Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3704

Chapter 778 – Death Wind the Divine Eye

“Rainbow, is Black Flame messing with you?” The Berserker youth wearing the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Guild Emblem grew furious when he saw Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss.

Verdant Rainbow had exhausted every avenue available to her to increase her chances of performing well in the upcoming Continental Championship. She had even borrowed a Divine Artifact from the Guild. Likewise, he, a reserve chosen one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance and the owner of the title Demonic Spear, had asked for many favors before he finally managed to borrow a Divine Spear from the Guild.

For the sake of securing a good placing in the Continental Championship, the two of them had essentially put everything they had on the line.

Yet, Zero Wing had made a complete fool of them by sending out the likes of Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss. In fact, aside from combat standards, even the levels of these three individuals were a complete joke.

Currently, experts standing at the forefront of the Eternal Realm were already averaging at Level 192. Yet, Gentle Snow was only at Level 187, while Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss were at Level 181 and Level 182, respectively. Their levels couldn’t even be considered third-rate in the current Eternal Realm.

Of course, having a low level was still a forgivable sin following the introduction of the Continental Championship’s new rule. However, what was unforgivable was that the equipment of these three individuals was radiating the glow effect of Fragmented Legendary items. A Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set might be considered good in the World Ark, but in the Continental Championship, where the chosen ones of the three continents gathered, such equipment was only fit for beggars.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are you sure you’re going to have the three of them participate?” Verdant Rainbow asked Shi Feng in a questioning and confused tone.

Although Shi Feng had concealed his weapons and equipment with an Advanced Black Cloak, Gentle Snow and the others did not. So, even a Level 0 player could see they were fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items.

In the Continental Championship, where Legendary Equipment was considered the bare minimum, Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss would be fortunate if they didn’t become the butt of everyone’s jokes, let alone serve as capable combatants.

“Yes, they’ll be coming with us,” Shi Feng said, nodding. Then, he turned his gaze to the Berserker youth behind Verdant Rainbow and asked, “And this must be Death Wind the Demonic Spear, the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s latest reserve chosen one, right?”

“Do you know me?” Death Wind looked at Shi Feng in surprise.

He was currently using a special tool to hide his personal information. Even Master-ranked Identification Skills should not be able to uncover his level, much less his name.

It should be known that his name remained a secret in the Greater God’s Domain, and only a few among the Seven Luminaries Alliance knew about it. Most people only addressed him as the Demonic Spear.

“Naturally. Who wouldn’t know of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen one candidate?” Shi Feng faintly smiled as he looked at Death Wind.

Death Wind was very well-known in Shi Feng’s previous life, so much so that it gave Zero Wing a huge headache.

Presently, Death Wind might be known as the Demonic Spear, a title given to him by the Seven Luminaries Alliance, but he went by a different title in Shi Feng’s previous life. It was also a title known by all in the Greater God’s Domain.

The Divine Eye!

One of Demon’s Gate’s Nine Great Experts!

Although nurtured by the Seven Luminaries Alliance during the early years of his God’s Domain career, Death Wind was secretly a spy working for Demon’s Gate. When Death Wind ultimately betrayed the Seven Luminaries Alliance, he caused the Alliance to suffer a huge loss. He would then become known as the Divine Eye, an existence feared by all in the Greater God’s Domain.

“You are very well-informed, Guild Leader Black Flame.” Death Wind looked at Shi Feng cautiously when he heard the other party’s words. For some reason, he felt like a ferocious beast was watching him, and the feeling sent chills down his back.

“My information network can only be considered sub-par when compared to yours, Mr. Death Wind.” While keeping his gaze on Death Wind, Shi Feng deepened his smile and asked, “I overheard you saying that I was messing with Miss Rainbow just now. May I know what you mean by that?”

“It’s a misunderstanding, Guild Leader Black Flame.” When Verdant Rainbow heard Shi Feng’s question, she knew that Shi Feng must have overheard everything Death Wind said just now.

It wasn’t all that surprising that Shi Feng had overheard their conversation, either. When players reach Tier 6, they achieve inhuman levels in all physical aspects. Naturally, this included their hearing capabilities. So long as Tier 6 players were paying attention, they could even hear someone speaking softly from several hundred yards away. In fact, this was common knowledge in the Greater God’s Domain. Hence, although Death Wind had kept his voice down when speaking about Zero Wing, he had actually spoken intending to let Shi Feng hear him.

However, Death Wind couldn’t be faulted for his opinion of Zero Wing. After all, he had gone to great lengths to prepare for the Continental Championship. It was understandable he would be upset to see Zero Wing treat the Continental Championship so lightly.

“It’s not a misunderstanding.” Sweeping his gaze across Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss, Death Wind bluntly said to Shi Feng, “The Continental Championship is full of experts. I had to put everything on the line to get into this party. You, Guild Leader Black Flame, on the other hand, are having three people equipped with only Fragmented Legendary Equipment participate. If you’re not messing with us, what are you doing?”

“I see.” In response to Death Wind’s unceremonious questioning, Shi Feng maintained his smile as he said, “In that case, how about we make a bet, Mr. Death Wind?”

“A bet?” Looking at Shi Feng strangely, Death Wind asked, “What are we betting?”

“The Cloud Piercer in your possession!” Shi Feng said as he glanced at the Divine Spear on Death Wind’s back. “If I win, the Cloud Piercer will belong to me. If I lose, I will give you a Divine Artifact of similar quality as the Cloud Piercer. How about it?”

The Cloud Piercer was a very well-known Divine Artifact in Shi Feng’s previous life, and it was in a completely different league compared to the one currently in Death Wind’s possession. Although the current Cloud Piercer was also rated as a Divine Artifact, it was actually damaged and incomplete. The complete Cloud Piercer, on the other hand, could rank among the Greater God’s Domain’s Ten Great Divine Artifacts.

Moreover, although the Cloud Piercer was currently regarded to be on loan from the Seven Luminaries Alliance, the truth of the matter was that Demon’s Gate had secretly given it to Death Wind to help elevate his status in the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

“A Divine Artifact of similar quality? You are aware that my Cloud Piercer is not a run-of-the-mill item, right?” Death Wind had his interest piqued. “How do you intend to carry out this bet?”

“Simple.” Chuckling, Shi Feng said, “Since you deem the three of them unqualified, how about we compare your score in the preliminaries with theirs?”

“So, you’re saying that so long as my score is better than that of one of the three of them, I will win? Is that right?” Death Wind asked, seizing the opportunity to insert a condition of his own.

“Death Wind!” Verdant Rainbow glared at Death Wind. She never thought Death Wind would have no intention of easing the relationship between the two sides.

Ignoring Verdant Rainbow, Death Wind continued, “I am only one person, while there are three people on your side, Guild Leader Black Flame. You can’t possibly expect me to surpass all three of their scores, right?”

“Of course not,” Shi Feng said with a smile. “So long as you can match one-third of any of their scores in the preliminaries, I will consider it your victory. What do you think?”

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