Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3712

Chapter 786 – Successive Victories

Inside Miniature World 085’s ring, countless light particles could be seen clashing with hundreds of Judgment Swords, the shockwaves they generated creating cracks in the miniature world’s space. Powerful space-time storms also began to brew within the miniature world, catching several of the spectating participants off-guard and reducing them to ashes on the spot.

After the collision between the light particles and the Judgment Swords continued for about two seconds, several Judgment Swords managed to slip past the light particles and strike Venom Tail. Seeing this, Venom Tail dared not risk receiving the attacks with his body, so he promptly brandished his ritual sword to defend himself.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Following each Judgment Sword blocked, Venom Tail was pushed back a little further in the air. It felt like he was striking a sledgehammer each time he defended himself with his ritual sword. His hand trembled, and his HP also decreased by a significant amount.

How is this possible? Venom Tail was filled with disbelief.

It should be known that he currently had two Divine Artifacts empowering him. One of them was even the Holy Aura Robe, a piece of equipment that could let him exceed the 100% Completion Rate threshold when using Tier 6 Skills. Yet, despite having such items, he still failed to fully block Shi Feng’s Tier 6 Super Spell and even lost 20% of his HP as a result. This was simply unbelievable.

Before Venom Tail could overcome his shock, Shi Feng swung the Shadow Incinerator once more.

Immediately, the 300-plus Judgment Swords created by Divine Shadow assaulted Venom Tail for a second time, giving him no time to think.

One wave… Two waves… Three waves…

The attacks executed by the Judgment Swords were as powerful as the attacks of a Level 200 Ancient God. Although Venom Tail had desperately used all sorts of Tier 6 Skills and Holy Arts to defend himself, with over three hundred Judgment Swords attacking him together, his defenses crumbled rapidly, and the Strength he took pride in became a complete joke. When Shi Feng swung the Shadow Incinerator for a fifth time, Venom Tail could do nothing but watch as his HP fell to zero…

Meanwhile, inside Miniature World 085, it wasn’t until the system had announced Black Flame as the winner that time within the miniature world seemed to start flowing again.

“Black Flame won?”

“That’s the Holy Aura Robe we are talking about! How can Venom Tail still be outmatched so thoroughly?! What kind of Divine Artifact is Black Flame wielding?!”

The spectators in the miniature world couldn’t help but be shocked and confused when they saw Venom Tail’s miserable defeat.

It should be known that Venom Tail had two Divine Artifacts equipped!

Admittedly, Venom Tail himself wasn’t a particularly exceptional expert when put within the Continental Championship. He couldn’t even be considered a top 30 expert in the previous championship. However, with the Holy Aura Robe, one of Sovereign Mark’s prized possessions, empowering Venom Tail, not even an expert like Returning Blade should consider defeating him. After all, Venom Tail not only had the Basic Attributes of two Divine Artifacts to support him, but he could also execute all of his Skills with a Completion Rate of over 100%, letting them exhibit more than double their original effects. In a frontal confrontation, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider him invincible in the Continental Championship.

Yet, some unknown human Swordsman had defeated Venom Tail so handily…

“That guy isn’t just a monster! He’s a freak of nature! Not even the Divine Fist can necessarily defeat Venom Tail in a frontal confrontation! If we are speaking purely in terms of Strength, Black Flame is definitely the strongest in this championship!”

When the other players in the Crucible of the Ancients saw Shi Feng’s match with Venom Tail, they couldn’t help but rethink their opinions of the Verdant Rainbow Party. First, Gentle Snow had defeated Returning Blade, a former top 20 expert. Now, Black Flame had defeated Venom Tail in five exchanges. With the Verdant Rainbow Party having two experts capable of ranking among the Continental Championship’s top 10 experts, everyone had no choice but to reevaluate the party’s significance.

In the Continental Championship, a party with only one reliable expert could, at best, enter the top 16. A good example would be the human race’s Star Maiden Party. With Elise serving as the party’s sole linchpin, the party ultimately failed to progress beyond the top 16 and could only settle for tenth place in the previous championship. It simply wasn’t possible for a one-man party to achieve victory starting from the round of 16. It was especially so after the implementation of the major system update. With Stamina and Concentration becoming even more important, getting into the top 16 might be impossible for one-man parties.

However, it was a different story now that it was revealed that the Verdant Rainbow Party had two monstrously strong experts. The party was absolutely qualified to contend for a top 8 position, and it might even have hopes of entering the top 4.

Meanwhile, so long as a party was revealed to have hopes of entering the top 4, it would instantly become a powerful foe for all other parties. After all, the rewards for the top 4 were significantly more lucrative than those for other rankings, offering an opportunity for players to receive detailed guidance from the depths of the Crucible of the Ancients.

It should be known that existences considered mighty, even among Primordial God-ranked existences, could be found in the Crucible’s depths. The guidance provided by these existences could allow Tier 6 players like themselves to make further progress in their Tier 6 journey, so they naturally couldn’t miss out on such an opportunity.

Currently, the highest tier players could achieve in God’s Domain was Tier 6. This meant that players who reached Tier 6 could no longer rely on increasing their tiers to improve their strength; they would need to seek out alternative methods. However, while tedious, Tier 6 players could achieve qualitative improvements so long as they could successfully adopt one of these alternative methods.

It was similar to the development of the Mana Body players had to experience at Tier 4. If players could unlock 100% of their Mana Bodies, the power of their Skills and Spells would be on an entirely different level when compared to players who had yet to fully unlock their Mana Bodies.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng defeated Venom Tail, he suddenly received a friend request followed by a call from Demon’s Gate’s Star Maiden.

The Star Maiden? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised as he looked at the woman in the video, who looked to be in her early twenties.

Elise the Star Maiden’s fame was much greater than even Death Wind the Divine Eye’s in Shi Feng’s previous life. While Death Wind was considered one of Demon’s Gate’s Nine Great Experts, Elise was considered by Demon’s Gate as an anomaly that would only appear once every few centuries. Many people assumed she would eventually become Demon’s Gate’s strongest expert if she hadn’t suddenly gone missing in the Twelve Sanctuaries one day.

“Greetings, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Elise greeted Shi Feng, her calm tone and demeanor making it seem like she was ignorant of the many offenses Shi Feng had committed against Demon’s Gate. “I have an offer that I believe will interest you.”

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