Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3726

Chapter 800 – Third Step, Flowing Light
Tier 6 Peak! Finally, my Concentration has fully recovered! Shi Feng was both surprised and excited when he heard the system notifications.

For most players, even developing their Concentration to the Tier 6 standard was already a monumental challenge. The reason most expert players could never advance to Tier 6 was their lacking Concentration. Meanwhile, once players developed their Concentration to the Tier 6 standard, it would become even more difficult to develop it further. If players did not encounter any fortuitous opportunities or priceless treasures that could permanently improve their Concentration, the only way they could improve it was by engaging in high-intensity combat for considerable amounts of time.

This was also why very few Tier 6 players could develop their Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard, with most hovering at the Tier 6 Intermediate and Tier 6 Advanced standards.

However, so long as a player successfully developed their Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard, their strength would undergo a qualitative transformation.

In God’s Domain, particularly after the major system update, players would expend a considerable amount of Concentration when using Skills, Spells, Combat Techniques, Mana Techniques, and Law Projections. Because of this, if there wasn’t a huge gap in Basic Attributes and combat standards, battles between players would often turn into a competition of Concentration, and whoever possessed the stronger Concentration would emerge victorious.

Meanwhile, after a player’s Concentration reached the Tier 6 Peak standard, not only would they have twice as much Concentration to expend as players with only Tier 6 Advanced Concentration, but they would also expend 30% less Concentration when using Skills, Spells, etc. Furthermore, their perception and control over their body would also improve significantly.

All in all, these improvements made it so that huge gaps in strength existed even among Tier 6 players.

In his previous life, Shi Feng was fortunate enough to develop his Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard shortly after he reached Tier 6. Hence, even when he encountered experts with superior combat standards, he could defeat them with ease. He had even eliminated experts wielding Divine Weapons who did not have Tier 6 Peak Concentration.

Originally, Shi Feng thought he would need considerable time to develop his Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard in this life. He never expected to accomplish it so quickly.

Now that my Concentration is at the Tier 6 Peak standard, paired with the Mental Condensation technique, my Concentration can probably already rival those old monsters whose Concentration is at the Tier 6 Limit standard, Shi Feng thought as he executed the Mental Condensation technique. Then, he eagerly cast his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection to test his upgraded Concentration’s effects. Sure enough, my Concentration consumption has halved compared to before. Now, I should have no trouble using Dark Moon with the Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection.

Previously, when his base Concentration was still at the Tier 6 Advanced standard, he could only artificially elevate it to the Tier 6 Peak standard with the Mental Condensation technique, and maintaining the Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection put a huge burden on him. Because of this, he couldn’t afford to use Dark Moon, a powerful Mana Technique that required him to actively manipulate the magic elements around him.

However, now that his base Concentration had reached the Tier 6 Peak standard, he should have no trouble using the Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection and Dark Moon simultaneously.

Of course, he couldn’t possibly test this theory in the lounge. So, instead of doing so, he decided to try out a different hypothesis.

Immediately, Shi Feng began to pace around inside the lounge, executing Flowing Space under the effects of his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection. It felt like he was stepping into the gaps in space with each of his steps, and he created over 50 afterimages in the blink of an eye. That was triple the number he could previously create while executing Flowing Space.

As Shi Feng continued executing Flowing Space, he became more familiar with and proficient at manipulating his surrounding environment. This, in turn, led to the creation of even more phantom bodies.

Sixty… Seventy… Eighty…

When the number of phantom bodies Shi Feng could maintain simultaneously reached 100, all afterimages within the lounge vanished, and only a streak of flowing light could be seen. The speed he was currently exhibiting far surpassed the limits of his Basic Attributes. He was moving so fast that he could sense the flow of time around him slowing down. Even the dust in the room was visibly taking several times longer to fall to the ground.

What incredible speed. Is this the power of the Third Step? When Shi Feng abruptly stopped moving in the middle of the lounge and saw that the streak of light circling the room was still persisting, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

In God’s Domain, players would be automatically ranked among the apex once they master a Gold Combat Technique. This was because Gold Combat Techniques granted players the strength to transcend tiers.

However, not all Gold Combat Techniques were equal. They could still be separated into different grades, and the Goddess of Space’s Flowing Space could undoubtedly rank among the best of Gold Combat Techniques.

Previously, even when Shi Feng had only learned Flowing Space up to the Second Step, Phantom Body, he could already exhibit speed that could overwhelm the senses of fifth-floor experts. Even players who had mastered Gold Combat Techniques failed to keep up with him.

Meanwhile, Flowing Space became even more powerful after reaching the Third Step. With the speed he was exhibiting, even Unthinking Realm experts who possessed similar Basic Attributes would have great difficulty keeping up with him.

At this time, Shi Feng even felt he could defeat Daystar while relying solely on Flowing Space. He wouldn’t have had to put his life at risk like he did when he dealt the final blow to the Arbiter of Death. After all, Daystar wouldn’t be able to pinpoint his location. If he paired this speed with his Gold-ranked Sword’s Orbit, Daystar wouldn’t even know what hit her.

However, when Shi Feng dismissed his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection, he promptly discovered that he could only execute Flowing Space up to the Second Step. He could not achieve the Third Step without having a better grasp of his surrounding environment.

Sure enough, my control over the surrounding space is a lot worse without the Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection’s assistance. Shi Feng couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the 50 or so fading phantom bodies in the lounge. It seems I will have to pair Flowing Space with the Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection if I want to maximize its effect.

After Shi Feng was done with his tests, he pulled up his Friends List, contacted Gentle Snow, and had her come to the lounge to study the Sixth Goddess Tablet.

Unlike the preliminaries, the Continental Championship’s main event would have a six-hour break after every two matches. This gave participants time to recover some of their Concentration and Stamina. With the main event’s first round having 16 matches, the party that won in the first round’s first match would get 48 hours of rest in God’s Domain, which happened to be the same amount of time Elise had agreed to loan the Sixth Goddess Tablet to Shi Feng.

Although Shi Feng felt he could still benefit more from the Sixth Goddess Tablet if he researched it further, he didn’t think the other Legacies in the tablet could help him that much. After all, he had already grasped the Goddess-ranked Mana Technique Dark Moon and Peak Gold Combat Technique Flowing Space. So, rather than use this precious opportunity to improve his strength by a little, it would be better to let Gentle Snow study it.

As for why Shi Feng chose Gentle Snow, it was because she had previously received the Goddess’s Guidance[1]. With the knowledge she inherited, she was the best candidate to maximize the Goddess Tablet’s use. It would also maximize the improvement of the party’s overall strength.

TL Notes:
[1]Goddess’s Guidance:
I will be changing Fate’s Guidance to Goddess’s Guidance since the author has decided to adopt a new term.

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