Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3716

Chapter 790 – Dual Advanced Law Projection

The man sitting beside Frost Raven was named Azure Dragon, and he was a Level 193, Tier 6 Shield Warrior in his early thirties. When he heard Frost Raven’s question, he pondered in silence for a long while.

“I can’t say.” Azure Dragon ultimately shook his head, his gaze solemn as he watched Shi Feng remain ignorant of the imminent danger. “Moon Demon’s hunting methods are out of the norm. Our Great Commander is at the Unthinking Realm, but even he barely managed to block Moon Demon’s attacks while aware of her presence.

“Although Black Flame has previously shown himself to possess astonishing Strength, field combat is different from a duel. Unless Moon Demon gets discovered, she will likely succeed in her ambush. This is also why Assassin- and Ranger-type classes are considered the best for field PvP.”

The Sun Dynasty’s Moon Demon was known by all in the southern region. In her debut battle in the southern region, she single-handedly hunted a 1,000-man Tier 6 legion belonging to the Order of Twelve using her sly and elusive marksmanship. Additionally, she wasn’t even using a Divine Weapon back then. With the Sun Dynasty equipping each of its representatives with at least one Divine Weapon for the Continental Championship, it went without saying Moon Demon’s current strength was vastly superior to before.

“Doesn’t that mean Guild Leader Black Flame will be the first player to get eliminated?” Frost Raven asked.

It was honestly a surprise for Frost Raven to participate in the Continental Championship on behalf of the Order of Twelve this time. It was even more of a surprise when she saw Shi Feng participating in the same Continental Championship and defeating Venom Tail, a chosen one of one of the Holy Race’s royal powers. As a human and a Swordsman player, she found the outcome invigorating.

Although Demon’s Gate reigned supreme in the southern region, it ultimately wasn’t as powerful as the Holy Race’s royal powers. Any human player with experience fighting large numbers of Holy Race players would know this. On average, the Holy Race’s players were individually stronger than human players, and they would become a fearsome force when present in large numbers.

Moreover, these were only ordinary experts they were talking about. The Holy Race’s chosen ones were even more terrifying, and Frost Raven doubted her whole party could win a fight against one of the Holy Race’s chosen ones. Currently, even across the entire Order of Twelve, only a few members could survive in one-on-one combat with the Holy Race’s chosen ones, and this knowledge caused Frost Raven to feel despair.

Originally, Frost Raven had started to see some hope again after seeing Shi Feng’s victory, but now…

“That won’t necessarily be the case,” Azure Dragon said, his expression becoming more focused as Moon Demon moved closer and closer to Shi Feng. “Although Moon Demon discovered Black Flame first, her maximum shooting range should not exceed three hundred yards. They are still over a thousand yards apart right now. So long as Black Flame can detect Moon Demon before she closes the distance to three hundred yards, he still has a chance to block her attacks. And so long as Black Flame can stop Moon Demon’s first volley, she will be put into a passive state. If Black Flame can get within melee range of her, victory will be his.”

Upon hearing Azure Dragon’s comments, Frost Raven placed all her attention on Shi Feng’s livestream, hoping that Shi Feng could detect Moon Demon before it was too late.

At this time, the various Holy Race and Crystallian parties were also watching Moon Demon approach Shi Feng with great interest.

The current battlefield was a city covered with many high-rises. Compared to primal forests, getting within 300 yards of another player without getting detected was much easier in such a setting. The complex interiors of each building made it especially easy for players to advance undetected. The only problem with such an urban setting was the limited ambush points available. Hence, the first ambush attempt was key.

So long as Moon Demon failed in her first ambush attempt, Shi Feng would definitely be able to pinpoint her position and track her down. At that time, Moon Demon’s disadvantage of being a marksman would be amplified considerably.

Under the spectators’ gazes, Moon Demon’s willowy figure silently shuttled between buildings, moving ever closer to Shi Feng. All the while, Shi Feng, who was steadily advancing to the center of the city, remained ignorant of Moon Demon’s presence.

When less than 500 yards separated the two, Moon Demon settled down on the middle floor of a 50-story building in Shi Feng’s path. Then, she quietly stood ten yards away from the window with her repeating crossbow raised and seemingly entered a trance, her aura disappearing completely. For a moment, the spectators even lost sight of Moon Demon. Only, when they looked carefully at the screen, their brains quickly realized Moon Demon was still standing there.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who had moved within 400 yards of Moon Demon’s location, remained ignorant of Moon Demon’s presence. Not even his sixth sense had picked up on the imminent danger.


Meanwhile, when the sixteen bolts arrived within 30 yards of Shi Feng, Shi Feng’s sixth sense finally issued him a warning. However, because of how fast the crossbow bolts were, even though Shi Feng had detected them, there simply wasn’t enough time for his body to make any responses, much less block all sixteen of them.

“What terrifying marksmanship…” Azure Dragon muttered in shock and trepidation when he saw this scene.

Moon Demon’s marksmanship was simply unpredictable. It wasn’t until the very last moment that her attacks revealed their presence to Shi Feng. However, at such a close distance, not even Unthinking Realm experts could react fast enough to defend against her attacks. Under such circumstances, the best an Unthinking Realm expert could hope for was to block a few of Moon Demon’s attacks. But with Moon Demon’s Basic Attributes, getting hit by even a few of her attacks would be a death sentence.

At this time, Shi Feng was also in shock. Almost instinctively, he activated the Winter of Eternal Night’s Void Barrier, nullifying the damage of all attacks within a 100-yard radius.

Bang… Bang… Bang…

A series of knocking sounds came from half a yard away from Shi Feng, which was followed by sixteen crossbow bolts falling to the ground beside Shi Feng’s feet.

Holy crap! Shi Feng was greatly shocked as he looked at the sixteen bolts on the ground. What kind of presence concealment method is that?!

Although Shi Feng had entered the match mentally prepared to fight Unthinking Realm experts like Daystar, he never imagined fighting such an expert out in the fields would be so different from fighting traditional fifth-floor experts. It was like he was going up against a completely different type of opponent.

It should be known that his Physique was enhanced by his Superior Divine Body. Yet, even his sixth sense had failed to detect Moon Demon’s attacks until the very last second. Moreover, he could tell that this situation wasn’t due to his Basic Attributes being inferior. It was entirely due to the other party’s combat standard thoroughly outclassing his. No amount of Basic Attributes would have let him react to those crossbow bolts any sooner. Honestly, had he not instinctively activated a Lifesaving Skill just now, those sixteen bolts would have sealed his fate.

“Oh? You blocked them. Not bad.” When Moon Demon heard the sound her bolts generated, she didn’t even need to see to know what had happened. With a smile in her eyes, she leisurely rearmed her repeating crossbow while saying, “But I wonder how many more Skills you have to use to block my attacks?”

Skills and Spells had durations and cooldowns. In the case of Lifesaving Skills, they typically had short durations and long cooldowns. It was a stark contrast to her attacks, which did not rely on any Skills and hence did not have a duration or cooldown. Additionally, with the city buildings providing cover for her, she should be safe from detection and free to attack Shi Feng for some time.

However, just as Moon Demon was about to launch her second volley, Shi Feng, who understood he was in a precarious situation, suddenly smiled.

As expected of the Holy Guard Party. It seems I have no choice but to rely on some unconventional methods. While sweeping his gaze across the buildings before him, Shi Feng said in a low voice, “If you think I only have Strength to fall back on, you are sorely mistaken!”

Dual Advanced Law Projection!

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