Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3717

Chapter 791 – Two Versus One

“Those shots were simply beautiful!”

“These two people are amazing! Is this how a clash between the top ten experts is supposed to be?”

The spectators watching from the spectator stands and outside the ring momentarily forgot to breathe as they watched the initial exchange between Moon Demon and Shi Feng. After watching the two clash, some spectators even started to find themselves unworthy of considering themselves experts.

Moon Demon’s long-range offensive capabilities were simply stupendous. Unlike other Ranger-type players who relied on Strength or numbers to achieve victory, Moon Demon relied solely on technique. Unless her opponent could maintain an invulnerable state for long periods, they’d be a fish on the chopping block against the combination of her exceptional presence concealment and elusive marksmanship.

Of course, Shi Feng was likewise extraordinary. He had correctly identified his limitations as soon as he detected Moon Demon’s attacks and activated an invulnerability-type Defensive Skill to protect himself. Had he stubbornly chosen to block or dodge Moon Demon’s attacks, death would have greeted him either way.

“Although Black Flame has blocked the first volley, Moon Demon managed to keep her position hidden using her groundbreaking marksmanship,” Azure Dragon commented and sighed when he saw Shi Feng successfully neutralizing Moon Demon’s attacks. “Now, it will be a fight to see who can outlast the other.”

Invulnerability Skills and Spells had limited duration. If Shi Feng couldn’t locate Moon Demon within this limited period, death would be his only outcome. To make matters worse, Shi Feng didn’t have the option to conduct an area bombardment on the general area where Moon Demon’s attacks originated from.

The Continental Championship’s main event placed an extraordinarily powerful suppression on players. Even Tier 6 Gods would have their destructive capabilities suppressed to the standard of a Tier 2 player, while a Tier 6 Curse cast by a Tier 6 Mage God could not bring down even a single high-rise. While Shi Feng was strong enough to demolish all of the buildings within a 300-yard radius of him, he would need an unreasonable length of time to accomplish it.

However, as soon as Azure Dragon finished speaking, a Law Projection suddenly descended upon a 500-yard radius around Shi Feng. The Law Projection radiated an oppressive feeling that reached the spectators, and even Tier 6 Gods would most likely have their Basic Attributes and Physique weakened by up to 50%, let alone Tier 6 players.

“What a powerful Law Projection!”

“What kind of Law Projection is this?! Even the Advanced Law Projection I saw last season could only cover a 100-yard radius, yet this thing is covering a 500-yard radius!”

The spectators were dumbfounded when they saw the Law Projection that suddenly appeared.

Law Projection was an ability that the Tier 6 players of all three races could use. However, rarely would anybody bother to use it in the Continental Championship, especially not in the main event. This was because virtually every chosen one in the main event could use Advanced Law Projection. Meanwhile, in a situation where both sides could use Advanced Law Projection, neither side would gain an advantage over the other, and they would merely put more strain on their already-limited Concentration. Not to mention, Advanced Law Projections in the main event could only cover a 100-yard radius. Such a small Law Projection could be of hardly any use in reconnaissance.

However, Shi Feng’s Law Projection was vastly superior to any Law Projection anyone had ever seen in the Continental Championship’s main event. Simply the fact that it covered a 500-yard radius was enough to make it invaluable in the main event. Shi Feng would become a walking radar with his Law Projection active, and he could locate allies and enemies much more easily. This, in turn, allowed him to create more favorable fights for himself and his party. Not to mention, his Law Projection also had an incredibly powerful suppressive effect.

On the battlefield, Moon Demon was equally shocked when she sensed Shi Feng’s Dual Advanced Law Projection. She never expected Shi Feng to have such a powerful detection method. Almost at the same time as she fired her second volley, her instincts as a marksman kicked in, and she turned around and fled without a second thought.

In addition to having a 500-yard detection radius, Shi Feng’s Law Projection also exerted an unimaginably powerful suppression. Even when Moon Demon tried to counter it with her own Advanced Law Projection, she still had her Basic Attributes reduced by 20%. If she had to engage Shi Feng in melee combat in such a state, she would be at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“I found you!”

As soon as Moon Demon moved, Shi Feng immediately looked toward a 50-story building no more than 300 yards away. Then, he executed Flowing Space, his body shooting toward the building like a cannonball.

However, despite her astonishment, Moon Demon did not reduce her speed in the slightest. She also began firing at Shi Feng with her repeating crossbow to disrupt his advance.

After a while, Shi Feng finally closed the gap enough to spot Moon Demon’s long white hair and dark gray leather outfit. However, before he could catch up to Moon Demon, he suddenly sensed the presence of another Holy Race player entering his Law Projection. This other Holy Race player’s Life Rating felt monstrous, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to regard the other party as a mini Holy Ancestor. Additionally, he could sense that this other Holy Race player was advancing straight toward him.

Holy Blood, is it?

When Shi Feng focused his attention on this new arrival, he quickly identified the other party as Holy Blood, the Sun Dynasty’s First Holy Child.

On Moon Demon’s side, while Moon Demon was jumping between high-rises, a solemn voice suddenly entered her ears.

“Moon, Black Flame cannot be allowed to live,” Holy Blood said to Moon Demon through the party chat as soon as he was within the 500-yard communication range. “We must eliminate him right here and now!”

“It seems I’m pretty lucky for you to be the first person I meet up with.” When Moon Demon heard Holy Blood’s voice, her mind immediately pictured a three-meter-tall man, and she couldn’t help but smile. “Okay, I’ll try to lure him to you. However, I can’t promise he will give chase.”

When Moon Demon realized Shi Feng had detected her with his Law Projection, she began to attack him relentlessly. However, she didn’t do so solely to impede Shi Feng’s advance. She also did it to attract the attention of nearby players. After all, trying to escape from an expert with superior Basic Attributes was unrealistic. Not to mention, said expert could pinpoint her location so long as she remained within 500 yards of him.

Of course, she was also taking a huge risk in doing so. This was because the commotion she created wouldn’t simply attract the notice of her party members. It would also attract the attention of the enemy’s party members. So, her fate would depend on which side she attracted first.

Fortunately, Moon Demon’s gamble paid off, and Holy Blood was the first to approach her.

Holy Blood had the strongest Physique of the Holy Guard Party’s six members. He was more than capable of engaging Shi Feng in melee combat. Meanwhile, with Holy Blood keeping Shi Feng distracted, all she needed to do was coordinate her attacks with Holy Blood, and they should have no trouble eliminating Shi Feng.

“Just try your best!”

Holy Blood understood that there were no fools among experts of their caliber. He knew it was unlikely Shi Feng would fall into their trap and put himself in a disadvantageous position.

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