Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3701

Chapter 775 – Clue Pertaining to the Road Beyond Tier 6

“Please rest assured, Miss Rainbow. Since we have already accepted your offer, we will not disappoint you,” Shi Feng said with a smile. “Although it will become a little tougher without the help of Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s and Demon’s Gate’s parties, even without their help, Zero Wing can still help you get past the preliminaries.”

In essence, the Continental Championship was a clash for hegemony between three races. Because of this, participating parties usually needed to rely on other parties of the same race if they wanted to survive the chaotic preliminaries. With the Eternal Chamber of Commerce and Demon’s Gate being apex powers, they definitely had some admission tickets, and receiving help from their parties would undoubtedly save a lot of trouble.

However, so long as their party boasted sufficiently strong members, they could still conquer the preliminaries, even without the help of others.

“I am aware of the strength Zero Wing has displayed in the defense against the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard.” Seeing Shi Feng’s nonchalance, Verdant Rainbow couldn’t help but sigh as she shared a document with him and said, “But the preliminaries this time will no longer be the same as before. The major system update has brought a change to the Continental Championship’s rules. I was originally thinking of informing you about this after my trip to Shadowring Town, but since you are here, have a look at the updated rules.”

“Participating players will now have their levels suppressed to the average?” When Shi Feng saw the updated Continental Championship rules, his expression on his face remained unchanged.

In his previous life, the Continental Championship’s rules had indeed changed after the major system update. More specifically, all participants would have their levels equalized, making it so that the championship placed more emphasis on individual combat standards.

“That’s right.” Verdant Rainbow nodded with a frown. “Because of this new rule, players who exceed the average level will no longer have an advantage. All participants can rely only on their individual combat standards to achieve victory.”

The main reason she extended an invitation to Zero Wing previously was to capitalize on Zero Wing’s Level 200-plus members. With the level advantage these Zero Wing members had, they could easily overwhelm their opponents and get through the preliminaries. After all, the advantages given to players at Level 200 could not be overcome easily. Not to mention, Zero Wing had experts at Level 210 and above.

However, her plan thoroughly fell into ruins following the introduction of the new rule. In terms of combat standards, Zero Wing’s Level 210-plus experts could only be described as unremarkable, and replacements for them could be easily found, even among the human race’s pseudo-apex powers. In the new Continental Championship, where they would be facing the powerhouses of the two other races, Zero Wing’s Level 210-plus experts could only be regarded as victims…

“Are you considering to give up on our partnership, Miss Rainbow?” Shi Feng asked after he was done reading the updated rules.

“The change this time was unexpected. I will fulfill my promise of extending your loan repayment by ten days,” Verdant Rainbow said. Then, with gritted teeth, she continued, “But I will have to make some changes regarding two of Zero Wing’s slots. If Zero Wing cannot come up with participants strong enough to enter the Holy Race’s Transcendent List, I will have no choice but to find someone else to fill these slots.”

“I understand your intentions.” Shi Feng chuckled when he saw the awkward look on Verdant Rainbow. “Before we continue with this topic, may I ask if you are interested in achieving even better results in the upcoming Continental Championship, Miss Rainbow?”

At this point, it was evident Shadowring Town had a promising future. Anyone who wasn’t a fool would definitely try to establish a long-term partnership with Zero Wing. However, the Continental Championship was equally important, so it was understandable that Verdant Rainbow wanted to replace unqualified participants.

“Naturally. Who wouldn’t want the Continental Championship’s amazing rewards?” Verdant Rainbow answered, giving Shi Feng a strange look.

The Continental Championship was currently the top priority for the three races occupying the Eternal Realm’s three continents. Everyone wanted to achieve good results in the championship and gain rapid growth. However, performing well in the championship was easier said than done. In reality, even parties consisting entirely of experts from the Holy Race’s Transcendent List would find it difficult to achieve good results, let alone those who were only theorized to be strong enough to enter the Transcendent List.

“If that’s the case, let Zero Wing have four slots. In return, I can guarantee we will secure a place in the top four of the Continental Championship. However, aside from providing an extra slot, you will have to pay Zero Wing an additional 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal,” Shi Feng said with certainty when he saw the interested look on Verdant Rainbow.

“You can guarantee a top-four placing?” Verdant Rainbow couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in surprise. She felt that Shi Feng was joking with her.

Every Continental Championship would see several hundred parties participating. Normally, parties would be handsomely rewarded so long as they could pass the preliminaries. Meanwhile, those who could climb to the top 16 could receive the guidance of the ancient beings behind the Crucible of the Ancients, while those who managed to ascend to the top 4 would see their rewards doubled or more.

However, out of all the Continental Championships hosted, the best result the human race had managed to secure thus far was the top 16. At this point, entering the top 4 was nothing but a dream. Not to mention, she even had to pay 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for this ranking. That was basically half a Divine Artifact.

“We still have time before we need to set out for the Crucible. You can use this time to properly consider my offer, Miss Rainbow,” Shi Feng said very calmly.

In his previous life, the Continental Championship didn’t just serve as a training ground for the various powers’ talents. After the major system update, it also became the hope for many peerless players to achieve further improvement.

This was because parties who managed to enter the top 4 in the Continental Championship could receive detailed guidance from the ancient beings behind the Crucible of the Ancients. This also happened to be one of the few clues pertaining to the road beyond Tier 6 available in the Eternal Realm.

Although the human race had produced many powerful experts, not a single party managed to enter the Continental Championship’s top 4. It wasn’t until the Eternal Realm’s Three Absolutes joined forces that they fortunately managed to enter the top 4 once. It was also from that point onward the human race’s various powers learned of the Continental Championship’s true significance. Only, neither the Three Absolutes nor their three other party members revealed the specifics of what they learned regarding the road beyond Tier 6.

Currently, there still weren’t many experts participating in the Continental Championship. Although the implementation of the major system update had removed the possibility of having a level advantage, so long as he had sufficient Seven Luminaries Crystals, he could simply create a new advantage by upgrading the Epic-ranked God Chaser Sets to the Fragmented Legendary rank and giving them to Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss.

Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss were currently among the top 5 in combat standards in Zero Wing. If they were equipped with the Fragmented Legendary-ranked God Chaser Sets, while Shi Feng couldn’t promise their party would become the champion, he was confident they could get into the Continental Championship’s top 4 without any trouble.

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