Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3698

Chapter 772 – Zero Wing’s Town?

This is madness! How can a mere town have so many Epic and Legendary NPC Guards?!

I must be hallucinating! Yes! This must be a hallucination!

A moment after opening the doors to the Town Hall, Venom Tail, Phoenix Flame, and the other leaders of the five powers simultaneously closed the doors again out of instinct. Likewise, none of them could bring themselves to believe what they had just seen was real.

There was no way Shadowring Town, a Guild Town that had been constructed only recently, could have a thousand NPC Guards with Epic Potential and above. Not to mention, they had even spotted numerous Advanced Epic NPC Guards capable of rivaling Level 210, Tier 6 Gods and seven NPC Guards who had made them experience the threat of death…

It should be known that all five of them were wielders of Divine Artifacts. If even they felt that their lives were in jeopardy, the only explanation was that these seven NPC Guards had Legendary Potential.

Seven Legendary NPC Guards?


Even with decades of development, a Holy City wouldn’t be able to recruit so many NPC Guards with Legendary Potential, let alone an Advanced Town!

Unlike the recruitment of Personal Guards, the recruitment of NPC Guards for a town or city could only be done within the town or city itself. This situation placed a huge restriction on the pool of NPCs that players could choose from.

However, in return for this restriction, the NPC Guards of towns and cities could inherently form battle arrays while fighting inside the town or city where they belonged. The strength of these battle arrays would also increase with the number, strength, and Growth Potential of the NPC Guards involved.

Under normal circumstances, a six-man party of Dark-Gold NPC Guards could inherently form a Small Advanced Bronze Battle Array and trade blows with a Dragon of the same tier and level. If they were Epic NPC Guards, they could form a Small Silver Battle Array and clash with a God of the same level and tier.

In the case of Tier 6 Legendary NPC Guards, if six of them worked together, they could fight Ancient Gods of the same level and tier!

Although the majority of the Epic NPC Guards inside the Town Hall were at Tier 5, if they fought in units of 100, they could inherently form a Medium Silver Battle Array that could elevate their individual strength to the Tier 6 standard. And if all 1,000 NPC Guards in the Town Hall came together to form a Large Battle Array, they would become an even more frightening entity. This was also why, even though the number of NPC Guards that Guild Towns and Cities could recruit was much fewer than the player population they could accommodate, they remained a force to be feared.

It should be known a force of 60,000 Level 180-plus, Tier 6 players would be nothing but cannon fodder in front of a Level 200 Ancient God, let alone seven Legendary NPC Guards who could come together to exhibit combat power rivaling a Level 210-plus Ancient God.

My anxiety to get here must have caused me to hallucinate. Yes, that must be it. After taking a few deep breaths, Venom Tail reopened the doors to the Town Hall.

When the heavy doors creaked open, the same intense mana gushed out of the Town Hall once more. Likewise, the 1,000 NPC Guards from before remained standing inside the building, their faces colored with bewilderment as they stared at the players outside.

Though the NPC Guards’ gazes did not carry hostility, the players outside couldn’t help but feel like helpless prey who had stumbled into a tiger’s den.

“Verdant Rainbow! Care to explain?!” Venom Tail growled, his voice laced with underlying anger and frustration, once he was certain he wasn’t hallucinating. “Seven Legendary and fifty-eight Advanced Epic NPC Guards! Which one of your apex powers is behind this tasteless prank?!”

All 1,000 NPC Guards were of the human race, making it almost certain that a human was behind Shadowring Town’s construction. After all, if a member of the Holy Race had constructed Shadowring Town, the NPC Guards they recruited would normally be of the Holy Race as well.

Had the unknown human apex power behind Shadowring Town declared it would defend its town to the bitter end from the onset, Sovereign Mark would have never bothered to come here with such a large force, wasting a significant amount of manpower and resources in the process.

The human race boasted fewer than ten apex powers. Of them, only the Seven Luminaries Alliance, Demon’s Gate, and the Eternal Chamber of Commerce were operating in the World Ark. If a fourth apex power truly was operating in the World Ark, it was inconceivable that the Seven Luminaries Alliance, with its extensive connections and intelligence gathering capabilities, would remain ignorant about it.

Not to mention, all human powers belonged to the same camp. If the Seven Luminaries Alliance knew a human power was behind Shadowring Town’s construction, it would never have hastily deployed its forces to seize the town for fear of it falling into the Holy Race’s control. Instead, it would have sought partnership with said human power.

When Venom Tail saw genuine confusion on Verdant Rainbow’s face, he turned his gaze toward Phoenix Flame and Fallen Dragon, only to find them similarly at a loss. Evidently, none of the three human powers here knew who was behind this Guild Town.

As the five powers’ members were speculating about the human apex power behind Shadowring Town, a deep voice echoed in the Town Hall’s lobby, startling everyone present.

“What brings you all to the Town Hall today?”

Upon hearing this voice, everyone present turned toward the source in unison.

There, they saw a Level 190, Tier 6 Swordsman wearing a six-winged emblem on his chest. The Swordsman did not have any sense of presence, giving off the feeling that he did not exist. If the Swordsman hadn’t taken the initiative to speak up, nobody would have noticed him.

“Guild Leader Black Flame?” Verdant Rainbow was instantly dumbfounded when she saw the Swordsman’s face.

It should be known that not even the Seven Luminaries Alliance could muster seven Legendary, fifty-eight Advanced Epic, and over nine hundred Epic NPC Guards in the current Eternal Realm. The state of Shadowring Town even led her to suspect an unknown apex power, or possibly even a royal power, might be hiding among the human race. However, of all the possibilities she imagined, she never thought that the owner of Shadowring Town would be…

“How can this be?”

“This town belongs to Zero Wing?”

Verdant Rainbow wasn’t the only one dumbfounded. Chalk Splendor, who had met Shi Feng in the past, and Phoenix Flame, who had watched Shi Feng’s battle video, were equally bewildered by this unexpected revelation.

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