Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3720

Chapter 794 – Arbiter of Death

When the sword lights dissipated, dust and smoke clouds filled the air. Amidst the ruins, Moon Demon pushed away the debris covering her. Although she did not sustain any visible injuries, her previous delight was nowhere to be seen, replaced by a grave expression.

How did his Sword Technique improve so much all of a sudden? Moon Demon was greatly puzzled as she looked at her HP bar and Holy Blood’s corpse.

Previously, although she and Holy Blood remained at a disadvantage after working together, they could still trade blows with Shi Feng without taking catastrophic damage.

But now, in just one move, Shi Feng had not only killed Holy Blood, but he had also plundered over 30% of her HP. Moreover, this was only because Holy Blood was the recipient of 90% of Shi Feng’s attacks. Had she received half of Shi Feng’s attacks, she would most certainly have died.


Meanwhile, Shi Feng was ecstatic as he looked at the system notification before him.

In God’s Domain, players would only be considered to have reached the apex if they had learned a Gold Combat Technique. This was because only combat techniques that had reached the Gold rank could pose a threat to fifth-floor experts and above.

Previously, although he had learned the Gold-ranked Flowing Space, it primarily enhanced his maneuverability since it was a body technique. While he could use Flowing Space to overwhelm his opponent’s senses, he still had to ensure he had an advantage in Basic Attributes if he wanted to overpower his opponent’s defenses. Of the top-tier techniques in his repertoire, only Dark Moon, a Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique, enhanced his offensive power significantly and allowed him to threaten stronger opponents.

Now that Sword’s Orbit had been elevated to the Gold rank, he would have one more offensive measure to fall back on. Additionally, as Sword’s Orbit was a Gold Combat Technique, using it would place less burden on his Concentration than a Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique. It also wouldn’t conflict with the mana control of his Law Projection as its execution relied solely on the user’s body.

Hence, even though his Concentration was only at the Tier 6 Advanced standard currently, he could afford to cast a Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection while using a Gold Combat Technique. This development increased his combat power significantly. In his current state, he wouldn’t need much time to finish off Moon Demon.

Meanwhile, this unexpected development excited the various human spectators.

“What a powerful sword technique!”

“The Holy Guard Party is in trouble. There’s no way Moon Demon can last long by herself. Once Black Flame regroups with Verdant Rainbow, not even Daystar can survive against them.”

Now that Holy Blood, one of the Holy Guard Party’s top three combatants, was taken out of the picture, it would only be a matter of time before Moon Demon followed in his shoes. To make matters worse, Daystar was currently being kept busy by Gentle Snow and Verdant Rainbow. At this rate, the Verdant Rainbow Party’s victory was as good as guaranteed.

Amidst the spectators’ discussion, a 100-meter-tall, hundred-armed giant suddenly appeared in the plaza. As soon as the giant appeared, it sent a flurry of punches at Gentle Snow, Verdant Rainbow, Fervent Samsara, Heavy Abyss, and Death Wind, each of its punches carrying the power of a Level 200 Ancient God.

“Chalk Splendor is finally getting desperate!”

“Is this the Moonlight Blade’s power?”

Among the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas were the Sunlight and Moonlight Blades. Although the Sun Dynasty had previously lost the Sunlight Blade to Shi Feng, it still retained the Moonlight Blade, and the Divine Weapon was assigned to Chalk Splendor when he was selected to participate in the Continental Championship. Meanwhile, unlike the Sunlight Blade, which made its wielder nigh-unkillable, the Moonlight Blade granted its wielder ultimate power.

Even though Chalk Splendor was currently only at Level 191, when he activated the Moonlight Blade’s Moonlight Body Skill, he could gain Strength that was at the limits of the Level 200 Ancient God standard. Although the Skill had a very short duration and cost the wielder levels to activate, it allowed the wielder to essentially one-shot any Tier 6 player below Level 200.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


Suddenly, Verdant Rainbow started to move at speeds far greater than anything she had exhibited thus far. In only an instant, several hundred afterimages of Verdant Rainbow formed across the plaza, each firing a volley of arrows at the descending illusory fists.

This was the effect of Future Price, a Skill that came with the Divine Necklace Space-Time Teardrop. When activated, Future Price would temporarily improve the user’s perception of time at the cost of the user’s levels. The more levels the user sacrificed, the more Strength and speed they would gain.

When the illusory fists and arrows collided, a series of deafening explosions echoed across the plaza, and the terrain around the plaza was devastated. The exchange between Chalk Splendor and Verdant Rainbow happened at lightning speeds, and only a few spectators outside the ring could keep up with them.

Following the initial exchange, it instantly became apparent that Verdant Rainbow’s Strength was inferior to Chalk Splendor’s. Although she had an edge over Chalk Splendor in speed, it wasn’t enough to prevent Chalk Splendor from getting to her allies. As more exchanges occurred, Death Wind became the first to succumb to the illusory fists, and it was only a matter of time before Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss followed. Ultimately, when Verdant Rainbow saw that death was imminent, she decided to forgo defense and fire an arrow at Chalk Splendor with all her might.

Blinding light enveloped the plaza briefly. When the brilliance faded, Verdant Rainbow, Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss lay dead on the ground alongside Death Wind. Meanwhile, the hundred-armed giant that Chalk Splendor had transformed into was missing its head, while the two other members of the Holy Guard Party had a gaping hole in their hearts. Of the four Holy Guard Party members fighting in the plaza, only Daystar managed to block Verdant Rainbow’s dying retaliation.

“Amazing! I didn’t think she could claim the lives of Chalk Splendor and two other Holy Children at the very last moment!”

“Crap! Isn’t the Moonlight Body supposed to be invincible against Tier 6 players under Level 200? How did it end with a one-for-three trade?”

“Incredible! As expected of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s brightest chosen one in recent years! Even in death, she managed to drag the Moonlight Body down with her!”

When the spectators saw Verdant Rainbow succeed in her attempt at mutual destruction, they couldn’t help but feel admiration for her.

The Sun Dynasty didn’t regard the Moonlight Blade as one of its Seven Arcanas for nothing. When a Level 191, Tier 6 player like Chalk Splendor activated the Moonlight Blade’s Moonlight Body, there was no Tier 6 player under Level 200 he couldn’t kill. Although Shi Feng was strong enough to kill Holy Blood, he would likely die if he tried to clash with Chalk Splendor while Moonlight Body’s effect was still active. Not to mention, he also had to go up against Daystar simultaneously.

Fortunately, Verdant Rainbow eliminated Chalk Splendor and two other Holy Children at the last moment, preventing Shi Feng from encountering the worst possible situation.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, Shi Feng had deprived Moon Demon of her remaining HP, leaving only him and Daystar on the battlefield.

“It seems we are the only two left,” Daystar said as she watched Shi Feng flying toward her with her three eyes. Then, looking at Verdant Rainbow’s crumbling body, she added, “I must admit, I have underestimated you all. I didn’t expect Chalk to get killed at the last moment.”

“Miss Rainbow isn’t as weak as you think. She is the leader of our party, after all,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised by the sudden burst of strength Verdant Rainbow displayed at the end. After all, Verdant Rainbow was known as the God Hunter in his previous life. It was just that she had yet to unleash her full potential thus far.

“But your luck ends here,” Daystar said as she returned her gaze to Shi Feng. Then, the two ritual swords she wielded vanished, and a banner spear took their place.

Death’s Banner! This was the name of Daystar’s new weapon, and it was the Divine Weapon that led her to become known as the Arbiter of Death.

“You may be right, but I beg to differ.”

Shi Feng understood that Daystar was getting serious, so he cast his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection without hesitation.

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