Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3722

Chapter 796 – War Goddesses VS Legion of Undead
“Is Black Flame using a summoning tool?”

“What’s the point of using a summoning tool at this time? He’s going up against a thousand experts nearing Daystar’s standard. Even if all of us watching here fought her, we wouldn’t necessarily win, let alone a couple of Tier 6 summons.”

When the spectators saw the several summoning arrays in the plaza, they were all puzzled by Shi Feng’s actions, and they could only see this situation as Shi Feng’s attempt to delay the inevitable.

A 1,000-man legion of fifth-floor experts under Level 200 could easily conquer even Taboo Mode Dungeons. Hence, a couple of Tier 6 summons could do little to help Shi Feng in his fight against Daystar.

Amidst the spectators’ discussion, six War Goddesses clad in holy armor and armed with various weapons descended upon the plaza, each exuding a suffocating aura.

Level 200, Tier 6 War Goddesses!

Level 200 was a major turning point in God’s Domain. It was especially so for NPCs like War Goddesses. Compared to monsters, NPCs wouldn’t receive as much of a boost in Basic Attributes when they reached Level 200. However, their weapons and equipment would undergo drastic transformations.

For reference, the average Level 200, Tier 6 NPC would typically be fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, and they could put up a good fight against barely equipped Level 200, Tier 6 Gods. Stronger Tier 6 NPCs would have a Fragmented Divine Artifact-ranked weapon, and they would be as strong as barely equipped Tier 6 Gods.

As for the six War Goddesses, they were fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts…

“I must be dreaming! How can this be real?!”

“Is that summoning tool a Divine Artifact?”

The Holy Race experts who originally wanted to ridicule Shi Feng for overestimating his capabilities gaped in shock when they saw the six War Goddesses. Even Verdant Rainbow and the others who were aware of the Feather of Oath’s existence couldn’t help but be shocked.

Tools that could summon Level 200, Tier 6 NPCs weren’t particularly rare in the Greater God’s Domain. All major powers would have some of these tools. Only, none of them could summon NPCs as strong as War Goddesses. It was also completely unheard-of for summoned Tier 6 NPCs to come fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts.

It should be known that the rarity of Fragmented Divine Artifacts was much greater than that of Legendary Weapons. Even the various apex powers didn’t have many in their possession. Aside from their chosen ones, they would never assign a Fragmented Divine Artifact to their younger generation members. As for being fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts, not even the various apex powers’ executives could necessarily enjoy such a privilege.

Although NPCs in God’s Domain had a much easier time obtaining high-quality equipment, obtaining a full set of Fragmented Divine Artifacts remained a nigh-impossible task for most NPCs. The technology to produce weapons and equipment at the Fragmented Divine Artifact rank and above was lost during the Mythical Era, and virtually all the ones that exist today originated from the Mythical Era and had traceable origins.

Typically, Tier 6 NPCs fully equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts were rulers of an entire Realm in the Greater God’s Domain. Even the War God’s Temple had fully equipped only one of its War Goddesses with Fragmented Divine Artifacts when it mobilized its forces to stop the Twenty-Two Taboos from terrorizing the Greater God’s Domain in the past.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had summoned six of such War Goddesses. How could everyone not be shocked?

Meanwhile, in the ruined plaza…

After looking at the six War Goddesses he summoned, Shi Feng turned to Daystar and said, “Let’s begin, then.”

There existed a qualitative difference between the Feather of Oath and Death’s Banner.

Although the Feather of Oath remained in a damaged state, it wasn’t considered one of the Goddess of Space’s most prized possessions without a reason. In its complete state, the Feather of Oath could enable the Goddess of Space to trade blows with a Primordial God of the same level. Although Death’s Banner was indeed heaven-defying, it was nowhere near strong enough to let its wielder fight a Primordial God.

“You have truly surprised me,” Daystar admitted, a hint of surprise coloring her face. However, she quickly regained her calm and said, “But you are destined to fall! My spirits can be resummoned without end, whereas your War Goddesses will stay dead should they die!”

“You are right.” Shi Feng nonchalantly nodded in acknowledgment when he heard Daystar point out the Feather of Oath’s weakness. Then, he added, “But that will only matter if you can last until they die!”

The Feather of Oath shared a common flaw with all summoning tools: the inability to resummon summoned creatures within a short time after death.[1]

However, Death’s Banner wasn’t without its flaws, either. Although the weapon could summon an endless stream of spirits, doing so greatly burdened the wielder’s Concentration. The more spirits the wielder summoned, the greater the burden on their Concentration. After the major system update, this flaw would become especially apparent.

“Let’s see which of us can last longer, then!”

Daystar raised her banner spear and charged at Shi Feng without hesitation. Simultaneously, the undead behind her also charged with her.

Every spirit possessed the combat standard and instincts of the player they replicated. As they advanced, they executed their trademark moves on Shi Feng, completely ignoring the War Goddesses and their own lives.

In the blink of an eye, over a hundred ranged attacks exhibiting power bombarded Shi Feng, each as strong as an all-out attack from Holy Blood.

“Attack!” When Shi Feng saw the oncoming spirits, he promptly commanded the War Goddesses to retaliate, not daring to treat the situation lightly.

At Shi Feng’s command, the six War Goddesses positioned themselves in front of Shi Feng, and one of them summoned numerous divine pattern barriers with her shield, creating a wall of light between herself and the undead legion. Then, a longbow-wielding War Goddess nocked her weapon and fired at the incoming attacks.

Whoosh… Whoosh… Whoosh…

A wall of densely packed arrows flew forward, striking down most of the incoming attacks and eliminating over half of the advancing undead legion in the blink of an eye. As for the dozen or so attacks that managed to make it past the wall of arrows, they were deflected by the wall of light before they could even get near Shi Feng.

Before anyone could voice their surprise at the divine pattern barriers’ defensive prowess, the remaining four War Goddesses, armed with a greatsword, a spear, a battle axe, and a two-handed saber, respectively, charged past the barriers. Then, like precision machines, they began slaughtering the spirits with perfect movements. None of them made any excess movements, killing at least one spirit with every move. Even Level 190-plus, Tier 6 fifth-floor experts were nothing more than children in front of the War Goddesses, and over a hundred spirits were erased from existence in the blink of an eye.

However, Daystar was no ordinary expert. Even after seeing most of her spirits getting killed in the first exchange, she showed no fear and simply resummoned all of them. The spirits also started acting as her shield, enabling her to bypass the six War Goddesses and easily reach Shi Feng. Then, the surrounding space began to tremble as Daystar swung her banner spear down at Shi Feng, making it feel like the world was collapsing around him.

Holy Ancestor-ranked Holy Art, Spatial Demolition!

In response, Shi Feng swung the Shadow Incinerator to meet Daystar’s attack.

Gold Combat Technique, Sword’s Orbit!

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