Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3703

Chapter 777 – Continental Championship Begins
Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

As soon as Shi Feng injected ten million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal into the Origin Space, a colorful radiance enveloped the God Chaser Set. Subsequently, countless magic arrays and divine runes poured into the God Chaser Set, causing the mana radiated by the equipment set to rise in density.

This process lasted for ten minutes. Ten minutes later, a brand new God Chaser Set appeared in Shi Feng’s hands.

“How did it go, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow eagerly asked when she saw Shi Feng inspecting the strengthened God Chaser Set.

Shi Feng had directly informed Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss about his plans to use the Seven Luminaries Crystals he acquired from Verdant Rainbow to strengthen the God Chaser Sets. Hence, Gentle Snow wasn’t surprised by what just happened. However, that didn’t stop her from growing curious about the outcome of the strengthening process.

“Take a look yourself,” Shi Feng said as he shared the new God Chaser Set’s statistics with Gentle Snow.

Meanwhile, after Gentle Snow was done reading the new God Chaser Set’s Attributes, excitement appeared on her face as she exclaimed, “Amazing! The strengthened God Chaser Set is simply beyond extraordinary!”

After being strengthened, not only did the Epic-ranked God Chaser Set’s quality advance to the Fragmented Legendary standard, but its set effects also underwent drastic changes.

At the Epic rank, the God Chaser Set’s four-piece set effect only increased Physique by 50%, while its six-piece set effect increased the Basic Attributes the set provided by 80%. As for the eight-piece set effect, it elevated the set’s Basic Attributes to the Level 220 standard while lowering the equipment requirement to Level 200. When players equipped the set, the Basic Attributes they could gain would be similar to if they were fully equipped with Legendary Equipment.

After ascending to the Fragmented Legendary rank, though, the God Chaser Set’s four-piece set effect increased Physique by 100%, while its six-piece set effect increased the set’s Basic Attributes by 120% and improved the wearer’s Skill and Spell Completion Rates by 10%. As for the eight-piece set effect, although it similarly elevated the set’s Basic Attributes to the Level 220 standard, the equipment requirement was changed to Tier 6 only. So long as players were at Tier 6, they could equip the set at any level. On top of that, the eight-piece set effect also improved neural responses by 50%.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that so long as a Tier 6 player equipped the Fragmented Legendary-ranked God Chaser Set, they would instantly become a monster of the new era!

Setting aside the fact that the set allowed Level 180, Tier 6 players to have Basic Attributes surpassing Level 200, Tier 6 Gods, just the fact that it increased Skill and Spell Completion Rates by 10% and improved all neural responses by 50% were enough to make it beyond incredible. In the era after the major system update’s implementation, the Fragmented Legendary-ranked God Chaser Set could artificially raise a player’s combat standards by one or two levels.

At this time, Gentle Snow even had the feeling that if she equipped this new God Chaser Set, she could defeat even veteran fifth-floor experts in battle. When on offense, she could simply rely on her Basic Attributes to overwhelm her opponents. Even if her opponents could predict her every move, it’d be meaningless if their bodies couldn’t keep up with her Attack Speed and Strength. When on defense, even if she failed to predict her opponents’ actions, she could rely on her exceptional neural responses to react to all of the actions they executed. Unless her opponents could overwhelm her in Attack Speed, Attack Power, or Strength, they would be helpless against her.

These ten million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal were well spent. When Shi Feng saw the new God Chaser Set, the sting he previously felt disappeared.

With ten million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, he could probably scrape together a full set of Legendary Equipment. Although its performance would most likely be below average, it was a full set of Legendary Equipment nonetheless. Yet, the Origin Myth had asked for a similar sum just to upgrade the God Chaser Set’s quality from Epic to Fragmented Legendary. No matter how he looked at it, he was definitely losing big time.

However, after seeing the new God Chaser Set’s Attributes, he only had one thing to say.

Worth it!

Subsequently, Shi Feng strengthened three more Epic-ranked God Chaser Sets, not hesitating even in the slightest throughout the process. Of the four sets, he kept one set for himself while distributing the three other sets to Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss. Then, when they equipped the Fragmented Legendary-ranked God Chaser Sets, all four of them saw a huge increase in their Basic Attributes.

Shi Feng, in particular, saw the greatest improvement. Up until this point, he had been using the damaged Sacred Armor. Now that he had replaced it with the Fragmented Legendary-ranked God Chaser Set, his Basic Attributes instantly skyrocketed, and they now rivaled that of Level 200 Ancient Gods. In his current state, he could be regarded as a Humanoid Boss even in the Greater God’s Domain, let alone the Eternal Realm.

As for Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss, they behaved like children who had acquired a new toy when they received their respective God Chaser Sets. They excitedly went to the Guild Residence’s combat rooms to conduct various tests, only settling down a day later after they had destroyed all of the Residence’s combat rooms and received complaints from the Zero Wing members trying to refine themselves in Shadowring Town.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the championship has begun. I’m already in front of your Residence. How are your preparations coming along?” Verdant Rainbow asked through the video chat as she looked at Shi Feng, who was in the midst of drawing some runes.

“You’re here already?” When Shi Feng saw that Verdant Rainbow was already outside the Residence’s entrance, he quickly finished engraving the last core divine pattern needed for the Tower of the Abyss and handed it to the architect waiting before him. Then, he said to Verdant Rainbow, “Preparations on my side are done. I’ll meet you at the entrance.”

While Gentle Snow and the others were acclimatizing to the new God Chaser Sets, Shi Feng didn’t let himself stay idle, choosing to help the Guild’s architects engrave the divine patterns they had trouble with. Now that the technical issues were resolved, the architects would only need several more days to complete the Tower of the Abyss and let Shadowring Town bask in the same glory the Holy Race’s Holy City had enjoyed in his previous life.

Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s Residence, Entrance:

Although the Sun Dynasty, Sovereign Mark, and Demon’s Gate’s blockade on the Shadowring Basin remained strong and scared off many players from visiting Shadowring Town, it did not stop a bunch of independent players from joining Zero Wing and teleporting to the town via Guild Transfer Scrolls. In just a little over a day, Zero Wing had gained so many Tier 6 experts that there was now a constant stream of them entering and leaving the Guild Residence.

Meanwhile, after Verdant Rainbow concluded her call with Shi Feng, she and the Berserker youth standing beside her only had to wait a while before Shi Feng stepped out of the Residence with Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss in tow.

“Why is it them?” Verdant Rainbow couldn’t help but knit her brows a little when she saw the three individuals behind Shi Feng.

Originally, Verdant Rainbow thought Zero Wing still had some frightening experts hidden. She never thought Shi Feng would choose to bring Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss.

Verdant Rainbow was very familiar with these three individuals. They were also currently regarded by the various powers as Zero Wing’s strongest experts.

In terms of combat standards, Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss were both veteran fifth-floor experts, while Gentle Snow had also recently advanced to the fifth-floor standard. If compared to the various pseudo-apex powers’ experts, these three could definitely stand among the very top. However, they could only be considered first-rate when compared to the various apex powers’ experts and even worse if compared to the participants of the Continental Championship.

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