Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3702

Chapter 776 – Strengthening the God Chaser Set

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t interested in a top 4 placing in the Continental Championship. However, it was a considerable expenditure for her to give away four participation slots as well as 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. It might even put her in an awkward situation in the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

She had received her admission ticket from a Grand Elder of the Seven Luminaries Alliance, and the other party had originally intended for the ticket to be used to nurture the Guild’s geniuses. So, when she decided to give three participation slots to Zero Wing, many guild executives criticized her. If she were to give Zero Wing another slot, it would mean depriving another one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s geniuses of the opportunity to improve, and it would definitely enrage the guild executives who already thought negatively of her.

As for the 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, she’d have to mortgage many of her properties in the Eternal Realm if she wanted to convince the Seven Luminaries Alliance to secure such an amount.

“I am sure you know how difficult it is to get into the top four, Miss Rainbow. If I am the only one representing Zero Wing, I can help you without any payment. But if you want a good placement, I must make considerable sacrifices to help you achieve that,” Shi Feng explained.

In reality, he would already be benefiting greatly if he could secure four participation slots for Zero Wing. He was simply putting Verdant Rainbow in a tough spot by asking her for an additional 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. However, he had no choice but to do so, as he had already spent all of his Seven Luminaries Crystals and didn’t have enough to upgrade even one God Chaser Set.

“I can agree to your conditions, Guild Leader Black Flame.” After pondering for a moment, Verdant Rainbow said to Shi Feng, “The additional slot should be doable, but if I am to pay you 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, I will need you to lease a shop on Shadowring Town’s main street to me for free for a month. Otherwise, I cannot convince the Guild’s other executives to take out so many Seven Luminaries Crystals.”

“If it’s only a month, I can agree to your condition,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “But how soon can you deliver the Seven Luminaries Crystals to me?”

There were over twenty shops lining Shadowring Town’s main street. Excluding the ones needed for NPC Merchants and Zero Wing’s purposes, six shops could be rented out. However, no matter how valuable Shadowring Town’s shops were, there was no way he could get anyone to pay a monthly rent of 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. So, he would be a fool to refuse Verdant Rainbow’s condition.

“I can have it delivered within half a day after we finalize our deal,” Verdant Rainbow said, smiling when she heard Shi Feng accepting her condition.

If she could secure a top 4 placing in the Continental Championship and rent a shop on Shadowring Town’s main street for free for a month, all for the price of just 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, she would turn a huge profit. She could also offer an explanation to the Guild’s executives.

“Okay. Let’s write up the contract, then.” Hearing Verdant Rainbow’s response, Shi Feng wasted no time as he retrieved two God’s Domain Contracts from his bag.

Within a day after Shi Feng signed the contract with Verdant Rainbow, the Sun Dynasty, Sovereign Mark, and Demon’s Gate suddenly declared Shadowring Town off-limits to all players. Any player who dared to approach the town would be met with death.

The announcement shocked the players operating in the World Ark. They never expected the three powers to make such a ruthless decree. Those who wished to take advantage of Shadowring Town were especially taken aback, and many couldn’t help but voice their grievances.

Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

“Guild Leader, those three Guilds are simply outrageous! They’ve stationed their Tier 6 legions at all of the Shadowring Basin’s entrances and exits just to blockade the town! Now, anyone caught trying to enter or leave the Shadowring Basin must pay them one Eternal Gold! Starting tomorrow, the three Guilds will even kill anyone who tries to enter the Shadowring Basin!” Gentle Snow complained angrily as she stormed into Shi Feng’s office. “Let me ambush them with a team, Guild Leader! I refuse to believe they can keep blockading the entrances!”

The Sun Dynasty and Sovereign Mark were royal powers of the Holy Race. Because of this, all Holy Race players operating in the World Ark would usually defer to the two royal powers’ decisions, none daring to offend them. As for Demon’s Gate, it was an apex power famed for its ruthlessness among the human race. Aside from other apex powers, no other individual or power from the human race would dare to offend Demon’s Gate.

Now that the three powers had come together to persecute Shadowring Town, it was almost guaranteed that no player would dare to visit the town. Meanwhile, if Shadowring Town did not have players visiting it, there was no way Zero Wing could afford the town’s daily expenditures.

Of course, persecuting Shadowring Town didn’t come free and easy for the three powers, either. The World Ark’s mysterious energy constantly ate away at the bodies of players. The monsters occupying the maps around Shadowring Basin were also plentiful. Even if the three powers’ forces remained stationary, monsters would attack them continuously, forcing them to expend Stamina and Concentration. Because of this, the three powers needed to commit a large number of players to maintain the blockade. This, in turn, would prevent these players from doing more meaningful things, such as exploring the World Ark and finding opportunities to develop themselves.

“Ignore them. If they want to block the entrances, let them,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at the anxious Gentle Snow. “Has the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Seven Luminaries Crystals arrived yet?”

However, Shadowring Town was no ordinary Guild Town. Instead, it was a Guild Town that could access Luminous Sky City directly. Although it was only a one-way teleportation, it was still a path to riches for many players and powers. It was especially so now that the sales of Basic and Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls had garnered widespread attention in Luminous Sky City.

In just one day, the Abyss Chamber of Commerce had managed to sell several thousand Holy Race-exclusive Fragmented Legendary items, generating a million Eternal Gold in revenue. Even after he paid off his 700,000 Eternal Gold debt to Luminous Sky City, he would still have 300,000 Eternal Gold to spare.

As for the Divine Engraving Scrolls sold by Abyss, they had already become a target for the Eternal Realm’s various powers. Many players and powers who managed to get their hands on some would instantly resell the scrolls for a huge profit.

Naturally, when the players on the Eternal Continent learned of this situation, they, too, wanted to get in on this opportunity. However, traveling to the southern region was not an easy task. Outside of Shadowring Town’s teleportation channel, every other method to reach the southern region came at a price that the average power could not afford.

Hence, for most players operating on the Eternal Continent, Shadowring Town was their only option to reach Luminous Sky City. This situation made it so that Shadowring Town would have no lack of players trying to visit it.

Not to mention, aside from purchasing Divine Engraving Scrolls to resell, players on the Eternal Continent could also sell their high-quality weapons, equipment, and Secret Treasures at Luminous Sky City since the prices for these items were considerably higher in the southern region.

“I’ve received them already,” Gentle Snow said as she handed all of the Seven Luminaries Crystals in her spatial bag to Shi Feng. “In addition to the 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, the materials you asked for have also been delivered. However, the construction design of the Tower of the Abyss is too complex. On top of that, you have asked to use alternative materials. So, our architects still need some time to do research.”

“The Tower of the Abyss doesn’t need to be rushed. Just have them construct it to the best of their abilities,” Shi Feng said when he heard Gentle Snow’s report. Then, he eagerly took out the Origin Myth and inserted a complete God Chaser Set into the Origin Space.

System: Origin Space has detected the God Chaser Set. Strengthening and modifying it will cost 10,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Do you wish to proceed?

That many? Shi Feng couldn’t help but frown when he saw the cost. He could already produce an Inferior Divine Artifact with 10 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Even so, he did not hesitate to strengthen the God Chaser Set.

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