Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3709

Chapter 783 – Monster of a New Generation

“This human girl is amazing! She actually stopped an attack from Returning Blade! Are we going to see the birth of a new monster in the Continental Championship?”

When the spectators of Miniature World 006 saw Gentle Snow stopping Returning Blade’s attacks, although they didn’t understand how exactly she accomplished it, they knew how incredible of an accomplishment it was. This made them change their opinions of Gentle Snow.

Before the match between Gentle Snow and Returning Blade began, everyone thought the match was overwhelmingly in Returning Blade’s favor. But now, they felt that the match could go either way, and they immediately started to pay closer attention to the match.

Normally, a match-up between experts of Returning Blade’s caliber would only occur in the Continental Championship’s main event. For this reason, only parties who could rank among the top 64 would get to spectate such match-ups.

“It seems I have underestimated you. However, this is only the beginning!”

Ultimately, Returning Blade was an expert among experts. Although he couldn’t quite understand how Gentle Snow had redirected the Soul-Breaking Beast’s attacks, he quickly realigned his emotions and made his next move.

Holy Art, Super Size!

Suddenly, the Soul-Breaking Beast’s body expanded, transforming into a behemoth over 300 meters tall and occupying a considerable section of the ring. Gentle Snow also looked no different than an ant in front of the Soul-Breaking Beast’s mountainous figure.

“Let’s see how you deflect my attack this time!”

As soon as Returning Blade finished speaking, one of the Soul-Breaking Beast’s gigantic heads opened its maw to clamp down on Gentle Snow. Not only did the current attack have a significantly greater AOE, but the power it exerted could also rival an all-out attack from a Level 200, Tier 6 God.

Additionally, because of Super Size’s effects, even if Gentle Snow could similarly deflect this stronger attack, the Soul-Breaking Beast could alternatively choose to materialize itself only after it had devoured Gentle Snow already. Although doing so would not deprive Gentle Snow of any HP, it would subject her to the soul-corroding properties of the Soul-Breaking Beast’s attacks.

Returning Blade had learned Super Size thanks to the guidance he received in the last championship. Originally, he had intended to reserve it as a trump card for when he went up against the members of the previous championship’s top 8 parties during the main event. However, now that Gentle Snow had shown herself capable of stopping his trademark move, he naturally couldn’t afford to conserve his strength anymore.

The preliminaries this time were much more competitive than the last championship, so if possible, he would prefer to defeat his opponents as quickly as possible. That way, he could conserve his Stamina and Concentration to the greatest extent to deal with future variables.

“Trying to use size to your advantage? Let’s see who comes out on top, then!”

When Gentle Snow saw the Soul-Breaking Beast’s gigantic, ethereal head descending upon her, she abruptly inserted the Chaos Windblade into the ground and gathered her Mana into the weapon. Simultaneously, whether it was Mana or Holy Power, all forms of energy in the ring began gathering around the Chaos Windblade, causing the weapon to give off a colorful radiance that brightly illuminated the entire miniature world.

“Is this a Human Skill?”

“That’s not right! Aren’t the human race’s Skills and Spells supposed to use Mana only? How is she absorbing the Holy Race’s Holy Power as well?”

The spectators of Miniature World 006 were in disbelief when they saw what was happening before their eyes. In fact, even Shi Feng, who was watching the match’s live broadcast, was a little dumbfounded.

Yet, Gentle Snow had broken this supposed law!

“Did her execution fail?”

The spectators below the ring couldn’t help but be confused by this situation. They couldn’t see Gentle Snow’s actions yielding any effects. They also couldn’t see anything happening to the Soul-Breaking Beast’s attacking head. So, their immediate reaction was to assume Gentle Snow had failed to execute whatever move she was trying to use.

However, the spectators quickly noticed something was wrong. More specifically, they noticed that the Soul-Breaking Beast had stopped moving entirely.

Immediately afterward, the spectators below the ring found their vision darkening. Then, before they realized it, they were in the air and free-falling…

“What’s going on?”

The spectators in Miniature World 006 were dumbfounded. They couldn’t understand what was happening. However, Shi Feng and Verdant Rainbow, who were watching the match through the live broadcast, saw what happened very clearly.

After Gentle Snow removed her greatsword from the ground, the space within Miniature World 006 was flipped upside down. It wasn’t that the spectators had suddenly appeared in mid-air, but that these players were falling toward the sky. Even the Soul-Breaking Beast, who remained in an ethereal state, was affected by this change…

Gravity manipulation? Shi Feng was greatly shocked by this scene.

Previously, he had assumed Gentle Snow’s sword technique was related to wind pressure. However, looking at it now, that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

In its ethereal state, the Soul-Breaking Beast was immune to all physical and magical attacks. The only thing that could affect it was gravity. This was why the Soul-Breaking Beast would fall to the ground should it ever leap into the air. So, now that the direction of Miniature World 006’s gravity was reversed, the Soul-Breaking Beast had no choice but to go along with gravity and fall to the miniature world’s new “ground.”

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng understood the true nature of the new strength Gentle Snow had grasped, he turned off the live broadcast and focused his attention elsewhere.

After all, if Gentle Snow could manipulate gravity, and to such a great extent at that, the Soul-Breaking Beast would gain no advantages from being in an ethereal state. And should Returning Blade try to compete with Gentle Snow in Strength, he would quickly find himself outmatched. Essentially, Returning Blade’s defeat was assured!

Back in Miniature World 006, Returning Blade was in a state of confusion. Currently, he couldn’t even figure out what Gentle Snow had done, let alone touch her. To make matters worse, his HP was rapidly depleting over time. At this rate, he would lose over half of his HP by the time he landed.

Meanwhile, just like Shi Feng had anticipated, while Returning Blade was preparing for his landing, Gentle Snow reversed the gravity acting on him once more. Ultimately, Returning Blade didn’t even get to land an attack on Gentle Snow before he lost all of his HP…

Following Returning Blade’s defeat, Gentle Snow’s fame skyrocketed. No longer was she considered a nobody. Now, she was regarded as a new-generation monster who could defeat a top 20 expert from the last Continental Championship. At the same time, everyone also recognized her as the strongest expert in Miniature World 006!

“Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, is it?”

When Elise, the leader of Demon’s Gate’s party, received news of Gentle Snow’s achievement, she couldn’t help but watch the battle video her party member had shared with her, a hint of intrigue coloring her eyes.

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