Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3723

Chapter 797 – Top 16 Party

A powerful shockwave spread across the plaza as Shi Feng and Daystar traded blows. Following the exchange, Shi Feng felt his entire arm growing numb, as if he had just struck an impenetrable wall with the Shadow Incinerator. He also stumbled five steps backward before he managed to stabilize his body, each step he took leaving huge cracks in the ground.

What incredible Strength, Daystar thought, shock and confusion flashing in her eyes. She had similarly suffered from the impact of her clash with Shi Feng, the force transmitted through her banner spear enough to send her flying over a dozen yards away.

It should be known that she currently had two Divine Artifacts equipped. Combined with Spatial Demolition, a Holy Ancestor-ranked Holy Art, she could exhibit power matching a Tier 6 Super Spell or Tier 6 Curse used by a Level 200 Ancient God, even while suppressed by Shi Feng’s Law Projection. Yet, she still failed to overpower Shi Feng. This was simply unbelievable.

Incredible. As expected of the Arbiter of Death. Shi Feng was equally surprised by the outcome of his exchange with Daystar.

Although he did not have any Divine Artifacts equipped, his Basic Attributes should closely rival those of Level 200 Ancient Gods. Yet, even after he had used the upgraded Sword’s Orbit, he still failed to gain a significant advantage over Daystar. The other party was terrifying beyond words.

“Again!” Even after experiencing failure, Daystar did not intend to change her approach. Without hesitation, she executed Spatial Demolition against Shi Feng once more.

“Come!” Shi Feng also chose not to avoid confronting Daystar, executing Sword’s Orbit once more.

The Arbiter of Death was universally famous among the human race in Shi Feng’s previous life. Unfortunately, as Shi Feng had been busy dealing with Demon’s Gate’s constant pursuit back then, he never had time to participate in the war between the two races. This led him to miss out on many opportunities to trade blows with the Holy Race’s experts. Now that he could fight the Arbiter of Death, he naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity slip by.

Subsequently, longsword and banner spear clashed repeatedly, sending shockwaves across the plaza. Although both Shi Feng and Daystar adamantly refused to block each other’s attacks, they attacked at lightning speeds and constantly altered the trajectories of their attacks. Sometimes, they would even execute over a dozen alterations in one exchange.

Meanwhile, outside the ring, many spectators were dazzled by the rapid exchange between Shi Feng and Daystar. Even experts like Verdant Rainbow felt their scalps going numb.

Everything was happening too quickly!

When it came to the speed of executing mid-battle transitions, Daystar, an Unthinking Realm expert, was undoubtedly superior to Shi Feng. However, what Shi Feng lacked in response time, he more than made up for with his absurd Attack Speed, and he could always block Daystar’s banner spear in the nick of time.

After over a dozen exchanges, cracks started to appear in the surrounding space. Even so, Shi Feng and Daystar showed no signs of reducing their battle’s intensity and kept trying to find gaps in each other’s defenses.

“These two must be insane. Are they not worried about affecting their performance in subsequent matches by fighting like this?”

“Their Strength is unbelievable. Not even Level 200 Ancient Gods should be able to crack the battlefield’s space. How much Strength do they have?”

When the spectators saw that the clash between Shi Feng and Daystar had already demolished multiple streets, they couldn’t help but feel like they were watching a fight between gigantic beasts rather than players.

It should be known that the battlefields used to host the Continental Championship’s main event were exceptionally stable. Not only did this impose a powerful suppression on players, but it also created a space with rigidity unrivaled in God’s Domain. If a player’s attack could crack the space of one of these battlefields, the same attack could destroy the average large map in the outside world.

“Daystar has improved significantly since we last met,” Garuda commented, his eyes blazing with fighting spirit as he watched the ongoing fight inside the ring. “This human named Black Flame is not bad, either. With how he is keeping up with Daystar right now, he can probably rank among the top five, even in this season.”

“Indeed.” Rin, who sat beside Garuda, nodded in agreement. “Although Black Flame has yet to reach the Unthinking Realm, his astonishing Attack Speed paired with that sword technique can more than make up for his weaknesses. If we compare solely in maximum speed, I must admit I am inferior to him.”

“By the looks of things, it seems they intend to determine the winner through speed alone. Let’s see who can last longer, then,” Garuda said with a smile. Then, he turned to Rin and continued, “Whoever emerges victorious here will have to face you and me afterward. I wonder which among us will face them first?”

A competition of speed would take a significant toll, even on fifth-floor experts. Hence, the fight between Shi Feng and Daystar was destined to be short. Once either side could no longer keep up, they would instantly be killed by the other side.

However, regardless of who emerged victorious in this battle, they would have to face either Garuda or Rin afterward.

Meanwhile, after trading several dozen blows with each other, Shi Feng and Daystar felt incredibly exhausted. Their consciousness even started to waver.

“You are strong. Unfortunately, it seems your Concentration is still a little lacking to support your Law Projection,” Daystar said, her lips curving into a faint smile as she looked at Shi Feng’s pale complexion. “We will decide the winner in three moves!”

After saying so, Daystar executed Spatial Demolition once more.

This won’t do. I will lose if I keep this up. When Shi Feng saw Daystar attacking him with the same move, he knew that his defeat would be inevitable if he responded similarly. Gritting his teeth, he promptly stopped maintaining his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection, switching to his Dual Advanced Law Projection instead.

He weakened his Law Projection? Daystar immediately noticed the change in Shi Feng’s Law Projection, and she couldn’t help but find Shi Feng’s decision puzzling. However, she did not slow down her actions in the slightest.

When Daystar’s banner spear was only half a yard away, Shi Feng suddenly tightened his grip around the Shadow Incinerator and swung it upward.

Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, Dark Moon!

Suddenly, Daystar noticed her banner spear starting to bend. She also saw the world before her splitting in half. However, before she could say anything, her vision turned gray, and her HP fell to zero.

Subsequently, silence enveloped the Crucible of the Ancients momentarily as everyone tried to process what had just happened.

“Daystar died?”

“The Arbiter of Death lost?”

The spectators were stunned when they saw Daystar getting killed. They couldn’t believe Shi Feng could exhibit even greater strength at the very last moment.

Meanwhile, amidst the spectators’ confusion, Shi Feng stood quietly inside the ring.

Defeating her truly was a challenge. Shi Feng exhaled deeply as he looked at Daystar’s dissipating corpse on the ground.

If he hadn’t grasped the Goddess-ranked Mana Technique Dark Moon, he really would not have been a match for Daystar in this battle. Additionally, the current Daystar he faced had yet to grow to her full potential. After all, not even the Eternal Realm’s Three Absolutes would necessarily be a match for the Arbiter of Death when she was at her peak.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng successfully eliminated Daystar, an ancient voice echoed across the ring.

“Congratulations to the Verdant Rainbow Party for entering the top sixteen. Party members may use the following time to rest. Now, let us welcome the next two parties into the ring.”

Shi Feng was immediately teleported out of the ring when the announcement by the ancient voice concluded. Then, before anyone outside the ring could discuss the first match’s outcome, the second match’s pairing was revealed.

Second match: Earthen Princess Party vs Eight Paths Party!

When the second matchup was revealed, everyone waiting outside the ring and watching from the spectator stands gasped.

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