Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3721

Chapter 795 – Death’s Banner
When Shi Feng and Daystar were the only ones left in the ring, the atmosphere outside the ring grew tense.

“I did not expect the match to end with a one-on-one between these two.”

“A former top-five expert versus a current top-ten expert. I wonder who will turn out stronger?”

“Daystar isn’t known as the Arbiter of Death for nothing. Aside from Garuda and Rin, nobody else from the last championship can confidently say they can defeat Daystar. Not to mention, Black Flame is only considered one of the current top-ten experts. How can he possibly be a match for Daystar?”

“I agree. Also, Black Flame has already expended much of his Stamina and Concentration fighting Holy Blood and Moon Demon. In contrast, Daystar has never fought seriously this entire time, and only now did she take out her trademark weapon. Generally speaking, Black Flame’s chances of victory are slim.”

“But you can’t discount Black Flame’s incredible Law Projection. That thing can suppress even Holy Blood’s Physique by over 30%. It is the strongest Law Projection I have ever seen. Although I admit Daystar is amazing, can she beat Black Flame if she is suppressed by over 30% in all aspects?”

The spectators debated the confrontation between Shi Feng and Daystar. The debate was especially heated among human and Holy Race players. At this point, everyone could agree that, whether it was the Verdant Rainbow Party or the Holy Guard Party, both had the qualifications to enter the Continental Championship’s top 8. There was also no doubt that the ace combatants of the two parties stood at the apex of their respective races.

As soon as Azure Dragon finished speaking, the Holy Race experts sitting nearby instantly cast a look of disdain at him.

“Do you humans honestly think the former top eight parties are pushovers? Or do you think having a powerful Law Projection is enough to enter the top eight?”

“They’ve probably forgotten the might of Daystar. After all, Daystar hasn’t used her Death’s Banner even once in this championship. Now that she has brought out the Divine Weapon, her combat power is at least twice as much as before. Even if she is weakened by 30%, Black Flame will still be no match for her.”

The words of the spectating Holy Race experts earned nods of agreement from many nearby players. They could only see the spectating human players as ignorant for thinking that a human player could be a match for a chosen one of the Holy Race.

Meanwhile, outside the ring, Verdant Rainbow and the other resurrected members of the Verdant Rainbow Party wore serious expressions as they looked at the main screen above the ring.

It’s all up to you now, Guild Leader Black Flame! Verdant Rainbow anxiously clenched her fists as she watched the showdown between Shi Feng and Daystar.

If possible, Verdant Rainbow would have wanted to fight alongside Shi Feng. However, she never expected the Sun Dynasty to loan the Moonlight Blade to Chalk Splendor after the latter had lost the Sunlight Blade. She also didn’t expect Chalk Splendor to be willing to pay the price of using Moonlight Body. This situation left her with no choice but to respond with all her might.

Dammit! If only I had fully grasped that sword technique! Gentle Snow similarly felt anxious and reluctant.

Had she mastered the Goddess’s sword technique, while she wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat the Moonlight Body, she should have no problem surviving against it. Meanwhile, had she survived the final bout, she could have fought alongside Shi Feng and increased their party’s chances of winning.

In the plaza filled with dust clouds…

“Your Law Projection is indeed incredible. Unfortunately, it will not affect me the same way it affected Holy Blood and Moon Demon,” Daystar said as she slammed the silver banner she wielded into the ground and cast her Law Projection.


Immediately, Shi Feng’s Law Projection was forced ten yards away from Daystar, and its suppressive effect was dampened significantly. Now, the suppressive effect Daystar experienced was just 10% rather than over 30%. Additionally, spirits of the dead started to rise from the ground around Daystar, forming an undead legion of a thousand strong in the blink of an eye.

Each of the spirits in the undead legion shared the same level and tier as Daystar. They even shared the same Basic Attributes. Additionally, each spirit had its own unique appearance, with some even looking like humans and Crystallians. Most importantly, all of them exhibited combat standards at the fifth-floor standard, their movements resembling living players.

When Daystar’s legion of undead appeared, many among the spectators gasped. This was because they recognized some of the faces of these spirits.

Death’s Will. This was a Skill that came with the Divine Weapon known as Death’s Banner, and it allowed the wielder to summon any player they had killed in the form of a spirit. Moreover, the summoned spirits would retain 100% of the replicated players’ combat standards.

Is this Daystar’s true strength? Azure Dragon was at a loss for words as he looked at the undead legion on the screen.

How is this possible? Frost Raven, who was originally confident in Shi Feng, also found this situation unbelievable, her body getting goosebumps.

It was one thing for Daystar to be able to summon a thousand fifth-floor experts. However, to Frost Raven’s disbelief, some of the replicated human experts were in the top 100 of the Divine Glory List. She even spotted the faces of several commanders from the Order of Twelve…

“Is she hacking? How can such a Divine Artifact exist?” Fervent Samsara muttered in disbelief as he looked at the undead legion.

At this point, the fight between Shi Feng and Daystar could no longer be considered a battle between two players. It was virtually a battle between one player and an entire legion.

Furthermore, this legion was composed of a thousand fifth-floor experts. With such strength, even feats such as slaying an Ancient God or destroying an entire Realm wouldn’t be out of the question.

“I have laid waste to multiple Realms with my collection. Though I rarely use it against individual players, you are worthy of this privilege,” Daystar said as she gazed indifferently at Shi Feng. “After this battle, you, too, will enter my collection.”

Although Death’s Banner was not included among the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas, it was a heaven-defying Divine Weapon. Unlike most Divine Weapons, Death’s Banner only had one ability, and that was to create perfect replicas of the players Death’s Banner had killed. Additionally, the stronger the wielder’s Concentration, the more replicas they could summon.

In the hands of the weak, Death’s Banner’s ability was negligible. However, in the hands of experts like Daystar, it was an ability that could defy the heavens. So long as Daystar killed enough experts, she could summon an army of experts to fight for her. At a certain point, she could even become a one-man apex power.

“I’m flattered,” Shi Feng calmly responded. “But if you think you can defeat me with this army, I suggest you reconsider.”

After saying so, Shi Feng took out the Feather of Oath and summoned the War Goddesses.

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