Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3724

Chapter 798 – Sixth Goddess Tablet

“Is something wrong with the system? First, it was a match between a former top-eight party and one of the current seeded parties. Now, it is a match between the former second-place party and a former top-eight party. Are we going to see half of the top-ranking parties get eliminated in the first round?”

“This shouldn’t be happening. None of the previous Continental Championships have ever matched the seeded parties against each other so early into the main event.”

At this time, whether it was the parties waiting for their turn outside the ring or the players spectating from the spectator stands, they all couldn’t help but suspect something had gone wrong with the Main God System. Otherwise, such match-ups shouldn’t have occurred so early into the main event.

In past Continental Championships, parties who placed in the top 10 of the preliminaries would never encounter each other in the round of 32. It was also why the top 10 parties in the preliminaries were regarded as seeded parties. Yet, even though they were only into the second match of the round of 32, four of the ten seeded parties had already been matched against each other.

Is this ancient being trying to mess with us? Verdant Rainbow was at a loss for words as she looked up at the mighty silhouette in the sky.

Originally, Verdant Rainbow thought that after having defeated the Holy Guard Party, one of the former top-eight parties, her party should have a solid chance at entering the top eight. She wouldn’t even discount the possibility of entering the top four anymore.

However, after seeing the Earthen Princess Party being selected for the second match, Verdant Rainbow couldn’t help but feel like her party was getting targeted by the Continental Championship’s organizer. After all, the winners of the first and second matches in the round of 32 would be scheduled to fight each other in the round of 16. If anyone were to tell her that her party wasn’t being singled out, she would be the first to cast doubt at them.

Of course, the Eight Paths Party had even worse luck than her party. As a former top-eight party and one of the current seeded parties, the Eight Paths Party should have no trouble entering the top 16 under normal circumstances. However, now that it was matched against the Earthen Princess Party, its journey in the Continental Championship was destined to stop at the top 32. Even if the Eight Paths Party cried foul right now, nobody would blame it.

Meanwhile, every member of the Eight Paths Party wore gloomy expressions as they stepped into the ring. Evidently, they did not expect the system to be so ruthless as to pair them against an unbeatable opponent in the first round.

“Eight Paths, admit defeat,” Rin, who stood six meters tall, said as she looked at the leader of the Eight Paths Party. “You stand no chance in this match.”

“Rin, I admit that you are strong, but this is a group battle. We won’t know the outcome until we fight,” Eight Paths of Sovereign Mark said, choosing to stand his ground despite knowing the overwhelming odds. “Do you remember the Star Maiden Party? Even though Elise was stronger than me, didn’t she still lose to my party?”

Venom Tail and the other members of the Eight Paths Party nodded in agreement. Admittedly, Rin the Earthen Princess was a mighty expert. However, in the previous Continental Championship, the Earthen Princess Party and the Star Maiden Party shared a similarity in that they both relied heavily on their key members. Like how the Star Maiden Party relied on Elise, the Earthen Princess Party also relied heavily on Rin for its accomplishments. As for the other members of the two parties, they were much less fearsome in comparison.

Thus, victory was still possible so long as the Eight Paths Party could quickly regroup and eliminate Rin’s party members first.

“Suit yourself,” Rin said, shaking her head. “You are merely putting up a futile struggle.”

Subsequently, the second match of the main event began. To no one’s surprise, the Earthen Princess Party emerged victorious.

However, what did surprise the spectators was the fact that the Earthen Princess never made a move throughout the match. Only two of her party members fought the entire time. In terms of overall strength, the two members of the Earthen Princess Party were much stronger than the Eight Paths Party’s six members, and the battle between the two sides ended shortly after it started.

Meanwhile, after witnessing the second match’s outcome, everyone understood that the Earthen Princess Party had already rectified the one weakness it had in the last Continental Championship.

“Miss Elise, may I know what you have called me for this time?” Shi Feng asked as he looked at Elise, who had been resting in the lounge for some time now.

“Naturally,” Shi Feng answered without hesitation. “The current Earthen Princess Party might be much stronger than before, but I believe in my party’s capabilities. Of course, if you are willing to let me borrow your Goddess Tablet for some time, I wouldn’t mind giving up the opportunity to fight the Earthen Princess Party, Miss Elise.”

“What a bold claim. Are you that confident of defeating Rin?” Elise snorted disdainfully. “It didn’t seem like you had an easy time winning against the Holy Guard Party previously.”

Anyone who had watched the first match would know that the Verdant Rainbow Party had barely won against the Holy Guard Party. Hence, there was virtually no hope for the Verdant Rainbow Party to win against the Earthen Princess Party, which was significantly stronger than the Holy Guard Party.

“Why don’t you take a look at this, then?” Shi Feng did not bother to refute Elise’s statement. Instead, he took out a small stack of scrolls from his bag.

Meanwhile, as soon as Elise saw the scrolls, her expression instantly changed.

“Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls?”

Elise was greatly shocked as she looked at the scrolls covered in divine patterns in Shi Feng’s hands.

Compared to Divine Artifacts, the rarity of Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls was even greater in the Greater God’s Domain. Even the various apex powers only had a few in their possession. Even now, there was only one known place where players could reliably acquire Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls—Luminous Sky City’s Abyss Chamber of Commerce!

The Abyss Chamber of Commerce’s background was shrouded in mystery. It would release about a dozen Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls every once in a while. However, such a small number was nowhere near enough for the various powers to share. Thus, the scrolls would always be sold out as soon as they became available.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had taken out over a dozen of these scrolls. This was simply unbelievable.

“Indeed. These are all Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “I still have some more inside my bag, enough to use on the Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets of Zero Wing’s four members. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much improvement we can receive from these scrolls, right, Miss Elise?”

Shi Feng had prepared amply for the Continental Championship. Aside from equipping Gentle Snow and the others with the new God Chaser Set, he had also prepared enough Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls for four players.

Initially, he had held back from using the Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls, thinking that the new God Chaser Set should be enough to let them win the championship. However, the circumstances surrounding the latest Continental Championship had exceeded his expectations, so he had no choice but to use the scrolls now.

“So this is the reason for your confidence.” Elise took a long look at Shi Feng. Then, after pondering for a while, she said, “Fine, I will loan the tablet to you. However, you will have only one day to study it. After one day, you must return it to me, regardless of whether you manage to learn anything!”

“No problem.” Shi Feng nodded and smiled. Then, he took out a set of God’s Domain Contracts and said, “Let’s officialize the terms right away.”

The Goddess Tablet was extraordinary. Although Elise had only agreed to loan it to him for a short time, it was better than nothing. After all, even ordinary experts could benefit significantly from a surface analysis, let alone someone like him, who had in-depth experience studying a Goddess Tablet.

After establishing the contract, Elise handed Shi Feng a palm-sized tablet and left the lounge to participate in her party’s first match in the main event.

Meanwhile, left alone in the lounge, Shi Feng did not waste time and immediately began studying the tablet.

The Sixth Goddess Tablet?

Shi Feng was greatly shocked by the information displayed on the tablet. Compared to Aqua Rose’s Goddess Tablet, Elise’s Goddess Tablet was in a completely different league.

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