Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3718

Chapter 792 – Pseudo-Goddess Law

“How unlucky of Black Flame. He was so close to eliminating Moon Demon.”

“Indeed. That Law Projection of his is simply terrifying. Moon Demon probably wouldn’t last ten moves against Black Flame in a melee engagement. But now that Holy Blood is here, Black Flame will have to retreat regardless. Otherwise, if he gets entangled with Holy Blood, he will become an easy target for Moon Demon. In that kind of situation, even Garuda would be in trouble.”

“What a pity. If Holy Blood wasn’t the first to show up but someone else instead, Black Flame could have chosen to hold his ground.”

When the spectators saw Holy Blood dashing toward Shi Feng, they couldn’t help but sympathize with the Verdant Rainbow Party.

Admittedly, Shi Feng’s Law Projection was powerful. However, Holy Blood’s Physique was likewise extraordinary, being regarded as the player with the strongest Physique in the Sun Dynasty. Holy Blood’s Life Rating was also incredibly close to reaching the Holy Ancestor standard, which, in turn, granted him exceptional Basic Attributes. Additionally, Holy Blood had mastered many offensive and defensive Holy Arts. Even if Shi Feng’s Law Projection could suppress Holy Blood’s Basic Attributes by 20%, he wouldn’t hold much of an advantage over the other party. If Shi Feng were to engage Holy Blood and Moon Demon in an extended fight, he would inevitably lose.

Meanwhile, Frost Raven couldn’t help but frown when she saw this unexpected turn of events.

“You don’t have to get anxious,” Azure Dragon said when he noticed the change in Frost Raven’s mood. “The Holy Guard Party might have good luck, but Black Flame’s Law Projection is no joke. I would even go as far as to call it a tactical weapon. So long as Black Flame can regroup with the rest of his party, the Verdant Rainbow Party will still hold the overall advantage.”

Frost Raven pondered over Azure Dragon’s words for a moment before she nodded in agreement.

Although Shi Feng had lost the opportunity to eliminate Moon Demon, it did not change the fact that his Law Projection could impose a powerful suppression on all his enemies. Hence, the Verdant Rainbow Party still held a considerable advantage in this match. So long as the Verdant Rainbow Party could avoid taking any casualties before everyone regrouped, it would have a considerable chance of winning the match.

However, contrary to the expectations of Frost Raven and the other spectating human players, Shi Feng did not distance himself from Moon Demon. On the contrary, the gap between them continued to shrink, and Shi Feng behaved like he would not rest until he had killed Moon Demon.

“Is Black Flame insane?” When Phoenix Flame saw that Shi Feng was persisting in his pursuit despite Holy Blood having moved within 300 yards of Moon Demon, even she couldn’t help but be astonished.

For an expert like Holy Blood, 300 yards was not a great distance. Even while heavily suppressed by the battlefield’s environment and Shi Feng’s Law Projection, Holy Blood could close this distance in three seconds. Meanwhile, even if Shi Feng managed to catch up to Moon Demon this instant, he wouldn’t be able to kill Moon Demon in three seconds. Ultimately, Holy Blood would be able to intercept Shi Feng and keep him distracted so that Moon Blood could kill him.

Sitting beside Phoenix Flame, Elise was also a little surprised when she saw Shi Feng refusing to retreat.

For experts participating in the Continental Championship, it was crucial for them to know how to look at the bigger picture. They needed to know what to do and when to do it. The last thing they should do was to let their emotions cloud their judgment. This was already the second time Shi Feng’s behavior had confused her.

Previously, the man had countered her offer with an unreasonable demand. Now, he refused to retreat despite being in a highly disadvantageous position.

“What an interesting person you are. Are you really planning to fight us by yourself?” Moon Demon couldn’t help but poke fun at Shi Feng while watching the latter persistently chasing after her.

“What if I am?” Shi Feng stated bluntly.

Fusion Holy Art, Blood Waterfall!

