Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3725

Chapter 799 – Promotion to Peak
When Elise returned to the waiting area outside the ring, a tall, muscular woman hurriedly approached her.

“The second match has concluded, Your Highness,” Phoenix Flame said worriedly. “The Eight Paths Party lost.”

“That’s to be expected,” Elise said, unfazed by Phoenix Flame’s report. “It seems Rin has put in considerable effort to deal with Garuda.”

“Rin didn’t even make a move throughout the entire match. Her five party members thoroughly suppressed the Eight Paths Party,” Phoenix Flame said as she shared a battle video with Elise. “Out of Rin’s five party members, the strongest one would have to be the Archon named First Light. He single-handedly killed Eight Paths and another one of the Eight Paths Party’s key members, and Arclight, the Divine Weapon he wields, is comparable to the Sun Dynasty’s Moonlight Blade.”

In the video Phoenix Flame shared, a six-meter-tall young Crystallian man stood on a flying shuttle formed from countless sharp blades while manipulating a hundred-meter-long greatsword to attack his opponents. His attacks were comparable to those of Level 200 Ancient Gods, and he shaved off multiple buildings with every swing of his greatsword. Additionally, his attacks were unbelievably fast, making it look like he was brandishing a feather rather than a colossal weapon.

In front of First Light’s weapon, Eight Paths was no different from an ant. He could not evade any of First Light’s attacks and could only defend against them, losing a considerable chunk of his HP each time he did so. Ultimately, even with the support of his party members, Eight Paths still died to the Crystallian named First Light.

Meanwhile, after Elise finished watching the video, she turned to Phoenix Flame and asked, “He’s quite strong. Do you think you can keep him busy?”

The Crystallian race did not manipulate Holy Power like the Holy Race or Mana like the human race. Instead, they were proficient in manipulating implements and could manipulate them like they were manipulating their limbs. Meanwhile, the Archon class was one of the best classes available to the Crystallians, with owners of the class being able to turn their implements into a copy of themselves. Out of all the Crystallian classes, the Archon class was the trickiest to deal with.

“If he doesn’t have any more Divine Artifacts hidden, I should be able to keep him occupied,” Phoenix Flame answered after considering Elise’s question.

“Good. I’ll leave him to you, then,” Elise said without hesitation. She did not cast any doubt over Phoenix Flame’s claim.

“What?” Phoenix Flame was briefly startled by Elise’s words. Then, realization quickly dawned on her as she asked, “Has Black Flame agreed?”

“Mhm. We’ve reached an agreement, and I have loaned the Sixth Goddess Tablet to him for a day,” Elise admitted.

“Your Highness, that’s the Sixth Goddess Tablet we are talking about. Its value far surpasses the value of Aqua Rose’s tablet. This is such an unfair deal for us,” Phoenix Flame said.

Primordial God Tablets were few and far between in the Greater God’s Domain, and those linked to the Goddess of Space were even rarer. Eighteen Goddess Tablets existed in total, and each held some of the Goddess of Space’s Legacies. Among them, seven tablets held the Goddess’s most important Legacies, and they were labeled as the First to Seventh Goddess Tablets.

These ranked Goddess Tablets were vastly more valuable than the unranked Goddess Tablets. If a player could successfully learn the contents of a ranked tablet, the benefits they could gain would be worth as much as a Divine Artifact.

“Don’t worry. Learning even one of the lesser Legacies within a day is easier said than done, let alone the primary Legacy,” Elise said indifferently. “If Black Flame is so confident in his abilities, I don’t mind giving him a day.”

Phoenix Flame agreed with Elise when she heard the latter’s words.

Each Goddess Tablet contained a multitude of Legacies. It was especially so for the ranked Goddess Tablets. Although even the lesser Legacies inside these Goddess Tablets were extraordinary, learning them was a significant challenge. Previously, Phoenix Flame had taken a month just to learn a Legacy from the Sixth Goddess Tablet—and that was only one of the tablet’s lesser Legacies rather, not the primary Legacy.

Not to mention, before players could even access the Legacies inside a Goddess Tablet, they would first have to decipher the Goddess Tablet.

With only a day granted to him, the most Shi Feng could accomplish was deciphering the Sixth Goddess Tablet and learning how many Legacies it held. Ultimately, he would be no better than someone who had never held the Sixth Goddess Tablet.

While Elise and Phoenix Flame prepared themselves for the round of 16, unbeknownst to them, Shi Feng had already deciphered the Sixth Goddess Tablet with the help of a resplendent crystal he had retrieved from his bag.

The crystal was none other than an Eternal God Crystal. By relying on the Eternal Energy contained within the Eternal God Crystal, Shi Feng could boost his brain activity and greatly enhance his learning capabilities.

After spending about ten minutes deciphering the Sixth Goddess Tablet, Shi Feng came to learn of its significance. Not only did the Sixth Goddess Tablet indicate the existence of 18 Goddess Tablets, but it also contained 24 Goddess Legacies.

Of these 24 Goddess Legacies, 23 consisted of Combat Technique Legacies and Mana Technique Legacies. More specifically, there were 12 Gold Combat Techniques, five Advanced Gold Combat Techniques, five Primordial God-ranked Mana Techniques, and one Goddess-ranked Mana Technique. As for the final Legacy, it was the Goddess of Space’s Sixth Legacy.

The Sixth Goddess Tablet held many more Legacies than the Goddess Tablet in Aqua Rose’s possession. Additionally, each of these Legacies was not much weaker than the Dark Moon Mana Technique contained in Aqua Rose’s Goddess Tablet, and they could cause a stir in the Greater God’s Domain. It was especially so for the Sixth Goddess Legacy.

Concentration Enhancement!

Unlike most other Legacies, players only needed to decipher the Sixth Goddess Legacy to benefit from it. As soon as they succeeded in doing so, they would receive a permanent upgrade to their Concentration. Although each player could benefit from the Sixth Goddess Legacy only once in their lifetime, it was unbelievable nonetheless.

The Hidden Attribute known as Concentration might have little significance to ordinary players, but it was of extraordinary significance to expert players. This was because the stronger a player’s Concentration, the more Combat and Mana Techniques they could use. The cost of using Combat and Mana Techniques would also be reduced. For expert players who had mastered many kinds of techniques, developing their Concentration was of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, few methods were available to improve a player’s Concentration in the Greater God’s Domain. Most players could only improve their Concentration by continuously straining their bodies. Although some items could be used to improve Concentration, they would be fiercely contested by the various powers whenever they appeared.

Fortunately, Shi Feng was already familiar with the Goddess Tablets’ mana interpretation method. Although the Sixth Goddess Legacy was several times more complex than the Dark Moon Mana Technique, with the Eternal God Crystal’s assistance, he could decipher the Sixth Goddess Legacy as easily as he deciphered Dark Moon.

Six hours later…

The mana inside the lounge suddenly grew agitated and flooded Shi Feng’s mind. This, in turn, caused his mind to enter an unprecedented state of clarity. At the same time, system notifications rang in his ears, one after another.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully deciphered the Goddess’s Sixth Legacy. Your Concentration has received a permanent improvement.
System: Congratulations! Your Concentration has reached the Tier 6 Peak standard.

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