not be taken out of the town. So, rather than needlessly moving the Town Token around and exposing it to greater risks, keeping it stored in the Town Hall under the constant security of NPC Guards would be much safer.

Subsequently, the five powers’ 60,000-plus Tier 6 experts could be seen charging toward the center of Shadowring Town like a bunch of madmen.

However, just as they were about to reach the Town Hall, Verdant Rainbow and the others suddenly stopped running as they had their attention drawn toward the Teleportation Hall erected in the town center. And while staring at the majestic teleportation array constructed inside the Teleportation Hall, they couldn’t help but reveal dumbfounded expressions.

Am I dreaming? Verdant Rainbow was filled with disbelief as she looked at the scene displayed on the other end of the teleportation array. This town is directly connected to Luminous Sky City?

Luminous Sky City was the number one Neutral City in the Eternal Realm’s southern region. Not only did it possess precious resources that couldn’t be found on the Eternal Continent, but it also served as a crucial route connecting the Eternal Continent and the Western Continent.

Presently, all apex powers had already dispatched personnel to establish a base of operations in Luminous Sky City. However, as the southern region was far away from the Eternal Continent, making it tedious to reach, even the Seven Luminaries Alliance could only afford to send a limited number of members to develop there. It was also because of this situation that Demon’s Gate, having the ability to transport players from outside the Eternal Realm directly to the southern region, could rule over the southern region with an iron fist, becoming the envy of the other apex powers.

Yet, it was now revealed that they could teleport directly to Luminous Sky City via a town in the World Ark…

This town must belong to Demon’s Gate! When Phoenix Flame saw Shadowring Town’s Teleportation Hall, greed colored her eyes, and her breathing quickened.

As someone who frequently traveled between the Eternal Continent and the southern region, Phoenix Flame knew how difficult it was to transport players between these two places. In addition to being time-consuming, it also cost a lot of money and resources. If conducted on a large scale, even apex powers would wince at the cost.

However, the cost to teleport from Shadowring Town to Luminous Sky City was only a meager 600 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal! This was an absolute bargain!

Thinking up to this point, the five powers’ Tier 6 experts resumed their charge toward the Town Hall with even greater haste.

In less than thirty seconds, Venom Tail, Chalk Splendor, Verdant Rainbow, Phoenix Flame, and Fallen Dragon arrived in front of Shadowring Town’s Town Hall. The 60,000-plus Tier 6 experts also caught up to them in short order, looking ready to fight.

Meanwhile, just when Venom Tail’s group of five had opened the doors to the Town Hall and were about to command their forces to demolish the building, the 1,000 NPC Guards, who were still waiting to receive their assignments, turned around simultaneously to look at the five individuals.



The instant the doors opened, mana of unbelievable density gushed out of the Town Hall, washing over everyone outside the building and transforming the surrounding space into a dark void. Standing in the presence of this mana, none of the Level 180-plus, Tier 6 experts outside the Town Hall could move their bodies, and they couldn’t help but feel as if a group of Gods from primordial times had descended upon the world again…

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