When Holy Blood threw his punch, even with the powerful suppression that was acting on him, he transformed into a crimson tiger several times his size and lunged at Shi Feng, leaving five sonic booms in his wake. The tiger’s size also grew as it got closer to Shi Feng, while the strength of its aura soared to the standard of Level 200 Ancient Gods.

In response to this frightening punch, Shi Feng swung the sword in his hand.

Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!

Overbearing flames engulfed the crimson tiger, their collision generating a metallic ring and sending dazzling sparks flying everywhere. Then, both the flames and the crimson tiger erased each other from existence, and Holy Blood’s fist smashed into Shi Feng’s longsword, the impact creating a shockwave that rocked the buildings within a 100-yard radius.

Following this straightforward exchange, Shi Feng stumbled three steps backward, while Holy Blood flew back by over a dozen yards.

He still has so much Strength, even while suppressed by my Law Projection? Shi Feng was surprised when he saw Holy Blood faring not much worse than him.

It should be known that Shi Feng’s Strength was currently at the standard of Level 200 Ancient Gods. Even if he was only at the entry level of the threshold, this was still the Strength of a Level 200 Ancient God they were talking about. Logically, such Strength should be enough to overwhelm Holy Blood, who was only a Level 193 player. Yet, despite Holy Blood being suppressed by his Law Projection, he only managed to gain a slight advantage over the other party. They would likely be equal in Strength if Holy Blood wasn’t suppressed.

Meanwhile, although Holy Blood maintained a calm expression, he was greatly shaken inside.

The pairing of his exceptional Life Rating and Divine Gauntlets granted him a massive advantage in Basic Attributes over players of the same level. Holy Blood even dared to say that Garuda was inferior to him in this regard.

Yet, now, a human Swordsman had surpassed him in Basic Attributes. This was simply unbelievable.

“Moon, we must eliminate this person right here and now. I will keep him distracted for you, so do whatever it takes to kill him,” Holy Blood commanded as he looked at Moon Demon.

“Understood,” Moon Demon responded, focusing on Shi Feng. Only at this moment did she truly understand the extent of Shi Feng’s terror.

Previously, although Moon Demon knew Shi Feng possessed extraordinary Basic Attributes, she still believed that Holy Blood was superior in this regard. She never expected Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes to be at such a frightening level. Out of everyone in the Holy Guard Party, only Holy Blood and Daystar could afford to face Shi Feng in direct combat. If anyone else were to get within melee range of Shi Feng, they would probably be dead in a few exchanges.

There were many variables in a six-on-six match. Nobody could guarantee whether Shi Feng could get within range of the other four members. If they didn’t kill Shi Feng now and let the match develop into a six-on-six party battle, their chances of defeat would be much greater than their chances of victory.

Subsequently, Holy Blood could be seen transforming into a 100-meter-tall crimson tiger and lunging at Shi Feng. At the same time, Moon Demon fired her repeating crossbow, launching all her crossbow bolts straight through the crimson tiger, evidently resolved to eliminate Shi Feng at the cost of Holy Blood’s life.

Holy Blood and Moon Demon were incredibly swift in their actions. It wasn’t until their bodies had gone into motion that Shi Feng perceived their actions. Additionally, even though Shi Feng had the Basic Attributes of a Level 200 Ancient God, his sixth sense still warned him of imminent death.


However, Shi Feng did not back away from the danger. After all, this was the moment he had been waiting for this entire time.

Immediately, Shi Feng merged the Law of Space and the Law of Destruction he had mastered. Then, he used the fusion of the two Advanced Laws to cast his Law Projection.

According to the information he had gathered in his previous life, the Goddess Law transcended Advanced Laws. If players wished to achieve the standard of a Goddess Law, they would need to fuse three Advanced Laws. Currently, he had fused the Law of Destruction he had mastered in his previous life with the Law of Space he had mastered in this life. Although the fusion of the two wasn’t enough to reach the Goddess Law standard, it could still be considered a Pseudo-Goddess Law, and he could use it to cast a Law Projection that was considerably stronger than before.

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